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Found 18 results

  1. Just having a bit of a play . Quite enjoyed myself ... And I understand, the lady in Red is still trying to get OND to call back …. Cheers, and as always thanks for stopping by Renault
  2. Makes me feel warmer just looking at it. Outside my window its cold & snowing Cheers Renault
  3. An average morning in the small Australian location of Broome, WA. 33°C and no clouds visible at the airport. A man is taking pictures of a Qantas 737. On the other side of the terminal, the visitors of the airport café think it's too early to sit down and have a beer. A young man who doesn't look like the waiter ponders if he should sit down next to the lady at the table. But he's too fascinated by another object within his sight! Let's get a better overview of the scenery. Something seems odd here. This is none of the usual
  4. CENTRAL AUSTRALIA - NEAR ALICE SPRING He is often on the road, walking in the bush, from place to place, following his dreams, parts of his story. He is on his Songlines... #01 #02 "Mamanha nyiya bandiku kankala Minkala..." : "When the earth was soft, creation spirits travelled all over the country, giving it shape and form, making the rivers, the gorges and the mountains.... #03 ...They created and named all the animals, birds and plants. They gave people their own language and laws to live by. Everywhere i
  5. G'day guys, One of our beta testers (and connoisseur of all things Australasian) Jon Murchison has made a few shots of Broome International for XP11, which I wanted to share with you guys. We're putting the scenery through it's final paces as we speak; our first Australian destination for XP11 shouldn't be too far away at all. Enjoy!
  6. Hi all, I have been noticing this problem at YBRM for a while now where it appears that runway texture or something is playing up a little (see attached images). It doesn't seem like the whole runway, just a few rectangular patches. No matter how far I fly (within sight of the runway) the rectangles can be seen over the aircraft. I don't believe it is aircraft related as it appears on all aircraft. I'm in P3D V4.2 I have uninstalled YBRM and reinstalled with no change in outcome. Hope you can help, Andrew
  7. Around Broome YBRM on Cessna 172 A2A.
  8. Hi After not finding an answer with the search mode. While landing on runway of airport Broome I crash against an invisible wall shortly before touch-down. The vertical-speed cant be the problem Anyone an idea how to solve this problem without turning off crash detection? (Yes, newest version of airport installed with FTX Central 3.) Regards Pete
  9. Hi, I just downloaded the Broome Airport add-on but the installation stops towards the end and says "FTXLights_Day.exe" was not found, how do I fix this?
  10. This has got to be the best video I've ever seen >http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RXgDSkbojPs
  11. I finally got around to downloading the update for the QW RJ/146, and have been burning a few hours this morning belting around in the new models. A couple of quick shots into and out of Broome, with a bit of an old-school flavour - Ansett WA's late 80's/early 90's shooting star scheme. My first trip in a plane was in a very similar aircraft, as a young kid flying down to Perth from Karratha. Cheers, Jarrad
  12. G'day everyone, Has been quite a while since I've had the chance to do some "proper" sim flying, and even longer since I've put up a few shots. The weather here in Perth is getting pretty warm this weekend, so as always, I thought the best way to cool down was to head to the beach. Cheers Jarrad
  13. Hi, I was just browsing the internet for some info on a few areas in WA and I stumbled across this map of Broome. It looks nice anyway, and it may be of some use to anyone who has the brilliant FTX Broome. http://www.broomedirect.com.au/pdfs/Broome_Map.pdf Cheers,
  14. Hey here is my new video ! Like and share You've done an amazing job on this scene as always ! and also I just get the Scotland scenery and some years ago I made a trip in Scotland, I re-discover some place in FSX awesome :DD thank you ORBX !! Bye
  15. G'day everyone, I'm very excited to unveil the first shots of my latest airport - Broome International Airport. After a recent foray into US projects, this will mark a short return to Australian airports for me; Broome is located within the FTX AU Green area. On a personal note, Broome has been a bit of a pet project - my family holidayed there regularly when I was growing up, and I have to say the area is one of the most dramatically beautiful places I have visited. For those not familiar with the town, Broome is one of the biggest tourist destinations in Australia; as well as being hom
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