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  1. Hello, Is that me or an update of the YPMQ scenery has greyed the tarmac? In my memory, it was near black and I loved it! Please, see the picture below. As a sort of "proof" to confirm what I say/write/remember, Google (with recent pictures, rendering 2019) shows the "black zone" as a reminder: https://www.google.fr/maps/place/aéroport+de+Port+Macquarie/@-31.4311564,152.8665376,788m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x6b9dffa13d10bdcf:0xf0609b573fdb130!8m2!3d-31.4323471!4d152.8655035 Could someone confirm it has been changed? And more important, could we retrieve t
  2. Just a little collection before I went into unexpected trouble. The first shot is Port Macquarie, heading towards Coffs. Landing had lots of crosswind (relative to the low speed of the cat), so I forgot to document it with the v-key ! So I get you some views of this great airport while leaving out... ... over Port Macq, once again. A bit blurry (taken from FL370), but it shows the extend of the orbx scenery. Sure you can spot Sydney here? I swear, it still exists. I turned inland from here, but approaching to Melbourne some VAS p
  3. However, taking into account the season and my personal preferences this will be the New South Welsh coast... out of Sydney... ... to Pittwater (yes, @teecee, now I know what you meant! http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/129876-low-pass-barrenjoey-and-pittwater/#comment-1156223 ... The Entrance... ... and Newcastle (again, not the english one). The area of Forster / Wallis Island is nicely upgraded in OZx... ... and Taree as well. Into Port Mac. Always worth a stop...
  4. Taking Careflight VH-ZMQ on a flight from Coffs Harbour to Port Macquarie The main reason for this flight was to check if the new DX10 cloud shadows were working properly... But I wasn't too sure about if I had chosen the right (ASN-live) weather About 1/3 in to the trip the clouds finally did close in All in all I'm well pleased. CumulusX, which I had been using so far, created its own - not to
  5. Carenado PC-12 Shutdown at the gate at Port Macquarie YPMQ
  6. Some flights from Sydney to Bathurst and return, and Sydney to Port Macquarie
  7. Not many words needed to recognize these settlements.
  8. CareFlight services out of Coolangatta, southbound. ´Cross Ant´s Ballina... ... towards Port Macquarie. Well, here we can wait for the next (unlucky) passenger, or for a successful doctor´s service. Let´s see...
  9. Approaching Port Macquarie Downwind Runway 03 YPMQ Port Macquarie Could not ask for a better approach, 2 White 2 Red
  10. Just a small flight from YPMQ Port Macquarie to YSTW Tamworth Lined up Runway 21 at Port Macquarie YPMQ Taree ahead YTRE Todays route was YPMQ TRE YSTW 6500ft Little bit High Runway 30R Tamworth NSW YSTW 20 Degrees of Flaps (2 Notches) and full Passengers at Tamworth YSTW Shutdown and Tied Down for this afternoons flight to Cessnock YCNK
  11. Next leg for the Aussie tour and the A2A skylane is prepared and ready, T/O YPEC and spread wings to YPMQ, hope you enjoy the trip
  12. I have not had much time for flying over the last few days - but I did want to test this new bird . Forster to Port Macquarie Must have been raining just before I touched down. In fact, there was some lightning on the horizon, so a storm must have just passed through... Really nice! And tempramental... Got to keep a close eye on those dials. Cropped DX10s Cheers Mallard
  13. While Stu is dashing around I thought I'd hop into the 146 again... Here on charter between Port Macquairie and Tamworth Although it was not actually raining at the time of departure, the apron and runway were wet! I was kicking up quite a bit of spray... I only figured out what was going on a few minutes into the flight, when I did in fact fly through a shower. Cropped DX10s Cheers Mallard
  14. When I lived in Forster-Tuncurry NSW this used to be me at YPMQ while I waited and dreaded the Dentist B.O.B. thought he could outrun a Cessna Taking Off, nearly caught it too, clocked B.O.B. running at 80KIAS, hence the title of this Topic
  15. Byron Bay,Northern NSW,is the most Easterly point in Australia. I am going to a friends wedding there this weekend..a great spot. Then on down to Port Macquarie. Stu
  16. Just some screenshots of my newest addition to FSX, so Beautiful... REX Essentials PLUS This is simply Breath Taking clarity Runway at YSTW Tamworth Departure Roll out of YSTW Tamworth YPMQ Port Macquarie can now be seen from 20NM out The river quality looks so good too, approaching YPMQ Port Macquarie Approaching Taree Everything looks so Defined now Now thats what I call a Sunset Approaching YSTW for the night thats an incredible sunset
  17. A flight from Tamworth to Port Macquarie in a Trans Australian Airlines Fokker F-27 Friendship. The F-27 was a very popular aircraft in Australia operating with many airlines on the shorter routes. I did fly in an Ansett F-27 from Melbourne to Sydney via Albury in 1984. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
  18. ...with a quick flight around Port Macquarie Cropped DX10s Cheers Mallard
  19. ... I mean down the coast to THE town. From Port Macquarie... ... along the NSW coast... ... to YSSY, with a beautiful evening arrival. And, of course a city tour next morning... Do you know where you get the December offers? FSX knows...
  20. Click to enlarge This livery was used by Ansett when the 2000 Olympics was on.The animals were the Olympic Mascots. All the Aussies on the site will remember this. Definite flap 15 takoff from YPMQ Can all the non aussies pick all 3 animal/bird types ? Cheers Stu
  21. Taking in the sun over Port Macquarie Cheers Mallard PS - colours enhanced a bit to get that over-/under-/problematic exposed look
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