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Found 6 results

  1. It's a wintry morning in Stockholm... ...the land seems frozen... ... visibility is reduced... ...snowflakes are dancing in the air. So is the Swedish winter! The United Airlines plane that's being catered at Gate Foxtrot 36 finds itself in this winter story... ...and is being de-iced right at the gate. The passengers inside the plane observe the de-icing crew doing their job without protecting their heads and hands against the cold. Those hardy Swedes! A few minutes later, the Triple-Seven is being pushed back from the gate... ...and starts to taxi to the runway. The snow gets no less on its way... ...flaps and slats are kept retracted to prevent icy material to attach to the flaps mechanism and potentially freeze there. How different the sight, only a few minutes later! A bright morning above the clouds. The airplane cruises high above the snowy landscape of Scandinavia... ...and above the ships that traverse the Atlantic Ocean. The New World is no less covered with snow than the old one. Somewhere over New England... ...the sky looks even colder than at the other side of the pond! Who might populate those snowy hills in this time of year, when even the bears retreat to their den? New Jersey and Staten Island ahead! And a massive bank of clouds... A/P off at 270' and touchdown. After more than 8 hours, the plane has made it from the wintry cold morning in Stockholm to the wintry cold morning in Newark. Content and relieved, the passengers leave the plane through a comfortable jetway... ...and probably face the worst part of their voyage on the highway to home. That's it, I hope you liked it. Cheers.
  2. Hi! I want to share two screenshots from the upcoming Stockholm-Arlanda service pack that soon is ready. Among a lot of other things, we have now also upgraded the ground with higher resolution textures, specular maps and it will now also have a rain effect. These screenshots are from P3D v4. Meanwhile we finish this off, the current version of ESSA can now be accessed for P3D v4 via your FTX Central program, if you opt in on the Object Flow 2 beta. Check this link: http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/139402-objectflow-2-open-beta/ See you in the skies!
  3. Hey everyone! We've got some exciting news. Welcome to Stockholm! The capital of Sweden (or the capital of Scandinavia as they are trying to brand it)! Stockholm Arlanda Airport is the biggest airport in Sweden and the main international airport for Stockholm, transporting more than 22 million people a year. Located in between Uppsala and Stockholm it takes only half an hour to reach both cities. It's an exciting place and an important hub for Scandinavian Airlines and Norwegian. It also has an old 747 turned in to a hostel located close to the taxiway which I would say is quite unique. If you ever happen to go there in real life, don't miss out on the really nice bar/cafe/restaurant in the top of the Clarion hotel from where you will see huge parts of the airport and runway 1L/19R. We are now at beta with our version of Arlanda which I hope you will be as excited about as we are. And by the way, if you would for some reason don't feel like/have time to do some flying when it's been released, we've also included the plane spotting hill at 19L (with spotters so you don't have to feel lonely). So current status is first beta, we'll keep you posted on the progress.
  4. Hello, I'm looking into buying ESSA Stockholm Arlanda. I'm new to Orbx products & have no Orbx products installed. I wonder if ESSA Stockholm Arlanda will work in my FSX with Ultimate terrain europev2 installed? Also how much disk-space is ESSA Stockholm Arlanda using? Thank you!
  5. Hey! Pretty much done. Time to wrap this up. All screens P3D v3.
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