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Found 3 results

  1. The Helldiver is the plane of the moment......at the moment. I am very surprised though that Jack has not brought it. So I thought I would do this flight to try and convince him. with eleven good reasons 1. One- it is yellow. Waiting for landing traffic at Binghampton International NY State. 2. Two- it is yellow. Not far from the airport is Chenango Bridge. Under the port wing is Sunset Way where I stayed in 1958 for 6 weeks. I was so happy to find the house on GE street view several years ago, bringing back some happy memories. 3. Three-it is yellow. Looking back down the Chenango River at Port Dickinson and Binghampton. I can clearly remember fishing in the river an being told not to stand in the boat! Apparently the river is now polluted and the "new" freeway follows the river. 4. Four-it is yellow. Over Harpursville looking down the Susquehanna River towards Windsor. 5. Five-it is yellow. The Senator Warren M Anderson Expressway and the Susquehanna again at Nineva. 6. Six-it is yellow. Near Cobleskill and Mineral Springs decided to try out the air brakes. They do work, exciting stuff. 7. Seven-it is yellow. A spectacular road network approaching Albany. 8. Eight-it is yellow. Over Rotterdam and were heading for Schenectady Airport but elevation problems have lead us to divert to Albany International. 9. Nine- it is yellow. Over the Hudson River at Goat Island. The airport is central left. 10. Ten it is yellow. Just about to land at Verdoy. I have been to Albany but one of those many parts of the holiday I cannot remember. 11. Eleven-it is a magnificent radial carrier bomber from WW2(actually in RL it was cr*p). Top class sound set, the start up is brilliant. Plenty of detail in the cockpit, bomb bay, gunner/radio operator position Uncle Tom Cobbley and all. Buy it now from AH and you get the F3F thrown in. Most of all Jack because being a Navy plane most of the liveries are blue which is my favourite colour and I love blue aeroplanes! Just one final thing to remember, this is OLC NA, bloody fantastic isn't it.
  2. Well last night I decided to go for a rare flight using P3Dv3.4. Loaded up the Helldiver and went to Gisbourne in NZNI but it didn't look right. Central told me that I had nothing from Oceania installed. Duh! 1. So here we are at Cork and one of the FAAs Helldivers before they were sent back. 26 out of the 450 ordered were delivered before they were returned and the rest cancelled. 2. Their dreadful handling was the reason for their rejection. The same can be said of those bloody awful waves in the river and lake, but I will not be sending V3.4 back! 3. Time to take a close up of the Helldiver. Did this flight last night but Jankees did a similar post this morning! 4. Just fancy having to get out of there in a hurry. So well detailed all the same. 5. Some of the cockpit. 6. Guns at the ready. 7. I can see more with the greenhouse rolled back. 8. Airbrakes deployed, I should have put in a dive. Ah well it was late at night. 9. Herbie Hancock said "Rockit." 10. Tanks 11. Wot, no bombs. 12. There they are. Wonderful plane and great value with the F3F thrown in.
  3. U-Tapao is a Thai Navy air base in the Rayong district about 130 miles south of Bangkok. I have only travelled past here the once to this very industrialised part of Thailand. This flight takes us in the other direction towards the tourist town of Pattaya and then returning to VTBU 1. A big thanks are in order for Jankees for this wonderful RTAF Helldiver, taxying out with the Thai Airways maintenance complex in the background. p.1 Grumman Albatross gate guardian at U-Tapao 2. Ao Kong Kang at Sattahip, where the Thai Navy has a dockyard. The Thai Navy sports stadium at Sattahip. 3. Over Sattahip with the bay in the background. The major road is Route 3 Sukhumvit Road. p1. One of the many tower blocks that were springing up along the coast near Pattaya. 4. Now at Pattaya's Jontiem Beach. 5. Approaching VTBU at Sam Nak Thon. 6. Landing at U-Tapao over Route 3 again. p4 Some of the hangars seen from the main road, very little of the airport was visible. Thanks again to Jankees for your repaints this repaint especially, you have made my day. Just threw in a few snaps of the area I took in 2011(was it really that long ago!). Not very good as they were taken from the bus on a wet humid day and the windows were also poorly tinted which did not help.
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