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Found 20 results

  1. Hi- My ground scenery is getting very blurry after being in the air for a little while. I at first thought maybe it was because I didn't have the slider set far enough, but after I pushed it up to "Ultra" the ground was sharp at first but then got blurry again after a little while. I have a fast machine (i7 9700K running at 4.7 GHz, GeForce RTX 2070 Super, 32 GB DDR4 3200 RAM), so I don't think that is the problem. I am running P3D v4.5 with the framerate locked at 30. Any help? Thanks. -Ed
  2. Hello everyone, Tonight I bought Just Flight's Cessna 152 alongside Orbx S43 Harvey Field for P3Dv4.5. I figured the combined use would further my flight training at Harvey in real life...the 152 is an amazing payware aircraft, and works like a charm. Harvey Field however, not so much... Upon loading Harvey Field for the first time, freshly installed from Orbx Central, I noticed everything that wasn't a building, person, or car was blurry. Ground, taxiways, roads; there weren't even any taxi lines. It looked a lot to me like the props loaded in just fine, but everything
  3. Please confirm the attached screenshots in the ZIP form the correct scenery order as my scenery goes blurry after flying about 20 miles from origin in South England. Thanks S Screenys.zip
  4. All my ORBX products work perfectly, EXCEPT Pacific Northwest north of Seattle. The textures become very blurry when making even a short flight. This occurs nowhere else in my ORBX world I own many of the PNW airports north of Seattle and wonder if too many scenery add-ons are too much for my high-end Jetline Systems rig. Very frustrating Any suggestions?
  5. I recently purchased and installed the ORBX Australia V2 and YBBN payware. After installing and attempting to explore, I discovered that the runways and Taxiway are very blurred and bad quality. Has anyone else encountered this issue? (FSX: Steam Edition)
  6. Good evening all, I am brand new, I created an account just to ask this question. I had an old version of the FTX freeware airports and it worked great, I installed the updated version with the street lights, now my ground textures are blurry anytime I fly more than 5 nm from my starting airport. My question is, will getting the pre-requisite FTX global base fix my blurry texture problem?
  7. Hello, I have FTX global and Scotland FTX , and the textures on the ground are a bit blurry when flying low , around 1000 feet. they take quite a while to “crisp up “. Is this normal ? My graphics card is a GTX 1050 and 8GB ram with i5 3.7 ghz thankyou
  8. Dear Orbx/members, Have reinstalled my P3Dv4 from scratch. I've only got round to installing Orbx products using FTX Central. The ground textures are really blurry even when I set it to the highest resolution which is 7cm. Any help gratefully received. Thanks, Chris
  9. Hello i don't really do a lot of night flying so not sure when this occurred but the textures with the lighting at night are awful all of a sudden I have included 2 images along with my scenery & terrain.cfg's ... what in gods name have i done. i have tried using the lights config tool also. P3D V4.1 Thanks for any help scenery.cfg terrain.cfg
  10. I have been getting low resolution pictures when either departing or landing until about 12,000'. I have openLC Global, Vector, North America, NA NorCal, NA SoCal, FTX Trees and some airports ( fsdreamteam, flightbeam etc.. ) Its almost like the textures take a minute to load. I have a very decent system (i7 4790K - GTX 1070) and have uploaded many screenshots. Not sure what is wrong. Any help would be appreciated. I have tried P3D and OS install and a lot of other things. Transaction IDs: 583b7eebe25ab 583b7353ef8cf 590e410b28bea 59090eab7a98a 593491a8b36
  11. Hi all, The textures on my orbx seem to go blurry when in jets. Also, when I'm in fighter jets it just becomes a green blob. Any ideas? I have: Windows 10 FX-8350 GTX 1060 16bg ram on ssd. Thanks.
  12. Just purchased PNW and am having pop in texture issues on a major level. as I'm flying around the mountains I'll get textures popping in all over the place every few seconds. It's loading lower res, then a higher res, then an even higher res. These pop in textures are actually changing the physical shape of the terrain as it loads. I've done extensive testing of different P3d settings and nothing seems to make a difference. PNW is the only scenery where this issue exists. All other scenery is smooth with no pop in or blurries. Running: Global base, open NA, PNW. Everything is up to
  13. Is there anything I can do to reduce the texture bluryness when zooming in in FSX:SE ? See screenshots below, same location, zoomed out and zoomed in:
  14. Hello, maybe this topic is open somewhere else, but I couldn't find the helping answer. My problem is, I have FTX Central v2 installed and after this my lc Europe textures all look blurry right after take off. The sim isn't loading them during the flight. If i uncheck the scenery libraries for lc Europe in fsx and only use the fix global sceneries everything is fine and the textures are sharp and load during the whole flight. I tried everything from the new Orbx libs up to the force migration. Everything worked fine before the ftx central 2 upd
  15. I have been getting more and more dreadful ground textures in that they are getting more blurry and to say i have the following installed and using ftx central v3 i am deeply saddned by the lack of quality, can some one help in a dummy guide to help me get it to how it should be please? I have FTX Global, Global vectors, LC Europe, Trees and England. i have settings reasonably high as my rig is not too bad: I7-4790k 16GB RAM GTX980TI The two low level pics are departing EGCC rwy 23R and the other id overhead the CLN VOR. I am baffled with what im doing wrong.
  16. Hi, I downloaded the iceland demo and then uninstalled it... ever since then i have been experiencing a problem. every time i depart an airfield the textures are fine... then around 5 mins in to the flight the textures will slowly start to get awful and eventually everything just blurs into one.. i have attached pictures. I hope someone can help... I have seen other issues similar to this one and tried the fixes but none seem to work... anyone able to help?
  17. Hello, I have recently purchased Orbx Global and EU norway. But as you can see in the screenshots, i am getting very blurry/bad textures in my FSX:SE. Would you kindly help me to how to solve this issue please ? Regards, Hakan. PC Config, i5-2500K @ 4.2 Ghz 16 gb ram msi geforce 980 ti (6gb)
  18. Hello, I have recently purchased FTX England, and I do not know if it is my computer, but I get incredibly blurry, disgusting terrain textures! The reason I bought ORBX is because I hated the default mesh, but now with FTX installed, it looks worse. When I fly in a Beechcraft, I get blurry textures, and it is even worse with Airliners. Don't know if this is a common problem, and f there is a solution. I HAVE ATTATCHED A PHOTO OF WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE Thanks for any help!
  19. Hi there, This week I have had to reformat my PC and reinstall P3D V3 from the ground up, all was successful with the installs. However, after I take off from ANY aiport in ANY country my textures go blurry and remain that way for the entire flight, including landing. After landing the textures begin to, very slowly, pop back in again. I have read around and obviously the first thing people are mentioning is that it may be the settings are too high for the PC to keep up with, I find that quite unlikely as I am running a Titan X and Intel i7 5960x 8 core CPU. I achieve 5
  20. Hello, I've noticed, that after a bity of flying, the textures over FTX AUSTRALIA get a little blurry. They clear up after few seconds, but particularly with the high resolution textures at Hervey Bay and Fall City, the textures at Hervey Bay take about 30 seconds to clear, and the textures within the airport at Fall City have XTREME blurring, and can take as long as one minute to clear up. I know that this is a very infamous problem in the community. And I think that the low memory on my graphics card (256mb) also had something to do with it. Generally FSX performs well on my computer though.
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