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Found 1 result

  1. X Plane, The AS350 B3+. Wonky's Blog! 92 So after much debate, I took the plunge and downloaded The AS350 B3+, It is packed with advanced features including the new 'Arcade Mode' that will allow anyone to fly this helicopter with great ease. Well, some of you might have seen my post in the week. I was tempted because the Swiss creation team did a really good job on AS350 B3+, like the AB4212. What I never expected from dream foil was a dark and dismal display from inside and a virtually unusable helicopter with my standard settings. As you will see in the video I ended up with rates set at 70% and it is still very unstable. After a recommendation, I tried advanced physics on and off and played with the number of frames. Tried it with Vulkan and 11.41. I am getting better. And I did use arcade mode at the start out of frustration. I would love to know from others, is it me. I love everything about the outside, especially with the swiss mod. But surely no helicopter is this difficult to fly. In real life, I did get to hover one of these many years ago when a member of my RC helicopter club used to give me lessons at our flying field near Box Hill and from memory, it was better in the hover than the R22 and the Enstrom 280FX Shark that another member-owned. I had lessons in all three. So why is it so touchy and so variable. compared to the Bell 407. What a disappointment. The pitch angle looks like it on a knife-edge when you fly. I even put spring back in my X52 and ended up with rates at 70% as you will see in the video. If anyone has any updates or could let me know about I would be very grateful. Out of 15 or so X-Plane helicopter's, it's the most difficult and I don't see why. Used spit screen move just to show the best flight so far, jumped around a bit on the top Flight as it was meant to be single screen video at the start. I think its Sinesio Brito who has been using spit mode so sorry if it was you for stealing your idea! my most Succesful flight so far. Rubish landing but I can get some sense of achievement on making it back. I flew the EC135 v4 straight after and what a joy! Standards X52 joystick wth springs on as without them it was even harder the first time that has been the case. More practice, More work needed or I need an update to a more realistic flight model. And that inside is so bad. I thought people must have done upgrades over the years but nothing I can find so far. I want a glass G1000 or GTN750 or better. I really thought this was a popular Helicopter that had loads of things done for it. I should have looked more closely. just one other thing the sound isn't great. nothing like the Bell 407 that sound so realistic. So you might have gathered not overly impressed. Not one other helicopter in my library behaves like this. Some might say it's the only one that behaves close to a real one but i would disagree. The nearest I think in hovering terms is the MD500. But happy to be corrected as it's been twenty years since had lessons. and if you have any recommendations for updates please let me know. My first disappointment in X-Plane that I wash I could get my money back.
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