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Found 11 results

  1. Plane versus car !!! I love to fly there !! Thanks ORBX!
  2. Hi everyone, just thought of posting one shot of a C185 at work dealing with mountain terrain. Never a boring day!
  3. Hello Everyone! One VFR flight in between now into the Yellowstone area with the C185. Repaint by Richard Louis. Please enjoy! Christoph Take off from KWYS ... ... great and unique landscapes below now ... ... love that view ... ... exploring this area a bit and then back on track ... ... spent the day at Yellowstone lake and then - just before darkness set in i continued the flight to KJAC ... ... airport insight ... ... Welcome to KJAC! ... and one nice video from a C185 i recently found on YouTube. Enjoyed it very much, hope You do so as well! >http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ae0AdbdZtTA
  4. Hello Everyone! WOW! I really have to point out that i am most impressed about the SAK scenery! Thank You very much everyone at ORBX for this fantastic area! So: Let the flying begin! Everyone, please enjoy! Cheers, Christoph Taking off from CEK2, Braeburn. Nice skies, but also some rather cool temperatures outside the plane ... when taking a look at Google Earth there this is some, lets say "coppery" area here. I don't know what exactly this is? Maybe someone does know though and can offer some information here. And obviously it's better not to eat too much fish, which was captured at Lake Laberge nearby ... http://en.wikipedia....ki/Lake_Laberge It's a shame and it's sad ... Anyways, let's go back flying for now ... ... and here is the "coppery area" i was talking about just above ... a cockpit view ... ... and on we go ... ... near Whitehorse, CYXY now. Keeping some distance from the airport though ... ... a beautiful scenery! ... ... ... Carcross, CFA4 just below now ... ... between the mountains ... ... this water and - again - scenery is just breathtaking ... So: Welcome to Skagway! ... and here is the flightplan, quickly put together via Skyvector
  5. Hello Everyone! All I wanted to do was to take a nice VFR or at least MVFR flight from NZMO (Te Anau Manapouri ) to NZMF (Milford Sound). Fact is: I never made it to NZMF but had to abort the flight instead and return to NZMO due to low visibility which crossed my way somewhere in the midst of the flight. Nevertheless: It was a good practice for me and certainly a unique sim-flight-experience. And the weather engine by OPUS together with all the REX textures and the “REX Natural ENB-Mod†did a great job in my opinion. Anyways: Look for Yourself and please enjoy, Christoph Taking off into the early morning … … above Lake Manapouri, turning towards Shallow Bay and heading to Lake Te Anau … at least some light along the horizon ... can You see this little road in front of us. That should be the Te Anau Milford Hwy., which i intend to follow along until the northern end of Lake Fergus. After that i will be following the Hollyford River-Whakatipu Ka Tuka instead all the way up to Lake Mckerrow and Martins Bay … enjoying the surroundings … into the valley now … … … this does not look good at all. I can barely see the road anymore, which i intended to follow. There is also some severe “red terrain†on my GPS. Okay, let’s quit the plan and get above the clouds right away. Not very realistic and i did not even tried contacting ATC. But i also just did not want to give up my evening flight in the sim at this point here … save again! … enjoying the view again … … stay clear of these beautiful mountains though … and now, descending - well: At least some of the coast at Martins Bay can be seen, here so: Let’s give it a try and dive down a bit. Staying clear of the coast though and not below FL20 … that – again – does not look good. I don’t think, i’ll get to NZMF under this conditions … better climb above the clouds again and fly back to NZMO: I can barely see anything anymore. So much for now about my first attempt to go flying under VFR conditions after quite a while. From now on i will always (!) add weather forecasts to my VFR flight planning routine as well! In case You want to fly the same route, then please have a look here. Put together via Sky Vector as a reference.
  6. Into the early sunrise of the Outback. Flying around near Kata Tjuta/Olgas (unedited, only resized and cropped) I was honestly and very positively surprised about the rather subtle and quite colourful variations on these unique rock formations that FSX offered here! So i wanted to share it with all of You: Captured during a very, very short flight undertaken mainly to try out this nice livery … … and then, just a bit later (in the sim at least): Some “heavier arrival†at YAYE (with some little edit this time though): ... in case You want to compare: Below is the unedited version as a thumbnail. Everyone, please enjoy! Christoph
  7. Hello Everyone! Carenado’s C185 was parked in my hangar for almost a year or so I guess – maybe less, but something like that I think. But one simple question was growing in my mind: Why not doing some Bushflying again? Said so, done so … I rolled the C185 out of the hangar again and re-installed some of the RTMM (Return To Misty Moorings) sceneries from my Disk. And now guess what … I just love it! All these great freeware-sceneries available at the RTMM site are significantly enhancing the „North American Bushflying Experienceâ€! I know – many of us, or even all of us here, know RTMM – and yet I just wanted to mention it again, because there is some real great scenery-stuff available there! Furthermore this great thread, started by AlexF here … http://www.orbxsyste...__hl__eddystone … came into my mind again. I also remembered the enhanced FDE-files by Bernt Stolle for Carenado’s C185 which are available for free at the „Bushpounders Bush Flying“ website! Again: Many of You might know about or even use this specific FDE already as well for Your C185, but maybe some did not have heard about it yet …– and to them I can just enthusiastically say: Give it a try! I can just tell from my personal experience now, but: Forget all You have learnt about the C185 so far – once these new airfiles are installed, You will get a total different flying experience with this plane! And if this wasn’t already enough the C185 folder which includes Bernt Stolle’s airfiles furthermore includes some great text written by a former real world C185 pilot. It’s a very informative text and a great joy reading through it all. I then added AccuFeel Version 2 and …: Flying the C185 now is just super amazing! ... I was – again – writing far much more than intended. Nevertheless: I hope You enjoyed reading. I am simply very enthusiastic because I was so very positively surprised about the way I experience Bush Flying within FSX now, that I really wanted to share it all here with You! And sure I was also hitting the “V-Key†from time to time during my first „test-runs“ with the “new C185†and while flying over some RTMM sceneries. Everyone, please enjoy! Cheers, Christoph Radio telescopes at Tweedsmuir Peek (from RTMM) … flying into the Canadian winter landscapes … … all frozen … … some “fun†while testing the RealityXP GNS430 … … low visibility just below … … at CYBD: No need to look that angry … – all okay here! By the way: Isn’t that the wrong clothing for these temperatures? …maybe that’s why You are looking that grimly. The other day: Flying from Ketchikan to New Eddystone Rock (from RTMM) … … … the morning on the horizon … … enjoying to fly low above the water … … the visibility just got a bit worse again … … the sun – somewhere out there at least … … close the 020° radial outbound from the Annette Island VOR with having Smeaton Island ahead - just as I was hoping it to be there by judging from the VFR chart in front of me … that’s good, because it indicates that I did not take the “wrong way†… … can You see it? … … New Eddystone Rock right below us now … … landing … … what are You guys doing here? And: Is this the right season for taking that kind of boat out here?
  8. Only one today - captured near CZST … Just some wind trying to get me off my desired heading/course a bit ... - but no need to worry at all - and it's winter here, so what else can i expect anyways?! Everyone please enjoy, Cheers, Christoph
  9. I was flying an very nice trip through Idaho (Frank Church, as suggested here http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/37682-pnwfc-bush-flying-in-the-frank-church-river-of-no-return-wilderness/page__hl__%2Bfrank+%2Bchurch) yesterday and was very happy to be only in the simulator and not in real life! After some hard landings the tail of my Carenado C185 Bush sunk into the ground. The plane did not crash but I was unable to stear with the tailwheel. I could, however, stear by differential breaking. I was also unable to start in that position since the wings stalled in that position before I could build up speed (especially since the "runways" there are not too long...). Is this an issue of the scenery or the mesh or is this an issue of the plane (model)? Thanks for your help. Best regards, T.
  10. Here is a set of the Carenado C185F flying over Stewart, British Colombia. Enjoy and happy 2012. Thanks!
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