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Found 8 results

  1. Just a note to advise that Scotland's Firth of Forth now has three magnificent bridges in operation at Queensferry. The historic Forth Rail Bridge, the 1960's Forth Road Bridge (now dedicated for public transport vehicles) and the newly opened Queensferry Crossing (QFX) for general motorway traffic. I hope it might be in a future EU Scotland update. If anyone hasn't seen the new bridge then have a search for it - simply magnificent engineering. Rupert
  2. I have Global Base, Global Vector and Global openLC EU installed. Shouldn't I see the Europe Bridge? I attached two screenshots: - Europe Bridge.jpg: With ORBX LOWI active - No Europe Bridge.jpg: LOWI deactivated. As I also own ORBX LOWI this is ok for me, but I am not sure now, if the Global Base, Vector and openLC EU installation on my PC is correct or not, and if I might miss some other bridges or more in Europe. Can you advise please? Thx, kaha p.s.: LOWI is excellent!
  3. Here is a new, unedited video of Orbx Narvik: "Flying the Bridge!". Head-tracking with trackIR 5 is definitely fun. Motion sickness anybody?
  4. Hello everyone, I'm a new happy owner of Orbx Global Base, Vector, OpenLC Europe and FS Global 2010 FTX Edition. Totally worth the money but imo it only makes sense to buy them all together. Being relatively new to FSX, I flew the tutorial missions and noticed a bug in tutorial mission 2 "basics of flight". There seems to be something wrong with vectors new bridges and the old, original one. I'm using FSX SE on a Core i7 2600K @ 4,2 Ghz, 16 gigs of Ram and a GTX 780 with TrackIR 5. But, don't listen to me. Instead, look at the screenshots:
  5. Hi there, While flying with FTX NA region active (all regions are installed - including SAK), I see strange that there is a problem with the correct rendering / depiction of some road bridges over rivers in the area near to PAEN (Kenai munic). See the photos below. When approaching the area from a distance, the bridges appear to have very long legs and thus appear to be sticking way up out of the ground. There at least three of them in the area (maybe more). When flying closer and over them, they render correctly (i.e. self correct) - without the long legs. I have not seen this anywhere else. I have FTX Global (OpenLC and Vector) and Pilots FS Global 2010 mesh all installed. 1st picture shows three bridges in the area showing the problem. 2nd picture shows one of the bridges from a distance. 3rd picture shows the same bridge (nearest to Kenai) zoomed in. 4th picture shows the same bridge self corrected when flying nearer / over it. Any idea what this could be and how to fix it ? Thanks and regards,
  6. Hello people of Global Vector, Enjoying Vector 1.1 in the area around LPPT Lisbon, I noticed a main traffic filled road missing the entrance of a very long bridge there. Would be great if: The vectorroad could end there where the bridge begins. The ai traffic line could be placed all over the bridge, it is empty now. I do not know if the long bridge is FSX default or a part of FTX Vector. Greetings and thanks ! Bram Stikkel
  7. Inspired by some of the other screenshots I've seen this week, I thought I'd try my luck taking a spin under Deception Pass bridge. Of course, for maximum thrills I required something fast, and as always, I turned to Dino Cattaneo's superb freeware F-14 for just the fix. To finish off, I thought I'd try a few landings on the USS Eisenhower, conveniently located just a short flight from Anacortes. Cheers, Jarrad
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