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Found 20 results

  1. G'day everyone, Unsure if this is the right place but; As per the title, does anyone know if PRO-ATC/X works in conjunction with Orbx's AI Traffic? And if it does, do users of Pro-ATC/X delete the ATC sound file that is included in the AI traffic add-on? I'm using P3dv5. Thanks fellas, Will
  2. Hi all, Firstly apologies if this is already covered, im new to this! Ive had AI traffic installed for a while and had a break for approx. 1 year from simming, and now the AI traffic works, but even with the box unticked, im still seeing FSX Default traffic. How do I fix this? Thanks in advance! Matt
  3. I own both FSX Steam and P3DV4 sim software. In ORBX FSX Steam edition, Corona Muni (Kajo) scenery displays complete with all hanger buildings, fuel station, ai aircraft, trucks, and animated avatars. However, in P3DV4, ORBX KAJO scenery displays NO buildings or AI aircraft. Only fuel station, light tower and fuel tank display but no buildings, AI aircraft, trucks no animated avatars. Can someone explain this dilemma? Does P3DV4 not allow this scenery? I do have KAVX in P3DV4 (Catalina airport) and it displays with full scenery (buildings, AI aircraft). What's the difference? Thanks for any help or direction you can provide. Bob golfacce@aol.com
  4. Good day Gentlemen! I've seen that at Pearson Field (KVUO) and Skagit (KBVS) for X-Plane 11 there are obivous no "taxi lanes" defined. With World Traffic 3 there are landing planes but they will disappear shortly after touchdown. And there are "cross country" taxiing planes not using the taxiways. Not a big thing but maybe the dev's can have a look here? Many thanks in advance - kind regards! Bert
  5. Hello, I have FSX SE and just last night downloaded FTX Central (V3.2.1.1). I then downloaded the AI Traffic - North American GA freeware addon which also says it is up to date. Now when I fly, there is no traffic at all. I adjusted my "traffic sliders" in settings to mimic the settings in the NA GA use manual but there still isn't a single plane in the sky. Am I missing something here? I am relatively new to addons to FSX... Thanks!
  6. Hi, Is it possible to have NA AI Traffic in the Northern California traffic using the AI Traffic North America General Aviation as for the Southern California scenery? I ask because I flew from FTX KAVX (SCA) to KHAF (NCA) and as I crossed the SCA-NCA Border all my traffic disappeared with no GA traffic at all. Subsequently I had to go into the NA Traffic control panel and enable the FSX Default Traffic tick box, to get any traffic in NCA. I am using FSX Acceleration sim. I apologise if this has been posted in the wrong forum or I am duplicating this request. Thanks in advance.
  7. Any ETA on when AI Traffic North America General Aviation for P3Dv4 will be available? Thanx
  8. Hello! This is my first post, so I am sorry if I break any rules. I wanted to find out if it is possible to download AI Traffic - Australia and New Zealand without having the Orbxlibs first. This is because I have a weak laptop, and my FSX runs better with less add-ons. It should be possible, because its just some AI planes. Thanks.
  9. Hi As i fly on vatsim i don't need the static aircraft around LOWI. I have gone into the control panel and unticked all the AI traffic but every time I load the sim they are still there? how to do stop them showing
  10. Hi All, I recently upgraded from P3D v2 to v3 which of course involved re-installation of my Orbx scenery. This happily also coincided with the release of FTX Central v3 and the change to OrbxDirect. I reinstalled the freeware AI Traffic initially selected the "Add to Account" option via the website. FTX Central then happily downloaded and installed it for me. I then went to the control panel and de-selected the default AI traffic, selected the FTX traffic along with the FlyTampa YSSY enhanced APX file and the enhanced ATC sound file. On loading the simulator I discovered that the AI had installed correctly in terms of models however the enhanced ATC sound file was missing. Upon further research I determined you had to select this to be installed during the installation process (I had initially forgotten this as it had been a while since my last install of FTX AI Traffic). With the extremely streamlined download/install process within FTX Central v3 I did not receive an option to install these additional files (perhaps the process is just a tiny bit too efficient in this specific circumstance??). I reinstalled the files via a downloaded v5 installer I had from my FSX:SE install (pre Central v3) and that has rectified the issue, however I thought it was perhaps worth bringing to your attention. This is in no way a complaint at the very comprehensive and impressive AI traffic package! Out of curiosity I have been unable to determine exactly what the enhanced APX file does if anyone can shed some light on this? Also, as it's extremely new I'm not sure if you're aware that Tiger Australia has just changed callsigns to "Tig-Oz". I am aware that I can fix that myself but again thought it was worth bringing to your attention for a future update. Kind Regards, Haydn
  11. Hello guys, I have FSX SE and everything is fine with my orbx products but I downloaded the free ai traffic add on to my fsx steam but I don't see any traffic, my settings are showing 80% so i don't get to much performance impact but anyway I don't see any planes anywhere, I do a lot of charters so I fly in the US, Caribbean, Europe, etc and I never see an airplane taking off, landing or cruising, something is wrong, I did the installation and I see all the ai aircraft on my folder so im not sure whats wrong, please if anyone can help me thanks.
  12. So I just did a complete re-install of FSX and all my ORBX scenery (GB, GV, GEU, GNA, AU, EU, SCA, and all the freeware). Upon completing all the installs and doing my first few flights, I noticed all my AI traffic is turned off. The sliders are still where I left them in the FSX settings. From what I can remember with doing this before, wasn't one of the ORBX add-ons the cause of this happening? Would like to turn AI traffic back on, but currently can't find what configurator tool makes this happen. I am pretty sure its in a tool, or running an installer again. I strongly believe its with one of the installers for the ORBX Freeware add-on traffic. If you know, please help. Thank you Mike
  13. Greetings, Just have possibly a "dumb" question. I've downloaded the freeware GA AI for NA. When I began at an random airport I do notice the AI traffic parked at the airport, However, are they supposed to be dynamic (fly around)? Or just, remain static at the field? On the Orbx FTX GA AI Control panel, I have the following selected. NA General Aviation AI Traffic: X NA General Aviation AI Traffic with Abbreviated Call Signs (Default) NA Large Business Jet AI Traffic: X NA Large Business Jet AI Traffic with Abbreviated Call Signs (Default). P.S. Also, I do not see the call signs as indicated above. I have FSX default traffic unchecked and I use FSX Steam. Just not sure if I'm doing something wrong or not. Thank you for your time, Dave
  14. I decided to fly my Navajo (gasp! Not my Aztec for once!) from Twin Falls, ID where my brother once lived over to Boise. A nice flight! Taxiing out at Twin Falls... Cleared for takeoff... Twin Falls and its giant chasm and giant bridge slide past as we climb to our cruising altitude En route.. Sharp turn to finals runway 10R at Boise And an interesting AI traffic Horizon special scheme at the gate - go Huskies Steve
  15. I keep losing my AI traffic (the traffic list does not show when right click of mouse on screen) when flying in Orbx Scotland FSX
  16. I really like the work done on PAEN. Thanks. It looks great. Two questions however: 1. Should there be an airport white/green strobe at PAEN? I think there must be, but it doesn't show. 2. AI traffic upon landing on rwy 19 disappears abruptly before reaching the taxiway D turnoff. Thanks again. Bruce Order #FSS0255750
  17. Hello, Some time ago I bought FTX Global Base Pack (FSS0238643), FTX Global Vector (FSS0266605) and FTX NA Gold ( FSS0271263). I successfully installed the NA GA Traffic 1.00 and did try to install NA GA Traffic 1.10. However, my Norton Internet Security blocks it because it reports a virus as part of the downloaded programme. I'm pretty sure your software is free of viruses, but I did not want to overrule my virus scanner. Any suggestion how to solve this issue? Kind regards, Wim Sijstermans
  18. Hi, After, I had install the 2 files AI Traffic for NA. My GPS on my Diamond Da20-100 Katana by Marcel Felde did work. After I take-off, after around 10 minutes, the image on the screen on the GPS disapper. What I need to do for correct that. Thanks
  19. I use the default AI traffic and the free Orbx NA-package. Now I want to bring some more traffic into my FSX, especially to SAK and Tongass Fjords: What AI traffic tool do you use and what is your experience? I fly most of the time in Orbx-NA regions and only some times in Germany. As far as I can see there are three commercial tools (Traffic360, MyTraffic and Ultimate Traffic 2) and World of AI. Any suggestions which one to take? What is there impact on the fps? Which one will work with DX10? Thanks for your help!
  20. Hi, I have installed NZSI and I like it a lot. Nice piece of work like all the other ORBX products I have purchased since 2009. I am running FSX with UT2 and I positioned myself in NZCH and NZQN to watch the commercial traffic flying in and out. I saw jets landing but none ever taking off again. They get delayed and eventually disappear from the airport even though there is barely any traffic. With ADE, I looked at the BGL. It found several faults related to taxiways at NZQN (open Link). I am not sure this is indeed the problem. I am curious to know if anybody else has noticed the same problem. It could related to ADE, or UT2 (v2.9). Thanks. Stephane.
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