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Found 35 results

  1. I know many of you are keen to see your current Orbx airports working as they should in AUv2 but final touches are still being implemented into Orbx Central which meant we have had to put these on hold. We have now decided to make these updates available for users to install themselves if they feel comfortable doing so. The following downloadable zips along with installation instructions are made available for those who wish to take advantage of this option. Of course, if you do not feel comfortable manually installing these updates, then you are welcome to wait for the official roll out via Orbx Central when the new system is released in a few weeks time. What to expect with these updates. There is no new content with any of these updates. They merely contain updated files to fix issues relating to the implementation of AUv2 in place of the older AUv1 and Holgermesh combination. Issues addressed relate mainly to scenery items showing through from the AUv2 additional airports and terrain irregularities from the newer, more detail terrain included in AUv2. Notes on installation of these updates. These updates assume your current install of the Australian airports and AUv2 are in the default location within FSX and P3D. It also assumes you have not made any adjustments to these files or folders from their original installation apart from those available through the relevant Control Panel options. If you have made adjustment you should reverse these before proceeding with these updates. Download and unzip the relevant zips for each of the airports you have installed, select the main ORBX folder within each of these update folders and copy it into your main FSX or P3D folder. You should receive a warning for the Control Panel xml file for each airport, select to overwrite and the appropriate files should then be installed. For the most part, these updates will not overwrite any of your current files except the existing Control Panel xml files. Once installed, your Orbx system will still be set up for AUv1. You will be required to open the Control Panel for each airport where you will find a new option to activate the airport for Orbx Australia Version 2 Installed. Selecting this option will switch the appropriate new files on and deactivate those for AUv1. If that new option is not available or changes made do not hold, then it is most likely the files did not go where they should or there are inconsistencies with your Orbx install. If you still have AUv1 and Holgermesh installed, you can still install these updates if you wish. Just do not select the option Orbx Australia Version 2 Installed. Doing this will make your Orbx airports ready should you upgrade to AUv2 at a later time. Notes on files to download. You will note there are a number of separate updates for FSX and P3D. Many of the older addon airport files for FSX and earlier versions of P3D were slightly different to the more recent installs for P3D V3 and P3D V4. The following is a guide as to which zip you should download and install depending on the sim platform you are using. - For FSX, P3D V1 and P3D v2 - Download the FSX update. - For P3D V3 and P3D V4 - Download the P3D update. - Updates not identified as being for either sim are good for all platforms. YBAS Alice Springs Minor mesh issues with airport surrounds and AUv2 airport items showing through fixed. YBAS_Alice Springs_FSX.zip YBAS_Alice Springs_P3D.zip YBBN Brisbane International Minor mesh issues with airport surrounds, duplicate Gateway Bridge and AUv2 airport items showing through fixed. YBBN_Brisbane_FSX.zip YBBN_Brisbane_P3D.zip YBCG Gold Coast. Update not available yet. YBCS Cairns International. Minor mesh issues with airport surrounds and AUv2 airport items showing through fixed. YBCS_Cairns.zip YBLN Busselton. Mesh issues with airport surrounds and AUv2 airport items showing through fixed. YBLN_Busselton_FSX.zip YBLN_Busselton_P3D.zip YBRM Broome International. Broome Airport is fine for the most part but there are mesh issues with the outer parts of the town and some of the shorelines. These will be addressed later. YBTH Bathurst. Mesh issues with airport surrounds and AUv2 airport items showing through fixed. YBTH_Bathurst_FSX.zip YBTH_Bathurst_P3D.zip YBUD Bundaberg. Mesh issues with airport surrounds and AUv2 airport items showing through fixed. YBUD_Bundaberg_FSX.zip YBUD_Bundaberg_P3D.zip YCDR Caloundra. AUv2 airport items showing through fixed. YCDR_Caloundra.zip YCNK Cessnock. Mesh issues with airport surrounds, floating grape vines and AUv2 airport items showing through fixed. YCNK_Cessnock_FSX.zip YCNK_Cessnock_P3D.zip YCUN Cunderdin. Mesh issues with airport surrounds and AUv2 airport items showing through fixed. YCUN_Cunderdin.zip YHBA Hervey Bay. Mesh issues with airport surrounds and town precinct, AUv2 airport items showing through fixed. YHBA_Hervey_Bay_FSX.zip YHBA_Hervey_Bay_P3D.zip YLIL Lilydale. Mesh issues with airport surrounds and AUv2 airport items showing through fixed. YLIL_Lilydale.zip YMAV Avalon. Mesh issues with airport surrounds and AUv2 airport items showing through fixed. YMAV_Avalon_FSX.zip YMAV_Avalon_P3D.zip YMEN Essendon. Issues with surrounding roads and terrain are still to be resolved. YMLT Launceston. Significant mesh issues with airport surrounds and AUv2 airport items showing through fixed. YMLT_Launceston.zip YMMB Moorabbin. Mesh issues with airport surrounds and AUv2 airport items showing through fixed. YMMB_Moorabbin.zip YMML Melbourne International. Significant mesh issues with airport surrounds and AUv2 airport items showing through fixed. YMML_Melbourne.zip YMUI Murray Island. Significant mesh issues with airport surrounds and AUv2 airport items showing through fixed. YMUI_Murray_ Island.zip YPEC Aeropelican (Belmont). No issues, this airport is fine as is. YPJT Jandakot. Mesh issues with airport surrounds and AUv2 airport items showing through fixed. YPJT_Jandakot.zip YPLC Port Lincoln. Mesh issues with airport surrounds and AUv2 airport items showing through fixed. YPLC_Port_Lincoln.zip YPMQ Port Macquarie. Mesh issues with airport surrounds and AUv2 airport items showing through fixed. YPMQ_Port_Macquarie_FSX.zip YPMQ_Port_Macquarie_P3D.zip YRED Redcliffe. No issues, this airport is fine as is. YSCB Canberra International. Mesh issues with airport surrounds, duplicate bridges and AUv2 airport items showing through fixed. YSCB_Canberra_FSX.zip YSCB_Canberra_P3D.zip YSCH Coffs Harbour. Mesh issues with airport surrounds and town area, AUv2 airport items showing through fixed. YSCH_Coffs Harbour_FSX.zip YSCH_Coffs Harbour_P3D.zip YSTW Tamworth. Significant mesh issues with airport surrounds and AUv2 airport items showing through fixed. YSTW_Tamworth_FSX.zip YSTW_Tamworth_P3D.zip YTYA Tyabb. Mesh issues with airport surrounds and town areas, AUv2 airport items showing through fixed. YTYA_Tyabb.zip YWOL Wollongong. Mesh issues with airport surrounds and town areas, AUv2 airport items showing through fixed. YWOL_Wollongong.zip YWVA Warnervale. Mesh issues with airport surrounds and AUv2 airport items showing through fixed. YWVA_Warnervale_FSX.zip YWVA_Warnervale_P3D.zip Gold Coast Cityscape. No issues, this area is fine as is. Canberra Cityscape. Floating buildings and duplicate scenery items fixed. YSCB_Canberra_Cityscape.zip
  2. Well i have a few problems with my pc last week i decided to delete my old orbx areas and airports from my spare hard drive a lot of orbx programes that i do not need any more because of the new installer we have now. well yesterday i went to put a airport on to p3dv4.4 and all my airports from other company about 60 to 70 for Europe and the usa and i found they had gone and i contacted my friend that does work for me on my pc ans sent me a program to scan my pc for files ect it has been running since yesterday and it is still going as of this morning left it on all night and it had found 3511954 files it had done 3 of 6 and i just left it scanning when i went out this morning i think it will take till tomorrow i just hope i can get them back if not i have a lot of downloading to do but i got tem from several companys world wide ans i lost all my reg numbers as well well i just wish i had not deleted the old orbx airports i just did not realise i had deleted all my other airports . does any one know of any other program that i could use to get them back i am not at home at the moment and on my laptop regards
  3. Okay, off course vector, global would be one off their most popular buys and the regions off course will be somewhere on top off the popularity list for the amount off people buying that product, but what product sells best Orbx??? If you don't mind answering for the top 3 best selling airport+region, I have a hunch PNW+Australia is the best selling region but what about the airport? And please correct me if I'm wrong about the region! An answer after Xmas specials would make sense but an answer now during the sales would be interesting! Note: the airport doesn't have to be apart off a best selling region or a region at all...!
  4. Hello everyone! This summer the heat has reached record highs - luckily senior developer Andreas Hegi has a brand new airport to cool you down a little! LSPN Triengen Airport is the first Swiss venture for Andreas, whose previous work includes classic airports such as Darrington, Orcas Island and Milford Sound. Not only do you get LSPN Triengen Airport in this pack, but it also includes a bonus airfield which is nestled amongst beautiful landscapes in Central Switzerland complete with rolling hills and sparkling lakes. This is a particularly special airport for the developer as Andreas actually lives in the area, so lots of time has been spent meticulously crafting small details which really bring it to life. He has even done all of the photography for R&D, having got permission to access both airfields! Located at N 47 ° 13 '36 "- E 08 ° 04' 41" and 1594 ft (486 meters) above sea level, Triengen Airport is used mainly for sightseeing flights where tourists can experience unforgettable views of some of Switzerland's most iconic mountains. LSPN also boasts a flight school, aerobatics, skydiving facilities, and of course the famous Flying Ranch restaurant. Points of Interest: Schloss Mauensee - an old chateau located on a small island The Landessender Beromünster radio tower Lake Sempach Golf-Sempachersee featuring custom buildings The central church of Triengen Key Features Incredibly detailed, high definition rendition of LSPN Triengen Airport and LSZO Luzern-Beromünster - about 145 square kilometers Scenic landscape location Offers stunning and challenging visual approaches Realistic HD textures created from on-site photography 30cm per pixel coverage Features Orbx Flow technology Wind active landing T direction indication Detailed visual charts included in the User Guide Includes many custom modeled POI’s including churches, a historic radio tower, a castle, a hospital and several industrial areas Hand placed autogen Compatible with FSX and all versions of P3D In addition to LSPN, we have also included LSZO Luzern-Beromünster so you can experience the region at it's very best. LSPN Triengen Airport will be available to purchase from OrbxDirect soon for AUD $32.95 (approx. USD $24.35 / €21 / £18.50 ) Coverage area map: Here are a few screenshots from Emmsie. Don't forget to stay tuned here and on our Facebook and Twitter pages for plenty more shots over the coming days!
  5. I just got FS Global Ultimate NG for Prepar3d v4 and some stock airports have field elevation issues. According to Pilot’s (developers of FSGUNG), this is due fact that these airports do not have accurate airport field elevations.But does Orbx payware airports not have these issues? Do all Orbx airports correctly depict field elevations? I’ve tested Orbx’s LOWI and haven’t noticed any issues. Best,
  6. Hello everybody, I am new to ORBX and I recently bought FTX Global Base Pack. I have downloaded all the freewares. My question is related to the EU and NA airport packs. I don't know which airports are including in these packs... Difficult for me to find out where to fly Thanking you in advance for your precious advises Pascal
  7. I created HD videos (and still am continuing with that) of the flights I made between the free airports of ORBX. I recorded the videos by using Screencast-O-Matic which is working great. All videos are links to YouTube from my website www.wilveenstra.nl Have fun, Wil
  8. Hi I'm a big Australia fan and I like to fly in Australia. My biggest wish is to have Perth Intl.and Darwin Intl. Airport. Are there any plans for those two Airports in the future? I'm realy looking forward to that
  9. Hello, Just curious, how would one become a contributor to the FTX Global Airports pack? Sorry if this has already been asked. It's quite possible that I may have missed a thread. I've dabbled in creating sceneries for roughly the last five years, (going on six) so I know all the basics for the task. (Besides advanced modeling and techniques. I never really picked that up. But I'm slowly working on that..) I don't have time for my own full-scale projects at the moment due to work, but I still enjoy sprucing up smaller locations in my time off. Instead of just making something that only I would use here and there, I think it would be more appropriate to contribute to the FTX Global Airports pack(s), as they could then be used by the flightsim community. If anyone could point me in the right direction, that would be awesome. Chris Britton
  10. I'm looking for a north American map depicting Orbx freeware airports. I believe I saw one somewhere on this site. But I haven't been able to find it. Please help. Thanks in advance. Rozel
  11. This is just a small suggestion, but when I want to buy an airport, I may not be completely aware of exactly where it is geographically or in fact it's position in relation to other Orbx payware airports. My suggestion would be to add a small map of the airport's location. It simply needs to be a red circle or something similar. All the other Orbx payware airports could be in an opposite colour. This way, when a customer wants to purchase another airport, they can immediately see where it is. Just a thought
  12. Hi Gang ,I Know fsx has 24000 and more airports ,....but has anyone ever counted the # of airports with the "special" treatment in the orbx "fat" regions, I currently am only missing Ireland. but I am sure there are many there worthty of a flight to and from .... Any one care to opine on the above. CHEERS
  13. Hello everyone, Firstly before I forget, I'd like to thank each and every single one of you for the fantastic support through 2015 and here's wishing you and your family a great festive season and a safe new year. Drink responsibly and blue skies to all! Now onto business. I just wanted to give you a heads up on some impending releases and one delay. The FTX NA SCA Southern California first release candidate is being prepared by Ed as we speak. Hopefully the testing team can give it a good bill of health this coming week and we can get it into your hands. It will certainly make your xmas stocking, that's a promise. Adrian at FSS has recently finished a massive infrastructure upgrade so the CDN will be able to cope with the demand for this very anticipated region. openLC NA USA/Mexico (including Hawaii and the Caribbean) will be delayed until the new year. All the new textures and LC are done and we're just waiting on final autogen and night lighting to be completed. We may possibly be in beta as soon as late next week but as you can understand there's no way I am going to sign off on it without testing most of the millions of square miles of landclass, so I'd rather it be in good shape and delay release for a bit. I'm confident it will be out in the first quarter, possibly by February. Airports - We finally have some Scandinavian airports incoming (applause!!) and in beta testing right now or imminently we have EDBJ Jena Schoengleina, ESSA Stockholm Arlanda, ENSD Sandane and ENNO Notodden. Tore Stranden is also trying as hard as he can to complete his magnum opus ENNK Narvik. Also Turbulent Designs are still popping their speed pills and we may see O60 Cloverdale in the mix as well. As to how many of these will make it for xmas I can't tell you, and please don't ask. Watch the preview forums for screenshots from the usual suspects to get an idea. Further afield for January we have KCGX Meigs Field for FSX/P3D, another Turbulent NCA airport and some goodies from Alex, Jarrad, Misha and maybe a few more surprises. So that's about 11 releases to look forward to in the next eight weeks. Whew! Finally FTX EU GEN Germany North is about halfway through development and looking uber-fantastisch! Here's two sneak peeks around Berlin: So lots to look forward to in the next few weeks and months and I promise 2016 is going to be a HUGE year for Orbx releases with at least 20 more projects now currently in development or starting soon, over and above what I've just mentioned. We have added another developer to the openLC team to double the rate of LC texture creation and of course we expect almost all our 120+ products to be P3Dv3 ready by the end of the first quarter, sooner if we get Ed to drink copious amounts of Red Bull! Once again, thanks to all our amazing customers for 2015 and here's to a bigger and better 2016!
  14. Since I am new to FTX and so excited about buying and installing global, vector and the 2 LC packages, when I was flying around and testing, I did not notice that at all the airports in canada USA and Europe that there are no planes at any airports. They used to have planes that taxied and took off as I flew around any large airport…but they are gone. No planes anywhere. What happened? Before I installed FTX products I would fly around Atlanta and after a few minutes, planes would taxi and take off. All major and even small aiports had planes on the ground. Any ideas? How do I get the planes back? Please help.
  15. A work colleague of mine sent me this: http://www.content-delivery.co.uk/aviation/airfields/ Some nice aerial views if you're interested in that sort of thing, Simon
  16. Hi guys, I am loving the PNW region which I have recently purchased Thinking of now buying the Pacific Fjords region. My question are there plenty of airfields / floatplane / Seaplane landings ? Anyone able to give me an approximate number of each ? I know I will love the scenery but I love bush flying and want to do a lot of taking off and landing. I like to use FsCaptain and fly in and out of where ever it sends me from my hub(s). Even the smallest of places. So, does it sound like it will really be a good choice bearing in my how I like to fly. (Oops another question) Hope you guys don't mind me asking. You all seem like a real friendly bunch Terry
  17. I'm English but live in France and am a fanatic of flight sim, particularly P3D. I have all the FTX for UK but there isn't much for France. SHAME! ORBX products are by far the best sceneries out there. I'm sure I'm not alone in missing ORBX french sceneries!!
  18. It's up to you as forum-viewer to recognise the follow Orbx-FTX places in NA PNW & PFJ : 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
  19. Another corner of the large area of the Brisbane airport(YBBN) is the International Terminal, herby some shots with a collection of 'Queens of the Skies':
  20. Does anyone have a list with all the Orbx airports that cause craters when you set the mesh resolution to 1m in Prepar3D 2.3? I'd like to know so that I avoid those airports in the future. Thanks!
  21. Just curious - How many airports (world-wide) have been affected by anything from Orbx - pay or free. Don't count Global, as I think that may affect textures at every airport.
  22. I 'Bring It On' via the gorgeous modelled B737NG by PMDG. I choose airport 'Hervey Bay' at Australia's coast to take-off to a (sofar)undefined destination:
  23. By reviewing my ever growing collection of screenshots, today I sorted out some goodies that has been a while in the picture that I want to share with you : 1. Jefferson County (0S9): 2. Siletz Bay (S45): 3. Anacortez (74S):
  24. Some shots taken during several flights at and over a variety of UK-airports and -airstrips. Two London airports(EGLL+EGKK) are greatly blended UK2000 sceneries into FTX-Eu England:
  25. hi guys just wondering if there are any airports in Australia that cater for water planes? if so where are they? and if so what planes would you suggest, looking for one like Cessna's that can fly any where i saw some where where you can you can run your own airline, ie like a pack but wasn't sure if you had to start some where specific or if you could start any where, ie here in aus, and with your own plane already?? thanks guys..
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