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Found 13 results

  1. Orbx S GB X-Plane 11.30b2. Log.txt occured after changing ADF freq. However, I don't think that is the problem. Log2.TXT for the second crash (triggered again when changing ADF freq on the ground at Bristol Filton.) Log2.txt, gathered after the second crash, seems to point to the ATC AI aircraft subsystem as the problem. I thought with ATC disabled (no AI aircraft in Flight Configuration, I previously had two LR aircraft as AI craft), I wouldn't BSOD. However, Log3.txt shows ATC somehow was still running just before the third BSOD crash. Log3.txt suggests that ATC somehow was involved. Log.txt Log2.txt Log 3.txt
  2. my orbx ftx Australia ai package seems to be having a problem. when I select the "enhanced ai" button and then close out of the pane and then open it again it unselects it. is there a fix for this? if there is please tell me. (i have video proof) ice_video_20180609-084511.webm
  3. Greetings I would like to report an issue with ATC I previously was able to communicate with the control tower by opening the menu through my keyword and pressing the corresponding number in the ATC menue for the desired option. I also have FTX EU airport pack, AI traffic from SAPI and the AI traffic Australia and NZ by Orbx (But there is something unsual in the behaviour of his feuture, Ill explain below) Now my ATC window shows up when I request it but kind of greyish. When I press the numbers to communicate the sim does nothing, and in the top of the menu it reads ATC disabled... Please see this video here, even using the default plane: https://mega.nz/#!lxNRSB7C!70wCEllyBB8osiLh0GnmUPIL6AoZ8eT5-hveKv2_2-A Now the strange behaviour of AI traffic by Orbx for Australia and NZ. In the menue FSX/P3D default traffic when you tick this option as shown bellow : It does tick it, but when you open again FTX Central and come back to this same control panel the feature is unticked... wonder if this has something to deal with the message on the ATC of ATC disabled... Please refer to this video prove: https://mega.nz/#!8k93yZaA!3Lc_4CD70DMKXrfi2fW020vxp9gPpaw4LEsgcc-RG4w So far I am able to use the ATC feature. At some stage thought if was AI traffic SPAI fault but all of those planes work, lots everywhere and I like it a lot, so this program seems to be working fine. I don't know what happened but before I was able to use the ATC feature in P3d v4.2 I've tried several "fixes" found in the internet but none works, nothing solves this issue. Can you assit here please? Regards,
  4. Hello, Every time I ask YMMB ground for circuits, they send me to the wrong runway. Once there, ATC gives me a circuit clearance to the runway which would not be in use for circuits at the "real" YMMB. At YMMB, circuits are made from the eastern runways and the western runways are used for "most other things". ie 35R/17L & 31R/13L are used for circuits and 35L/17R are 31L/13R are for general departures and arrivals. In addition, the real YMMB has separate TWR frequencies for western & eastern runways and approaches. I can handle having just the one in the sim because I think having two frequencies for one aerodrome would be too hard to manage from a development point of view Is there a way that we can change things so that ATC will use the right runways for circuits? Cheers
  5. Hi all, Recently I purchased EDVY. When I did my first flight there I found out the airport has a combined tower/ground frequency. Also the airport is controlled, so tower gives clearances. In reality the airport is uncontrolled and has a single frequency. Besides this I also discovered a lot of airports in Germany area have the wrong frequencies. So my question is; can I edit these? I have downloaded and setup Airport Design Editor, but from this point on I could use some guidance
  6. Thank you for the masterpiece that is PAVD! One questiion....Is there a way to make the LDA/DME - H approach into PAVD selectable/assignable with the default P3D/FSX ATC? The default ATC will only assign a visual approach. Thanks, Randy
  7. I'm quite keen to improve the AI ATC in FSX, which does the job but is clearly deficient. The voices are robotic, there is no 'emergency landing' functionality, there are too many 'traffic alerts,' and strange IFR diversions, etc. From what I've read, there are a several options out there (e.g. VoxATC and Radar Contact) but I've heard that they are imperfect and non-intuitive to use. Do you guys have a sense of which is best along these dimensions: +Quality and realism of IFR guidance (realistic instructions, traffic alerts, emergency landing capabilities) +Quality of voice (non-robotic / accents tailored to location) +Intuitiveness of GUI +Seamlessness within FSX flight planning functionality +Compatibility with FSX-SE? If ORBX were to develop an FSX ATC replacement, I would pay a great deal of money for it. .
  8. I am new to the whole FS addon world. I have done FS for a while, but never messed much with different addons or development. I have done a little searching around, but can not really find any additional addons for ATC voices. I found a thread that suggested EditVoicePack and have downloaded it and it says it has a bunch of different voice addons. I have not installed it or tried it yet. My question is does anyone know of any packs that have ATC or Pilot voices? Is there anywhere that has the list of words for the Radio communication so I can make my own pilot voice of myself? Thanks and I look forward to your suggestions....
  9. On all my tower controlled payware airports from Orbex (Kenai, Redding and Shoreham) I'm always asked by tower to contact ground as soon as I touch down. This is a major problem when doing touch and goes, as the ATC-system is messed up, and I really do have to make a full stop and taxi back for takeoff again. I've seen others post about this, and I found this thread: http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/78634-touch-and-goes-paen/?hl=%2Bcontact+%2Bground In here it is suggested that the runway width is set to 0, which makes the tower think I'm off the runway. Makes sense. The mentioned topic has a fix (which I haven't tried, but I'm sure it works - I can finally do some more flying at Kenai), but can the others be fixed in the same way?
  10. I know this is a freeware airport, but I am posting this in the Payware Support Forum because the issue occurs within the PNW payware region. I am not sure exactly where the problem is. I cannot communicate with ATC at KHQM. When I load a default Free Flight there, my radio is set to 128.30 by default, and I can hear (what I assume to be) KHQM ATC. When I open the ATC window, I get 2 options: 1) Tune to KHQM Traffic on 122.700, and 2) Tune to KHQM Automated Traffic. When I select "KHQM Traffic", and request taxi/takeoff/whatever, I get no response whatsoever. I can manually dial back to 128.30 and hear the ATC, but how can I communicate? Similar problems occur at a few other Orbx payware airports. I was experiencing this problem with Global, PNW, and KHQM installed, FTX Central set to North America, in DX10 mode, with Steve's Fixer active. I run several other orbx payware/freeware scenery, and a ton of payware aircraft. Assuming this was a self-made problem, I took some advice on another forum and copied some audio files from the install disk, etc, etc, which made my problem worse: no Weather VO, just the ambient background chatter. Defeated, I performed a clean install of FSX. I currently have no addons installed... The problem persists at KHQM. I may be missing something very basic here, and understand this question may belong in another forum, or another website altogether. My apologies if that is the case. Thank you for reading this. And thank you for a wonderful product.
  11. hi guys any one know if its possible to talk to the atc for real? I have the pilot voice turned off, and pretend I'm talking to the atc, although i cant always say it the right way, is it possible to talk to real atc while flying in this?
  12. a while back i noticed the ATC wording in my FTX had changed. i'm not sure what i did or installed but i liked it. now, after a format & re install i have lost it again. the differences were in the way things were said. it's hard to remember them all but some examples: saying goodbye when handing off. saying continue on instead of make straight in. also, whenever an Jetstar plane was on the radio, they would say 'Jetstar' instead of just saying the number. there were many more differences but i can't think of them right now.
  13. Hello all, After completly transforming my FSX with Orbx EU , REX , New hardware etc .. I wanted to find out how much more realistic I could get the simming experiance and decided to get Vatsim up and runing properly. It simply has transformed the sim for me and I would highly reccomened it. I would just LOVE to see more vfr traffic.( and of course IFR-however there seem tonbe plenty of these.) Hope to see you soon Josh (Sorry if this post is not permitted due to advertising or so on..... OR in the wrong location. I understnad if the post is moved or deleted )
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