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Found 5 results

  1. I've encountered some incomplete masking of stock airports at a few locations in the Bahamas - specifically MYBS (Bimini) and MYGW (West End, Grand Bahama). I'm not sure if there are any others which behave similarly, although seeing as I'm 2 for 2 in finding ones with errors, there may be more. This is with the scenery library arranged per the recommended and unedited ORBX install location (below "Addon Scenery" and with OpenLC below "FTX"). The culprits are the BGLs located in the "FTXZZ_OLC_FixedAPT" entry, as shown below. I've also noticed that seemingly all of South Bimini island seems to experience "morphing" autogen as well - I haven't noticed this at MYGW. MYBS: MYGW: I did figure out a kludge to get these to behave, however. I'm sure it's not recommended but it might provide some insight as to where the problem lies and how to fix it. I followed the ADE documentation for removing a stock airport (https://scruffyduck.screenstepslive.com/s/help_docs/m/20268/l/331650-how-do-i-remove-a-stock-airport-from-the-sim). Then compiled those BGLs to a scenery library entry I keep near the top of the list (#3, behind the fsAeroData entries) for various little fixes and patches I make myself (generally stock airport errors, say there's a taxi sign in the wrong place, or I want to assign an airline code to a gate.) ABOVE that entry (thus bumping it to #4), I create a new library entry and copy into its folder the ABP_**** and APT_**** bgls (unedited!) from the "FTXZZ_OLC_FixedAPT" folder. Deactivate the copied ORBX files in the original "FTXZZ_OLC_FixedAPT" by appending .inactive to the filenames. The results of this are below; looking much more like I would believe the fixes were intended: MYBS: (also seemingly no more autogen "morphing") MYGW: One little note, I was trying to find the source of the little trapezoid-shaped concrete apron piece visible to the southeast of the runway at MYGW. I first tried to deactivate the #3 scenery library entry into which I copied the ORBX files and then got a CTD upon scenery reload. MYBS won't CTD in this fashion, but if I then slew towards MYGW it will CTD. So there's apparently something wrong with my ADE file, or something's not playing right with the ORBX file(s). No more time tonight to try and figure it out!
  2. After recently watching some videos on the Bahamas (more specifically flying in the Bahamas), I have been on the search for some decent scenery that covers the beautiful area. Sadly most of the scenery I've found is outdated and lacks the immense detail that many sceneries for P3D v3 offer. If ORBX was to release scenery for the Bahamas, It would by far be my favorite scenery. Just imagine the pink sands of Harbour beach, sand bars of the Exumas, Flamingos (CreatureFlow), small private strips, etc. all in immense detail !! Who else thinks that it would be amazing if ORBX made scenery for the Bahamas? (Harbour Beach) (Sandbars of Exuma) (Flamingo)
  3. Hello, Excuse me if this has previously been identified - I found another small landclass error in openLC North America, this time in the immediate vicinity of "Hawk's Nest" (MYE4) on Cat Island in the Bahamas: Please ignore the Lat/Lon data on the left column of the map view (MBPV instead of MYE4). Thanks!
  4. I really hate doing this... I love pretty much ALL of the glorious goodies ORBX has given us over the years. And it feels really 'against the grain' to find myself complaining about any of their products. But that said, my experience thus far with OpenLC NA has been a bit of a let-down. Perhaps later experience with other areas will turn the tide back, but for now... I really don't think I'm expecting too much... I certainly didn't anticipate every airport to have been given custom treatment, as we usually enjoy from Full Fat regions. I don't expect piles of detailed POIs to explore. I'm even happy to make allowances for occasionally clumsy landclass tiles and their sometimes too-obvious intersections. But what I really didn't expect was to find such a large percentage of airports completely misaligned, so many ugly stock buildings 'floating' out in the water, such a high percentage of airports with highways running right through hangars or across runways, so many pieces of coastline looking like they haven't even received Vector treatment (see attached, from San Salvador Island in the Bahamas -- NOT the only such example I could include), and such enormous percentages of residential areas completely ignored--left as barren wilderness. During the eager anticipation of OpenLC NA's release, I was delighted to read that the Caribbean would be included with it. Today happens to be my 25th anniversary, and we are looking forward to an extensive Caribbean cruise next spring to celebrate this event. So when I heard that OpenLC would cover the Caribbean, I grew antsy to go exploring the areas we'll be visiting IRL in a few months. I figured while I'm at it, I might as well take in all the Island goodness. So I've started at the north end of the Bahamas, and plan to work my way through all of the islands, finally ending in Grenada. As of today, I'm near the southern end of the Bahamas. But so far, with just two exceptions that I can remember (a rather smallish area around Nassau, and the strangely singled-out Staniel Cay (MYES)), there have been no residential areas to be found ANYWHERE in the Bahamian Islands I've explored. Yet, a quick look at Google Earth shows MOST of the areas I've explored to be reasonably populated. As implied before, I certainly don't expect every house to be represented -- or even every village. But it certainly seems reasonable to expect there to be SOME residential, and perhaps commercial or 'town-center' areas to show up on at least most of the islands. But just a few ugly, usually misplaced stock-buildings is all there is? Even the terrain/landclass tiles really don't look like any kind of upgrade from Global Base... There are some areas where the trees are appropriately tropical -- but then, there are plenty of places I've landed with forests that look like they'd be more at home in the Pacific Northwest than they are in the tropical Caribbean... I'm just really surprised. Is it possible that the Caribbean didn't get finished before you felt the need to release OLC NA, and there will be a patch in the future that resolves this? Is it possible that I have a corrupt install?? In know I'm piling a bunch of disappointment on a large product that I've only so far explored just a small corner of so far. Is there reason to expect my disappointment to be salved when I get to the other areas? I really never have been unimpressed with any of OBRX's products before. But so far, this one is pretty underwhelming guys...
  5. Hello ORBX Users.... I have purchased a few FTX regions and airports from ORBX over the years and I love the attention to detail, in fact I believe that is what makes ORBX so popular. I have seen the Iceland demo and have it on my machine as well, and the PNW demo is what sold me on my first FTX regions. I would like to suggest an entire FTX Demo like that just covering the Bahamas, with MYNN (Nassau Lynden Pindling International), MYGF (Freeport International), and MYEF (Great Exuma International) not being covered but offered as Payware extensions. What would be covered is custom accurate waterclass and landclass with FTX lighting showcasing the latest in ORBX technology in a Caribbean setting. The other smaller airports would be covered in traditional ORBX region detail. Only MYNN has recently and really at all had any payware development for the Bahamas and currently GEX+UTX owns the "market" for anything in the Caribbean for landclass/waterclass. Below is a screen snip of the Bahamas Territory, while it looks like a massive undertaking, portions of it in many areas is deep water and would require no effort as default blue water would suffice. The landmass areas are all quite small, and this would be a perfect vacation spot to cover with many tiny runways which ORBX seems to specialize in more than any other company. Just my 2 cents, take it for what its worth.
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