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  1. Had to fly to this little airfield with a suitable plane. So I changed the King Air in Toowoomba... Now I have an idea where our friend Ripcord received his name... .
  2. Leaving the PNG playgrounds ... ... to reach Queensland. In ugly rain! If it is so wet, maybe this is the season to find Barron Falls? The gorge is there. But the river is still small... . Have to check it another time again.
  3. CareFlight services out of Coolangatta, southbound. ´Cross Ant´s Ballina... ... towards Port Macquarie. Well, here we can wait for the next (unlucky) passenger, or for a successful doctor´s service. Let´s see...
  4. ... and via Surfers Paradise ... ... down to Gold Coast.
  5. From Bundaberg´s industry & business district... ... across the fields... ... to a harbour. Changed the plane next morning... ... to go down along the beaches... ... and Noosa Heads... ... into Caloundra. Low visibility that day, but still plenty of detail to enjoy.
  6. As promised in the first part of this journey (http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/110377-east-coast-eco-inspection-part-12/) we needed to continue our sampling process and get the reports done. We stopped at One Tree Island - wondering at what time this misleading name may have been invented. There is not only more than one tree, there are also many other attractions around...: Hard to leave this place, but more water samples need to be collected. Heading southwards to the next part of Richards great scenery http://wwvecscen.blogspot.de/2015/05/lady-musgrave.html:
  7. Once again no good weather for walking or sightseeing. But still we can make the best out of the conditions. From Caloundra... ... passing Glasshouse Mountains... ... into the city. Anybody here to clean the cockpit ?
  8. The close proximity of intense exploitation and natural beauty needs continous monitoring. The Jacques Cousteau Foundation is willing to face this work. Starting from Rockhampton... ... East End Mine, looks normal. Aldoga Mine, seems to loose lots of iron minerals into the surface water. Gladstone, where the coal is directly transformed into CO2. Air samples will be taken here. But Tannum Sands directly at the coast looks more than suspicious. We need to take water samples... A bunch of industial complexes here...
  9. Starting at the beautiful Hamilton Island by Anthony Lynch ( http://aussiex.org/forum/index.php?/files/file/617-ants-aussie-airports-vol-9-hamilton-island/ ),... ... and crossing MacKay, ... ... to finally cross Hay Point, since approx. 100 years one of the largest coal ports in the world. Unfortunately located behind the biggest reef in the world, since approx. 20.000 years...
  10. Out... of the cloudy north (at Darwin). And in... to the rainy east (at an airport we all know, now including the P3D flyers). Too many clouds for a proper documentation of this uneventful flight... sorry.
  11. Oh, what a lovely summer scenery... while it is getting really cold here (just in time for the Christmas Markets to begin, with the smell of warm wine...). A pity the freighter is not landable... ... but at least the light effects of DX10 get back the smile on the face, especially when you turn the copter fast... Moving down to OZxed Caboolture, ... ... where I have an appointment with Shirley´s sister. Sorry, have to stop reporting here...
  12. ... or better "Bay City Flyer"... I needed some more spring atmosphere around me, so I did a little Hervey Bay tour, ... ... crossed Fraser Island ... ... to watch the trucks on 75 mile beach. No good place to swim near the SS Maheno wreck... ... therefore I returned to Hervey Bay, for some good seafood and a cold one!
  13. ... and back into the morning again. From Hervey Bay... ... over 75 mls beach ... ... and for an intermediate stay at Noosa Heads. Going south via Maroochy ... ... to Caloundra. What a region, though only virtual!
  14. I felt it was time for some more joyflights in Australia. So I followed the G20 participiants (and escapers) and toured along the QLD coast. From Rockhampton ... ... turning south after passing Great Keppel Island ... ... over Curtis Island ... ... and towards Gladstone, surveying the industrial development of the area. Changed the plane in Bundaberg (without having a tasting of local specialities between the flights)... ... along Woodgate beach ... ... to Hervey Bay. But it seemed to be wise going around this time ... ... and it was also a pleasure to the eye:
  15. Not much Orbx scenery in this shot, but believe me, it is off the Queensland coast.
  16. There is just too much trouble going around in Brisbane with the G20 meeting. Blocked streets, fully reserved bars - no. I take a plane to the north! Hmm, some big and colourful holes in the ground. Maybe there are some long-term related things for the mates at the G20 to discuss...? Touchdown in Rockhampton. For a quiet and relaxed evening!
  17. While other guys may send ships, she arrives in the polite way. Descending over Gold Coast... ... and into the city of the meeting. I trust a taxi will be arranged, and maybe even a BBQ later on.
  18. Some days ago I found the runway lights in Cairns appear like landing UFOs. Jarrad pointed me to this workaround... http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/42437-ybcs-taxiway-lights-are-too-large/?p=444862 ... and here is the success report: I love this hockey field. And I would love to play there, too. Plus one extra shot from another place. Just to see if the lights work well over there, too: Whoever does not know where it is, feel free to ask...
  19. Some formation flying in the Coffs Harbour area Enjoy and thanks for looking!
  20. Went for a coastal inspection from Hamilton Island... can I say this is a touristic paradise here? The Whitsunday apartments - must be a beatiful place to watch the sunrise... Whitehaven beach. No comment needed. Towards the Great Barrier Reef. Gloucester Island, just outside Bowen ... ... and the Bowen salt ponds. Bowen itself does also provide some touristic business: "Bowen is on a peninsula, with ocean on three sides. This gives eight beaches surrounding the town, namely Kings Beach, Queens Beach, Horseshoe Bay, Murrays Bay, Greys Bay, Rose Bay, and the Front Be
  21. After reading the posts from Stu http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/69224-around-the-sunshine-coast/?hl=caboolture#entry636636 and Barry http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/68667-glasshouse-mountains-in-p3d2/?hl=caboolture I knew I had to look at some of the airports I missed out around Brisbane. Joined a trip with Hinterland aviation... ... turning north ... ... and surveying the races. No much action today. A view towards the Glasshouse mountains: Stopover for a drink in Caboolture. Passing Donnybrook airstrip... ... and the view backwards to Donnybrook &am
  22. Yes, one can fly along the beautiful coast from Coffs Harbour to Port Macquarie. But this is also a good opportunity to include a trip into the blue...: Leaving Coffs (default): Heading 090: ... and approaching Lord Howe Island. Slightly remote, but still covered by Orbx AU scenery (and enhanced by Hugh Johnston for OZx). The weather looks slightly more coloured than currently here in old Europe... Traffic, traffic (in fact the Piper below is scheduled for Lord Howe, and takes exactly my route). Approaching the mainland... ...Port Macquarie... ...
  23. Approaching Anthony Lynch´s Roadvale (just under the right wing): Well, there are some flightspotters around... Kooralbyn´s Golf club house, quite nicely represented in OZx: You have to see these coastal mountains in motion... holgermesh is great! And, again, the final to Gold Coast: Thanks for watching!
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