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Found 23 results

  1. Hi I recently pirchased FTX YSCH After installing I have the aiport super imposed over the default scenery and airport What do I do My order number : 5af2deb60ffc3
  2. Another of the famous British heavy bombers of WW2 was the Halifax. It is seen here on a flight out of Coffs Harbour. 1. Originally the HP.56 was designed as a twin engine bomber using the RR Vulture. 2. With the failure of the Vulture the HP.57 Halifax was redesigned around 4 Merlins and 100 were ordered off the drawing board as it showed great potential. 3. It first flew in October 1939, the original planes having triangular shape tail fins. 4. 13,000 lbs of bombs could be carried. 5. Halifaxes were built by Handley Page, English Electric, The Rootes Group, Fairey Aviation and the London Aircraft Production Group 6. 6178 were produced up to April 1945 and at peak production one Halifax was coming off the production line every hour. 7. Design changes included more powerful Merlin engines eventually being replaced by the Bristol Hercules in 1943. The tail fin as shown here, replaced the triangular one to solve rudder stall problems. 8. As with the Stirling, the bomb bay could not accommodate the 4000 Cookie bombs so the Halifax became a second choice bomber to the Lancaster. They were relegated to other theatres such as Italy and North Africa. 9. The Halifax was a highy useful transport plane and glider tug. They were widely used by SOE dropping agents and supplies into occupied Europe. 10. Other roles were reconnaissance, meteorological and anti submarine duties with Coastal Command. The Halifax was named after the town in West Yorkshire.
  3. Just a little collection before I went into unexpected trouble. The first shot is Port Macquarie, heading towards Coffs. Landing had lots of crosswind (relative to the low speed of the cat), so I forgot to document it with the v-key ! So I get you some views of this great airport while leaving out... ... over Port Macq, once again. A bit blurry (taken from FL370), but it shows the extend of the orbx scenery. Sure you can spot Sydney here? I swear, it still exists. I turned inland from here, but approaching to Melbourne some VAS problems ocurred. I managed to land, but most of the autogen was just black! Repeated the landing (yes I had saved with the first ocurrance of memory trouble), with the same disappointment. Just to find out the following: In my fsx.cfg maxtextureload was set to 4096, I use to keep it at 1024. Some scenery must have changed this during installation. This was no problem in YSSY, I suspect I had installed this airport with 1024 only. But for Orbx airports like YMML there is no such option, so it used the full 4096 and my rig collapsed. Next attempts will be 1024 again...!
  4. Taking Careflight VH-ZMQ on a flight from Coffs Harbour to Port Macquarie The main reason for this flight was to check if the new DX10 cloud shadows were working properly... But I wasn't too sure about if I had chosen the right (ASN-live) weather About 1/3 in to the trip the clouds finally did close in All in all I'm well pleased. CumulusX, which I had been using so far, created its own - not too great looking - clouds which I mostly had to hide in among more distinct self-created weather themes if I wanted the shadows to look halfway decent. But now Steve's great new little addon generates them from what you actually see and what is generated by the weather programmes. All pics more or less cropped DX10s Cheers Mallard
  5. Looks like a nice place going to turn out over the sea and come back in for a spashdown - That was fun!
  6. Don't normally spend much time dahn unda but am slowly building up a few places (thank you, sale time). A few shots heading out of Coffs Harbour at dusk one winter's day Looks like a fun area - I shall enjoy exploring around here
  7. Approaching Port Macquarie Downwind Runway 03 YPMQ Port Macquarie Could not ask for a better approach, 2 White 2 Red
  8. I saw some screenies of the IRIS PC-9 earlier today. As there were several RAAF versions along with the fact it was reported to be a damned good plane and it was on sale I decided to buy it. Time to see if it lived up to it's reputation. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. Yes it is a wonderful aircraft to fly.
  9. Tamworth to Coffs Harbour Go around! Enjoy and thanks for looking!
  10. Checking out some camo on a flight from Coffs Harbour via the Carrai Plateau to Port Macquarie Warming the engine (went rather quickly in the current weather) Turning to a course which will take me SSW En route Some 100 kms later I reached the plateau. A strange geological feature which I could not find too much information on. I just came across it while I was checking out the area on Google earth... Another 100 kms later (this time ESE): Port Macquarie And we're nearly there... Some cropping in a few pics - nothing else. Cheers Mallard
  11. I'm bursting at the seams for my next pay every fortnight so i can put some money onto my debit Mastercard from Woolworths to buy, and buy, and buy, oh and buy some more... once I got a hint of Orbx when I got a hold of the Tasmania Demo I was instantly hooked, I usually get the airports that are on the VATPAC VFR Fly-Ins, I only have enough download time to download an area or an airport, and write down the route of the VFR Fly-In so i can fly them in Free Flight... The main routes I fly are as follows: YPMQ (Port Macquarie) to YSCH (Coffs Harbour) via Nambucca and South Grafton YKIG (Kingston) to YPAD (Adelaide International) via YKSC (Kingscote / Kangaroo Island) and Aldinga YBAF (Archerfield) to YSCH/YCFS (Coffs Harbour) via YBCG (Gold Coast) and Palmer Island YPMQ (Port Macquarie) to YPEC (Aeropelican) via YWLM (Williamtown RAAF Base Newcastle) YCNK (Cessnock) to YBTH (Bathurst / Kelso) via YMDG (Mudgee) Usually fly the Carenado C172N, or for the SA flight the Carenado Beech B58 Baron the only australian airport I currently own is Coffs Harbour YSCH/YCFS so for the others I use OZx and Default Airports
  12. Took Cindy on a flight from Coffs Harbour to Port Macquarie. Starting off in nice enouth conditions... Suddenly - at about 3/4 of the way - sea mist appeared. Visibility was reduced to about 8 to 10 miles... The sun was still out, though, and the skies were otherwise clear. Some cropping. Cheers Mallard
  13. Took the tiger from Sydney to Coffs Harbour Leaving the city behind me Just below the tail: Warnervale On the left-hand side of the screen: Aeropelican Once again below the tail: Port Macquarie Cruising in over Coffs Harbour at 16,000 feet Parked Cheers Mallard
  14. So much for my range of attention. Only after the flight with da Boz did I notice that it had Illawarra all over the tail fin... And there I was spinning around Coffs Harbour. That wouldn't do, but instead of loading up a flight directly at Wollongong/Illawarra I decided to fly back... Take-off from Coffs Harbour, fighter style and heading south Passing over Port Macquarie at 4,000 feet At Forster And approaching Aeropelican Problem was that it was getting dark so I landed at Warnervale for the night. Early next morning another fast departure Since it was a bit too dark the evening before I thought I'd return to Aeropelican to take in the sights... but one has to pass over the ash pond at Vales Point power station to get there first At Aeropelican the scenery was a bit more agreeable Some thunderstorms were already brewing at this early hour, so I didn't linger too long On past Sydney and over the hills of the Royal National Park to my final destination of the day - Illawarra Regional Airport Time to unfold the legs And coming up to my parking postition Sorry for the amount of pics, but I just couldn't stop v-keying away... Once again no edits whatsoever. Cheers Mallard
  15. Been cleaning up my SSD - and found this repaint that I never used before... Thought I'd take it to the skies over Coffs Harbour The only edit is in the last shot, where I've done some cropping. Cheers Mallard
  16. 5:05 a.m. departure runway 10 Heading back south These were made with the FSX weather engine... Might try to refly it using the REX weather engine and see what (if any) the differences are Cheers Mallard
  17. Hi all, trying to take off today in PMDG's excellent J41, I hit both Vr and an invisible object at the same time. Coffs Harbour (the latest version) v150 is installed. All virtual passengers were really cross with me afterwards, What can I do to avoid this in the future? Thanks!
  18. G'day all, Been a few weeks since I got some pics up - work has kept me very busy and on the move around the country. With West Oz's long weekend just past, I managed to slip in a couple of flights to test out the new REX Essential weather engine with some realtime weather over some typically awesome ORBX scenery downunder. This is the first of two posts from those flights, and this one was flown from Coffs Harbour to Port Macquarie along the northern coast of NSW. A nice leisurely flight in the Tecnam Sierra, made interesting by the gusty and turbulent weather. Nice fluffy cu's over the sea Dodging the weather at 5,000' Weather was getting a bit thick, so I decided to drop down to 2,000' to try and keep the ground in sight Down to 1,500' and below cloudbase now, the weather is clearing ahead but I'm nearly at Port Macquarie Almost on arrival, looking out at some heavy, flat bottomed cu's with some scud... looks like we could be in for some rain later. Hope you like 'em! Cheers, Derek
  19. Gooooooood morning, New South Wales! Cleared for takeoff: And up we go: Cruising at FL230, the sun is warming the land of down under: Time to set up for approach, runway 03 in use: Landing checklist: Will I find cornetto and cappuccino here?
  20. Coff's downwind Number two for takeoff:
  21. Crosswind landing, Coffs Harbour: Just landed, Hervey Bay:
  22. Back to work, have a nice week all. Lined up at Warnervale: Two from Coffs:
  23. Maiden flight of my brand new Warhawk
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