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  1. Hi, Searching in the files and trying to understand how are managed the options in the Control Panels with the occasions of trying to make the Orbx sceneries more accurate because I've suffered of some bugs (thank you for all previous solutions the last days!), I discovered that in fact I can't keep the option "AUv2 installed" checked in YSCB because of the lack of the file named "ORBX_AUV2_YSCB_windsocks_ObjectFlow.xml": I've verified this by trying to create a dummy file that made the trick => My question are: why this file isn't present in the folder ORBX\FTX_AU\FTXAUv2_
  2. After leaving Queensland... ... that day also included some more departures for us. At least such a trip is so tiring, you don´t have enough time to become melancholic. And: Duty free provided some Australian memories into our hand luggage: If you have to travel for many hours, do it in style - and with the right plane for @Captain Lars: Unfortunately we did not see much of the scenery, neither in real nor in the sim. Leaving New South Wales... ... for an intermediate stop in the Capital Territory:
  3. Around the southeast corner of Oz´s mainland, I mean. Here we go from Canberra ... ... across Tallaganda Park. Looks like it´s winter. Oh, it IS winter! Meet the coast at Moruya. I was able to deactivate the double buildings as described here: Merimbula. The buildings were streamlined as above, but the bridge and the black hall remained. Gabo Island. Looks a bit remote... Here we cross Mallacoota. Obviously the old OZx photoscenery does n
  4. This flight started in Wollongong (uncorrected scenery)... ... over these fantastic looking coastal mountains... ... to Jervis Bay. Across Morton National Park... ... and Mills Cross radio telescope... ... into Canberra.
  5. I had just completed my Canberra tour, when I saw Jack´s post. This is how it looks on my side: Terminal building and airport correct, but the photoreal surroundings are quite blurry. The 2010 POTUS is visiting. City Hill looks perfect... ... but Capital Hill has an elevation problem: Rome was not built on one day, and obviously AUv2 the same.
  6. Sure you all are frequent flyers or airline managers, so you know about the advantages of "5th freedom flights". For those of you not familiar with fifth freedom routes: these are flights where an airline from one country has the right to operate between two other countries or within such. These are often operated in conjunction with longhaul flights back to the airline’s home country. You can find some examples here: https://onemileatatime.com/fifth-freedom-flights-europe/ . Today we are flying from Sydney to Canberra, a route which is not naturally flown with a 777... but SQ288 d
  7. After a short pit stop in Canberra, SQ288 continues his way home. Real departure time is 23:15 h. Even if you can´t see the plane. Accelerating for a lovely SID... ... and turning left over Canberra city. A waypoint in the middle of the country. If you have it in full screen mode, you can see Yulara north of the rock, and the runway of YAYE airport even a bit further north. Broome. Bye, bye, Australia! Tanjung Pinang, shortly before our arrival, ... ... which will follow anoth
  8. In a previous post (Pt1) I took off from Port Moresby in PNG direction Canberra in Australia. In this part I overfly the capital and then land on the airport YSCB in the evening, enjoy the views:
  9. Hello everyone. I'm here again, @Jack Sawyer My garage is bigger now.
  10. Boarded at Canbera airport YSCB for a flight to sydney in Embraer 190 of flypacificblue.com and overfly the city of Canberra in direction Sydney:
  11. Been having fun with the Dakota at Cairns, on a flight from Port Moresby to Kokoda, while checking out Alice Springs and zipping about over Canberra... All more or less cropped DX10s Cheers Mallard
  12. So delighted to see more FTX airports added to the P3Dv3 (quad) list. Of the recent batch, I only had YSCB - one of my favourites. I took the opportunity of "fly-testing" the recent Milviz update to the Sabre as well. Not sure what it's doing at YSCB - but at least it's an RAAF aircraft!! ... and here's a *bonus*!! Working windsocks!!! They're fully extended all the time, regardless of windspeed (at least this one was) but YES they do swivel according to wind direction. No issues that I could spot. Many thanks to the ORBX team! Can I j
  13. A long time I was reluctant to get this bird - it is quite slow for exploring the orbyfied world... However, it offers a great view through its big canopy, with a fantastic sound, and - it is astonishing realistic. Means also, a bit difficult to treat (as usual, I keep the manuals carefully closed somewhere on my disk...). Sure this will become one of my low & slow favourites (also in case of ultra-short runways...).
  14. I have not been getting much flying done the last few weeks - but here are some from one of the last spins I took... The Heron over Canberra (on an overcast day) Cropped DX10s Cheers Mallard
  15. Just a few quick questions! Recently got hooked into flying in Aus, and purchased my first Orbx (Aus Region) scenery. Really looking into the NRM and others in the future (i'm based in Calgary). I did a fligth today into Canberra utilzing some freeware scenery. Naturally, playing around on the RW Canberra airport site (to determine gate), I noticed a new terminal was completed. I saw Orbx had a Canberra scenery availible, but was kind of dissapointed to notice only the old terminal was modelled. Is there plans to update the terminal to the new one? Has someone perhaps tackled it t
  16. Just some photos of my first flight on VATSIM with Full ATC without FSX crashing or my Saitek Flight Yoke and throttle quadrant mysteriously disappearing mid flight... First one is Virgin Australia Boeing 737-800 NGX from PMDG at Orbx YMML Gate D2 (D2 is for 737-700/800's and Airbus A320's) Holding short at Runway 16 bound for Canberra And tonight I did exactly the same route, I also did YSSY to YSCB but forgot to press the 'V'key *facepalm*, this is the 737-700 NGX from PMDG my newest purchase in the "Virgin-ia" Virgin Blue 50th Aircraft Livery on the DOSEL7 Departure that little grou
  17. Downloaded Manfred Jahn's fantastic freeware KC-97 and the great repaints by Jan Kees today and i fall in love with this bird. Thanks to both for their great work! Canberra to Tamworth via Bathurst Enjoy and thanks for looking! FSX - DX10 - Shade
  18. ... and heading back south again, from Sydney ... ... across Wollongong (without the static 744, yet...), ... ... towards the Capital. Changed equipment, ... ... twice. And into ORBX´ best seller, ... ... spotting Boeing´s best selling widebody. Time to switch back to smaller planes from here.
  19. Having some fun with the Golden Roo over Canberra The pics are uncropped, but very slightly colour-edited DX10s Cheers & a Happy Australia Day to the antipodes! Mallard
  20. This next image is just a test..I am playing around with some resolutions. Stu
  21. Revving up for my Black Friday spending-spree... The Canberra at and over Canberra (where else?): The camo works quite nicely... Had to extend the spoilers on the way back down - this plane does like to run Have been eyeballing this plane since it was released - and just could not pass by the sale. But like most of the early jets I think I will have to RTFM to get things right with this one... Cropped DX10s Cheers Mallard
  22. Took the Cub for a spin over the latest version of Canberra Cityscape Sorry for the amount of pictures - but this scenery absolutely calls out for a v-key-hammering All pics just more or less cropped FSX DX10s with SweetFX and CumulusX for cloud shadows (see? I'm learning!) Cheers Mallard
  23. Opus doing its thing. I was setup for a landing,but weather looked so cool..i did a missed approach to get a look at it. Stu
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