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  1. Took off from PANC (Aerosoft) and had a look around. All Orbx SAK airports in this region have autogen buildings and trees on the scenery, eg. PAEN or PAMR. It is almost impossible to spot an airport. They are sucked in by the city. Is there something wrong with my installation? Need all these airports a new airport background? Also had default airport buildings mixed in Orbx airport CYYJ. Regards Dan
  2. HI everyone. I have a very strange bug with my autogen default trees textures. I see them like in boxes, as you can see in the photos. Also they are not transparent at all. It happens when the vegetation bgl picks default veg_ textures. I have update my diretcx and my graphics card driver. I have fsx and there it doesnt happens to me. When there are two trees both in front you cannot see the other, and that's very awful. I hope someone could help me with this. Thank you! https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1MGAsryxA5hu0rKFOJSQ1vZRoH8Sx-P4F?usp=sharing
  3. Hello, Maybe this has been answered but there are so many posts related that I did not found the answer : I apologize for the inconvenience Many third parties addons may have modified the autogen definition (in Prepar3D v4/autogen" or "FSX/autogen" folders) How is it possible to verify Orbx original autogen definitions or restore them ? Is it done by "verify files" and in this case which of the scenery elements should be verified ? FTX Global ? Thanks and regards, Jean-Paul
  4. Hi, First, I'd like to say that TE GBS v2 has delivered a staggering improvement in frame rates and overall smoothness, so big thanks for that. One thing I've noticed, though, is that there's still an issue with autogen suppression in Brighton with the payware EGKA installed. It does not occur with just TE GBS (no EGKA) or with the landclass FTX England region and EGKA. See the screenshot for reference: Thanks in advance for looking into this Tym
  5. All my ORBX products work perfectly, EXCEPT Pacific Northwest north of Seattle. The textures become very blurry when making even a short flight. This occurs nowhere else in my ORBX world I own many of the PNW airports north of Seattle and wonder if too many scenery add-ons are too much for my high-end Jetline Systems rig. Very frustrating Any suggestions?
  6. Hi Guys, Recently, I've encountered a very annoying problem: whenever I load a scenario in my sim, the loading slows down unbearably between 70 an 80% (loading auto-generated scenery). It does not freeze, but it just loads really, really slowly: from 70% to 80% takes about 30 minutes. This used to take 10 seconds. I use SimStarterNG and have used this to find out where the problem lies: ORBX Libraries. Whenever I unload the libraries from the sim, the problem is gone. When they are again activated, the problem returns. This issue is really driving me crazy, sinc
  7. With the recent sale I bought OpenLC EU and installed it right away. Firstly I noticed that there are no autogen trees in the UK. Every other area seems to be fine. But weirdly the autogen buildings seem to work just fine in the UK. Secondly I noticed a drastic increase of loading time. In v4.4 it took up to 40-50 minutes to load into a scenario with default airport and default aircraft. It´s not as bad with 4.5 (and it´s hotfix) but still takes around 20-30 minutes at least. All settings in Prepar3d.cfg are default (as I let it rebuild because I thought it had something
  8. Hi. I've just installed Global Vector and several Regional sceneries (that irresistible discount...). Being new to P3D I have a handful of questions -- it's a big step from the old familiar FS9. Only two of them in this post though as they're both seen at the same airfield. First question: Global Vectors and Global Airports both have a version of Mankomen Lake 4AK5. The Global Airports version is more detailed so I'd like to keep it but the cvx file seems to have been created for the stock LWM, which puts a lot of trees in the lake. Stock scenery only, note
  9. Had this pointed out by others, that there are houses appearing within other buildings in the default scenery. This is how much .ini file looks: I 1000 Version SCENERY SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/Orbx_A_GB_South_TrueEarth_Custom/ SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/Orbx_iBY_Library/ SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/Global Scenery/ SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/Global Airports/ SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/Orbx_B_GB_South_TrueEarth_Overlay/ SCENERY_PACK H:\FLIGHT SIMULATION\ORBX\TrueEarthGBSouth\Orbx_C_GB_South_TrueEarth_Orthos/ Geoff
  10. So this one's really annoyed me for a few weeks now so thought i'd turn to the forums, specifically orbx because I think that may be where the issue is. So I have both Orbx Global + Open LC Europe and various Sceneries that work normallly on a day to day basis however recently I've had instances where i've loaded into the sim and all of a sudden i'll have 0 autogen, nothing. Now the only way i've solved this previously is by doing a full sim re-install, because I haven't managed to find the culpret for causing this. So during this re-install I took it step by step and loaded the si
  11. I just installed KACK for P3D v4.2 and as you can see in the attached pictures there are no houses. The airport seems to be ok the same as landmarks, but all homes have disappeared. I have Global Vector as well as openLC NorthAmerica installed, mesh set to 5 and autogen to very dense. This problem occurs only here. I also reinstalled scenery without success. Last library installed.
  12. Hi Guys, I have following problem in Oslo. As you can see, I have some issues with the autogen buildings in the urban city area. But only in Oslo. Can you support in this case? Thank you and cheers Tobias
  13. I was really excited to see that Mr. Womack's latest releases were added for X-Plane.........until I saw the intrusive X-Plane Autogen destroy the appearance of the Golf course. There are aspects of XP's autogen that are great, however the random placement of it is not one of those. Going Forward, I request that the ORBX team find a solution for the Inappropriate placement of autogen in XP, so that it does not populate over the top of key POI's and ruin an otherwise phenomenal scenery. I hope that the solution is also implemented across the previous x-plane titles as an update. It would be
  14. Hi there, I have found that at several airports (e.g. ENSG Sogndal Haukasan) that if the autogen LOD is set below "high" in P3Dv4, then no / minimal autogen (trees) appears on the terrain immediately around the airport vicinity - irrespective of the density setting. My understanding is that the autogen LOD is meant to only adjust the outer radius of the autogen display and not affect the inner radius. I have found this at some other airports as well - but the strange/annoying thing is that it is not always the same and is not easy to replicate the problem every time. R
  15. Upon approach to LOWI, the airport doesn't load up 100 percent; only after touchdown. I have a fairly powerful PC, i7 7700k, 4.9ghz OC, 1080TI, and have graphics settings on medium. Please assist...
  16. Hi, I've installed the global base, the latest libraries with openlc europe and vector europe on a fresh p3dv4 pro. The FTX center v3 did the migration so everything was fine, but after running the sim, the resulting scenery had many issues with misplaced autogen buildings and trees and deformed objects located i.o. in close proximity of runways, on taxiways and other random places. I have my autogen set on very dense, both for trees and building and my scenery complexity at dense, but changing these values doesn't seem to resolve the problem. I always run p3d and ftx center as an adminis
  17. After the update on the Chicago city area, the visible autogen on buildings and trees is greatly exptended but some issues: 1. Misplaced buildings or constructions on the Cumberland Hiway-crossing close to airport O'Hare, direction NW from Chicago: 2. Why not the airport O'Hare and/or Midway usuable next to the magnificent, but not actual existing anymore Meigs? Both have only flat photoscenery. I'm willing to pay for one or both if in future made available as extra scenery add-on:
  18. Hi, yesterday I purchased my "home base" Düsseldorf (actually I live near Barmen VOR) EDDL by JustSim and installed it. Now there are autogen objects like trees and houses all over the adjacent waterbodies, like the ponds to the east and also the Rhine river to the west. The reason I post this issue over here is that I think this could be related to Vector. This trees-in-water problem occured first back in v3.4 when I installed Amsterdam by NL2000, and also with Drzewiecki Design's KLGA and KEWR v1. Now in v4 I installed the v2 of Drzewiecki NY Airports, and the same NL
  19. Hellu all! I've got a pretty weird problem which appeared out of nowhere when flying p3d. Autogen has been appearing in the water, mostly trees and vegetation but on some occasions houses as well and I could isolate the problem down to vector (disabling the vector in scenery library removed the issue). I do have UTX europe but the issue existed before the installation and I have it inactivated. The autogen pops up on addon sceneries (even those of my own design). So any thoughts as to why that is? I looked up for the solution online and someone mentioned that I should restore
  20. After install the base pack I have no autogen in the sim,even if i set the sliders to extreamly dense. I try to reinstall but its didn't sloved the problem. Someone had the same problem?
  21. After having FTX Global for a while, I decided to buy FTX England to improve my scenery in the UK. After installation I jumped into flight sim (I have FSX:SE) and was surprised to see that there were no trees anywhere. Everything like buildings and other 3D objects were there except trees. I reinstalled FTX England multiple times and updated the Orbx libraries to the latest version but that didn't fix the problem. I've linked a screenshot of some kind of error message I received during installation and an in-game screenshot of the problem I'm experiencing. I would greatly appreciate any help,
  22. Good evening, I am having a problem with getting ground objects such as trees to be 3D and they all appear to be flat like photo real scenery. It has also meant that I am not getting 3D night lighting. Any chance you can help? Thank you, Kamil (Order number 380201)
  23. Hi all, It's been awhile since I've been flying. But after a long layoff I've just started again, latest version of P3D, latest versions of FTX AU and ORBX libraries, sliders all to the right, but Perth city seems to have many autogen buildings missing. I've used FTX AU before in FSX and I distintively remember many more scyscrapers than this. Can anyone else confirm they see the same as me? Not sure if this is an issue with me only or is it an issue with FTX AU? Cheers.
  24. Dear ORBX, when re-installing EGHR I noticed a big junk of autogen is missing just north of the airport. Seems like an entire big square of land is missing ALL trees and buildings. On the first screenshot you can see that at present position there is still autogen below the aircraft, but none up to the airport which is straight ahead: Getting close to the airport you can see that autogen starts again from the airport onwards: When I deactivated the EGHR add-on the autogen was still missing, so I guess it is not a fault of the airport
  25. Dear ORBX, I'm doing a clean install of P3D V3.3 with all my ORBX stuff. Yesterday I discovered a small problem with Agua Dulce L70: Some autogen buildings and trees close to the airfield are missing, see my attached screenshots. I discovered the bug when landing at RWY22 because right at the short final portion lots of trees and a building are missing. It looks quite ugly overflying a flat house and trees on shortfinal, and more importantly the approach is much less impressive and challenging with that autogen missing. Must be a bug because the autogen is p
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