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  1. Finally got around to enjoying this wonderful plane of nostalgia. Credit and thanks to the developers. Somewhere over Victoria, Australia.
  2. Once again I have to apologize that I confused Martyn with my prevoius post: So I tried to meet his valued expectations better by selecting a plane I don´t really know yet, in a region I do know. Taking the PC-21 for a spin from Launceston... ... to Grindelwald (did I call this post "Swiss training"?). I have never been there in real life, so I can´t exactly say where the village is on these screenies... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grindelwald,_Tasmania . Heading south I had to notice some bushfires at Blackwood ("Schwarzwald"?) Creek... ..
  3. Time to leave St. Helens at Tasmanias beautiful east coast... ... over Binalong Bay, ... ... not disturbing the local birds, ... ... and heading westwards with the Furneaux Islands in sight. Over Scottsdale... ... and Bridport, ... ... crossing the Tamar River... ... and the famous village of Shearwater, ... ... to arrive in a new OZx playground, the long-awaited harvest #1: Devonport. [Whoever enjoys these great OZx works, @Jay Kae is just looking for support to fund a new u
  4. We hired a little Cessna for an early morning flight out of Hobart... ... passing the touristic advertisements on the airport wall (in fact I do have that leaflet somewhere here at home), ... ... and taking off southwards over Frederick Henry Bay. A beautiful morning view of Norfolk Bay, ... ... and a quick turn around Port Arthurs ruins. Everybody know this place, don´t you ? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Port_Arthur,_Tasmania Now up the coast to Eaglehawk Neck (read the wiki link above for this place, too), ...
  5. After some days of quiet life (and running out of liquid stocks) i had to leave from Melaleuca again... ... with another view of the wilderness while climbing out towards Port Davey. Tasmania´s southwest cape is hiding ... ... but the Maatsuyker Islands are not so hard to seek. At this point we reach the southernmost tip of Australia. Turn right and the next landmass would be Antarctica... ... but we turn left towards the little airstrip of Surveyors, ... ... the magnificant beaches of Bruny Island, ...
  6. What is the best thing to start the day? Breakfast? Not required. A scenic flight? Good suggestion! If you are around, do not miss http://www.freycinetair.com.au/index.html . Good guys, that have deserved some PR (even though I rarely give this). Take off over the Friedly Beaches... ... and the village of Bicheno. Good fish, good accomodation, good views from there. Following the road along the Chain of Lagoons (which laggons?), ... ... but be careful with these wild animals here! Whoever named this
  7. "Strahan Seaplanes – Take a scenic seaplane flight above the Tasmanian wilderness. Take off at Strahan climb high above Macquarie Harbour and fly across the dense rainforests of the Tasmanian World Heritage Wilderness Area, with its wild rivers and rugged peaks. Circle the sheer crags of Frenchmans Cap and look down on the famous Franklin River. A highlight is a landing high on the Gordon River. Go ashore and walk past ancient Huon pines to the cascading crystal waters of Sir John Falls. On the return flight, take in Sarah Island, the feared penal settlement, where the worst convicts laboured
  8. ... err, it´s more overcast currently in Tasmania. My next tour took me from Smithton to the small Islands off the northwestern tip of the heart... ... namely Three Hummock Island, ... ... Hunter Island ... ... and Trefoil Island, ... ... before I returned to the bigger landmass at Woolnorth. Down the coast to Marrawah, one of the few settlements in the area, ... ... Arthur River, ... ... and climbing along the Norfolk Ranges ... ... Pieman River, ... ... the
  9. No problems in Melbourne Tullamarine after forcing my sim back to the 1024² resolution. And the immersion stays acceptable with this setting... Turning into Avalons 36 over Port Henry ... ... - just to see I have double textures on the ground in KMAV. A quick search on my HDD showed there was a second (photoreal) scenery for Avalon active. Just as so often: "Are you already flying or still repairing your sim?"
  10. The Northwest of Tassie I mean, as this is the next part of my current Wilderness State tour, following yesterday evening´s arrival: Surely I waited for the sheep to clear runway 34 of Launy... ... and D-EXDA took off really quick, to show us YMLT in the construction status of the early 2000s. RL picture taken in 2004. Did I ever mention I would be in for a payware update of YMLT? Yes, I think I did... I have added @teecees OZx scenery additions, for example Breadalbanes industry area, ... ... some important houses in Carrick, ...
  11. One of my all-time favourite flights, inspired by a good friend. Set the time to about 30 minutes before dawn, take off in @Ken Hall´s OZx work at Wynyard, and enjoy... Table cape at the "right" end of the island... ... and the city of Penguin already starts to turn on the lights. Approaching Devonport... ... and crossing the Rubicon at Port Sorell. Bakers Beach, too late to see the PeopleFlow of Swimmers here. The mouth of Tamar River at George Town. Bell Bay and the Rio Tinto Alcan works.
  12. Todays hop started at Apollo Bay, an incarnation of a little OZx-upgraded airstrip... You have an idea where this flight will go? But first a little Victorian icon - ok, the cliffs could be a bit sharper... Bye, bye, mainland! Shadows & reflections over Bass Strait, ... ... and a little stopover at King Island. The Tasmanian Devil is not made for cuddling. A first glimpse of my beloved island... ... and here we are at the point with the cleanest air on earth: Cape Gri
  13. Leaving Avalon (now without double ground textures), ... ... over Cheetham Salt Farm, ... ... and into Ceres. Dou you see the runway ahead? There it is. No problem at the speed of the trusty Katana. Next stop today: Geelong YGLG. We have to pass the beautifully OZxed Barwon Heads, as I can´t get some elevation issues solved at that place. Tiger Moth World, another chance for a stop, but I did that too often before. So we go down the coast, passing Anglesea... ... and the Sp
  14. Just a little collection before I went into unexpected trouble. The first shot is Port Macquarie, heading towards Coffs. Landing had lots of crosswind (relative to the low speed of the cat), so I forgot to document it with the v-key ! So I get you some views of this great airport while leaving out... ... over Port Macq, once again. A bit blurry (taken from FL370), but it shows the extend of the orbx scenery. Sure you can spot Sydney here? I swear, it still exists. I turned inland from here, but approaching to Melbourne some VAS p
  15. However, taking into account the season and my personal preferences this will be the New South Welsh coast... out of Sydney... ... to Pittwater (yes, @teecee, now I know what you meant! http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/129876-low-pass-barrenjoey-and-pittwater/#comment-1156223 ... The Entrance... ... and Newcastle (again, not the english one). The area of Forster / Wallis Island is nicely upgraded in OZx... ... and Taree as well. Into Port Mac. Always worth a stop...
  16. Todays flight schedule saw the crossing of Abel Tasman´s Sea. And this means I headed westwards out of Auckland... ... waving goodbye to New Zealand. Two short snacks later, OZ comes in sight. Downwind over Botany Bay... ... and getting the lovely Windows chimes sound approaching Kingsford Smith. Perhaps too much ground detail, combined with lots of sea & air traffic, and a demanding plane. Luckily all went well... ... and I could even taxi (still under chimes) to the parking position. Ready to get
  17. Tullamarine looks great, even compared to reality. Essendon also is full of details to discover. But to me the Queen city could get an updated cityscape, with proper mesh, bridges, Southbank, ... ... Rod Laver arena, Hilton hotel and some more. So let´s enjoy what we have got... .... and have a good evening!
  18. Not many words needed to recognize these settlements.
  19. That was tight. Maybe I derated too much... Bye, bye!
  20. ... or better: from TeeCee. Westbury, TAS and a factory he was working at (places I first visited in 2002, but only by car... ).
  21. ... no, no, not the city. The Apple Island is what we see here. From the south at Cape Raoul... ... via Maria Island... ... around the Hazards ... ... to Friendly Beaches for a coffee break. Up the coast via Bicheno, ... ... Diana´s Basin ... ... St. Helens, ... ... and Binalong Bay ... ... to Sharman´s vineyard - unfortunately without a private airstrip. That´s the next landing field, once again Launceston. All RL photos taken in 2015,
  22. A long time I was reluctant to get this bird - it is quite slow for exploring the orbyfied world... However, it offers a great view through its big canopy, with a fantastic sound, and - it is astonishing realistic. Means also, a bit difficult to treat (as usual, I keep the manuals carefully closed somewhere on my disk...). Sure this will become one of my low & slow favourites (also in case of ultra-short runways...).
  23. ... out of Melbourne, ... ... Point Cook, ... ... and Ceres - a runway that heavily surprised me with its shape when I first came there...!
  24. Once again, I had to re-fly SQ227 services from Singapore to Melbourne. And, to say it upfront, this time I managed to set the time correctly: If you use the sim´s (correct appearing) local time, you´ll be 2 hrs too early, one has to set the departure time according to UTC. Ready for boarding. As you can see the first screenie is way too dark... Taxi into position... ... and go. Not much light from the moon either. Equator crossing, as you can read from the CDU. Flight planning was easy this time. ETOPS 60
  25. Qantas flight 5734, operated by Jetstar. Done on a recent Saturday morning. Repeated shortly after, just to check if RL mimics Fullterrain correctly. Did I mention already that I would be there to pay for a good quality update of Lonnie airport? RL weather in Melbourne was not too inviting. But the (United) lounge was... PS: The left drink is a mixture of coke & sprite. Not that someone gets wild ideas...
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