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Found 40 results

  1. Hi all, Very very close to release with this one now here are a few shots of the dynamic lighting that P3Dv4 users will be able to enjoy with this scenery. Cheers, Misha
  2. Hello, When will ESSA (Arlanda airport in Stockholm) be published for P3D v4 ? Best regards Martin
  3. G'day all, After a little more development time than originally planned, I am very excited to show off the second set of previews of Innsbruck Airport, focusing on the completed airport area. Every effort has been made to push the detail and quality envelope with, whilst still maintaining strong performance and VAS usage. A great deal of help has been provided by my friends Fabian K, Maximilian and Fabian S, who have shown endless patience with my hundreds of requests and questions. I won't spend too much time just yet discussing the ins-and-outs of the airfield; this will come later. In the meantime, please find a shortened feature list for the airport. For first-time viewers, I would also strongly recommend visiting the original first previews for complete product feature list; this scenery is far larger than just the airport. SCENERY FEATURES: - Ultra high-definition rendition of Innsbruck airport - Extremely detailed ground polygon optimised for FSX and P3D - Over 30 static aircraft unique to LOWI - no type/skin seen in any other airport project to date!* - Entirely new custom GSE for Innsbruck - highly detailed refuelling trucks, fire appliances, buses, carts, cars and more. - Highly accurate baked ambient occlusion and new lighting techniques - Complex lighting options to match real-life (including the famous extended "Rabbit") - Highly accurate APX designed by our resident guru, Graham Eccleston - Advanced rendering, modelling and optimization techniques for best balance between performance and detail. * Aside from the B757 - this was also included with our recent Dubrovnik scenery. All shots a mix of FSX-A and P3D. As always, be sure to click on each pic to see in full resolution Enjoy! FSX-A DX10 (with an ancient HDR mod) P3D v3.4 (with PTA 2.0)
  4. Will enhanced airports from regions and freeware show up if I choose to use photoreal scenery in, say, the california desert? Possible with proper stacking in scenery library? Thanks friends!
  5. Hi All, Sorry about this one taking a bit longer, we ran into quite a few problems in the final stretch, but they've all been rectified now This should be entering RTM testing from tomorrow! We've also added a few neat animations into the scenery, including the Dubrovnik cable car after a certain person as FScon kept telling me that I had to include it Please enjoy these new previews, and look forward to more soon from Emmsie and other screenie artists once they get their hands on it! Cheers, Rasha and Misha
  6. Hello everyone, I am very pleased to introduce this collaboration project between Rasha Tucakov and myself, and the first major mainland Eastern European Orbx airport for FTX Global Dubrovnik is a spectacular location on Croatia's famous Adriatic coast, and a popular summer tourist destination. Boasting a very large number of resorts, as well as its beautifully mountain lined coast and its famous walled city, it's not surprising that the location was visited by over 2 million people in 2015. The airport is well equipped to handle aircraft up to the size of a 757, and is equally suitable for general aviation ops. It serves up to 39 airlines during the summer months, so can get quite busy! The approach from the west is one of the most scenic approaches you'll come across, flying past the old city and passing the mountains on short final. This package includes an amazingly modelled rendition of LDDU airport by Rasha and an extensive detailed surrounding area by yours truly. This is Rasha's debut project, so please join me in congratulating him for such a fine achievement! COVERAGE MAP: FEATURES: - Over 100sq km of photoreal coverage in 60cm resolution - Unique multi-elevation airport model! - Suitable for airliner operations - New terminal currently under construction modelled - FULL Dubrovnik cityscape included! - Advanced AO baking techniques for realistic shadowing - Custom vegetation at airport - Large area surrounding the photoreal has been given custom landclass and vector roads and shorelines for the best experience - Only FTX Global required! As always, we really hope you enjoy these previews P3D shots: FSX shots: Cheers, Misha and Rasha
  7. Hello, as now Bob and Ezdok finally working world cameras offer combined a very good reason to happily explore and loiter into airports, I've resumed my Orbx products (YMML, YSCB, YBCS, YBBN, YPEC, YBAS, YBUD) which I bought in the past more for support and so far I had been using very very little (I even forgot to have them, except for YMML) my two questions (as non expert and with little time to dedicate to the sim in depth): 1 to see life in the smaller less crowded ones: must I install Orbx freeware AI AU/NA package? may I do it on top of MyTraffiX60a? 2 can you suggest one or more specific Orbx general aviation airport for purchase, featuring more traffic than the ones I have? thanks
  8. ENNO Notodden - Winter

    Share your ENNO - Notodden winter shots here. My first one is a wide-shot from a 300 Extra on a low pass from the North. "I can see my house from here!" ("Hooked" to the left part of the helicopters landing gear. It's not blue, but white irl )
  9. Hey, I worked again on my scenery (EDWN) and now its finish. You have seen a post of me where I show the scenery in a older version. After a few more hours now I made the final version. Take again a look on my home airport EDWN, a small airfield located in Lingen, lower saxony, germany. The airport is homebase of 2 glider clubs and a small airline, flying with a Piper PA-31 Navajo and a Cessna 172 Skyhawk to destinations in europe. The airport has a asphalt runway and 2 grass runways, both for the glider clubs. Sometimes a Beechcraft 200 King Air or a Pilatus PC12 visit the airport, but thats rare! The airport has some hangars, a small control tower and a nice little restaurant where you can meet pilots and aviation fans. The food there is amazing!! Now take a look on the updated scenery! I hope you like it!!!!! It was a lot of work. First, a picture from google maps of the real airport. And now the pictures of my airport scenery: Thats it... I hope you like the updated version of EDWN!! Tell me what you think about it. Thank you!!!
  10. What ever happened to the development of the Friday Harbor Airport that was talked about in the last months. I can not seem to find it in the list of airports for NA. Is it released yet??? fisheye
  11. Hi everyone, here are the actualized comprehensive listings of all current NAM and EUR freeware airports (#01 - #22) as a freely changeable spreadsheet: https://www.dropbox.com/s/f0rluvtps7glfe0/FTX_Freeware.xls?dl=0 or as sorted .pdf file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/l1v3b6d0sulzi6f/FTX_Freeware.pdf?dl=0 (Had really missed the big pack #21 before) Cheers, Fritz
  12. I would like to add some big airports to my ORBX sceneries. My only constraint is to be compliant P3D2. Would like to understand why you choose yours between FSDG, Flightbeam, FSDreamteam, Taxi2gate , etc .... : Quality, easy ti install with ORBX, ... If i'm out of topic dont hesitate to suppress that post. JL
  13. We regularly see posts suggesting airports that Orbx develop. It's often hard to keep track of these and turn them into quantifiable data on where users would like to fly. As such, this month we will be trialling a new voting system. Ben McClintock has designed this voting system utilizing Google Maps API interface so that you can click on an airport icon and submit a vote indicating you would like to see this airport developed. Some general info to be mindful of: -The voting map includes every airport within a current Orbx region larger than a farm strip. Almost all paved airports should be listed, most grass strips have been excluded. -Voting does not give a guarantee an airport will be developed. -Each user has a limited number (~10) of votes. You cannot vote for an airport multiple times. Once you hit the vote limit future submissions will not be entered into the data. -Vote rigging, brigading, and exploitation is strictly disallowed. We will be monitoring the input data in real-time and take countermeasures if suspicious voting activity is noticed. -Please keep discussion of the polling to this thread. All other threads will be merged back in. All that being said, please take the chance to peruse around and vote for airports that you would be most interested in. There is a search function built in if you know the name of your airport but not the ICAO, or if you know the city but not the name. Link: https://fullterrain.com/airportvote
  14. Folks, Here are some suggestions I believe would be awesome additions to your product line. KTIW- Tacoma Narrows Airport(Corporate/GA) KOLM- Olympia Regional Airport(corporate/GA) KBLI- Bellingham International Airport(Airline/corporate/GA) CYYJ- Victoria International Airport(Airline/GA/corporate) Thank you for your time -Roger
  15. Hi guys, Am new on here - hello to you my fellow virtual fliers. I have flown MS Flight Sim since the first one. Can anyone advise me if there are any 'Freeware Airports NA Packs' on the site which cover Washington State airfields / airports ? I like to do a lot of bush flying I have tried to find some but I seem to be struggling. Any help would be great. Thank you. Terry
  16. Being primarily interested in scenic flying, I've bought most of the Orbx terrain regions, but no airports yet. Apparently some airports contain quite a bit of additional scenery (by which I mean the surrounding landscape, particularly photo scenery) so I'd like to buy a few of those. I haven't looked closely at all of them (there's so many), but it seems that Bozeman, West Yellowstone and Jackson Hole include quite a bit of additional scenery. Queenstown and Milford Sound look pretty good too, and I also like the look of Squamish. I'm sure there must be others that I've missed. Can anyone tell me which airports contain the most and/or best surrounding landscape scenery? This would be very helpful to me. BTW, I'm not disinterested in the airports themselves, I just prefer to visit airports in the most scenically interesting areas.
  17. Hi, who do I need to contact about redoing an airport, the airports in Tasmania arent what they are in real life, and I want to see them updated mainly the hobart and Devonport and wynyard airports, as these are my island airports it annoys me they dont look like them at all.
  18. AS355 makes a tour in Samedan airport, Switzerland LSZS by Sylvain Delepierre All shots from PREPAR3D v2.2 Cheers,
  19. Hi, Here some images FTX/Orbx P3D V2 new update freeware airport FTX YCUN Cunderdin V1.5 for P3D V2 Cheers,
  20. Hi all, Here some images FTX/Orbx P3D V2 new freeware airport FTX YBLN Busselton V1.5 for P3D V2 Cheers,
  21. ...Yakutat is a little bit south of the midnight sun but during the summer it does dip below the horizon at about 10pm and rise at 2 or 3am. Here are some shots from the P3Dv2.2 beta showing off the excellent lighting system. Also featured are the newer FTX Global lights. Yakutat is all lit up at night now, possibly more so than the real town! Yakutat is moving tantalizingly closer to RTM testing, just a small handful of items left on my checklist! Enjoy the shots
  22. It's been two weeks since I first posted previews and I've intended to post more but I've been very caught up in working on the airport itself! Here are a dozen from the surroundings leading up to the seaplane base near town. It's not much of a seaplane base, there are two roughly defined landing areas and when you pull up to the dock there's a phone number to call to let the dock manager know you're there. Also a bonus shot showing off all of the islands north of the city!
  23. Hi all, Here some aerial views of the new freeware submitted by Graham: FTX YRED Redcliffe V3.0 for P3D V2 Thank you for watching; Cheers, Sinesio
  24. Some images - YPLC Port Lincoln Airport V1.5 for P3D V2 Enjoy! Sinesio
  25. I'm not sure if this is the correct forum to request an airport be added to FTX Global, but here it goes anyway. It would be wonderful to have the now abandoned NAS at Agentia, Newfoundland added into our sim world, aka FTX Global. Here is a link to the site on Wikipedia, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Naval_Station_Argentia . I have to admit it would also have a lot of sentimental value to me being as my father, God rest his soul, piloted the Super Connie "Lockheed EC-121 Warning Star" ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lockheed_EC-121_Warning_Star ) out of there from 1956 to 1957. He was a Navy pilot, and Commander, and part of the Navy's Airborne Early Warning System, AEW. He was in air wing "VW-13." This version of the Connie's were affectionately know as "Willie Victors." I can remember him telling me several times that this was the most dangerous flying he had ever done due to the extreme icing effects on the planes. Their flights were usually 12 hours long and at an altitude of 2,000 to 6,000 feet, no exceptions. Right in the middle of the clouds picking up enormous amounts of ice during the long flights. It was 100% IFR flying once the windshields were completely iced over. It was not unusual to leave chunks of ice on the runway after landing that were up to 12 inches in diameter. He also flew TBF Avengers, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grumman_TBF_Avenger , off of the Essex and Lexington in the Pacific theater during WW2, but said that wasn't half as frightening as flying the Connie's out of Argentia. So back to my original request, even just the runways at Argentia would be pretty cool and a great place to stage your flights in that part of the Northern Atlantic. Thanks in Advance(hint-hint) TD P.S. Just type in Argentia, Newfoundland in Google Earth or Google Map and it will come right up.