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Found 14 results

  1. As Port Lincoln is famous for shark cage diving, we did not spend much time swimming in Spencer Gulf or the Bight from here. Instead we made some metres and chose a fast plane. Over Coffin bay, ... ... Cape Redstock, ... ... and the airfield with the same name... ... towards Streaky Bay YKBY. It seems to me that some of the OZx libraries are not fitting properly here. Streaky Bay "CBD". The green plains of South Australia. Or is it already WA? And here we dive into Ceduna, the
  2. We took off from Adelaide right into the morning... ... and circled around the CBD, ... ... just to find ourselves lost over the Saint Vincent Gulf seconds later. At least there was another comrade travelling below us. Gladly we reached some land again, at Yorketown. Unfortunately the lakes on the peninsula are totally green currently. Either a landclass error or environmental problems. The western tip of Yorke peninsula. Althorpe Island. And here we reached o
  3. Just left Port Lincoln Crossing York Peninsula On Final Runway 05 (Default P3Dv4.2 YPAD)
  4. I was testing my system after the switch to FTXCv3, and had to check some of the freeware airports that needed to be manually added to the OrbxDirect account (with an error message), and requesting for "updates" after that. Parket the trusty Maule (thats why the horizon is not even) at Port Lincoln to see: 1. ... a well-known forum member parking next to me 2. ... the ground texture of YPLC being destroyed by "REX worldwide airports HD", which originally claims to influence only default airports (obviously not true). Cheers Martyn, lets have a cold one!
  5. Some of a flight from Port Lincoln to my favourite weekend hang-out on Thistle Island The first three pics are from the area around Point Boston Now we're on course with Port Lincoln just about recognizable off the starboard wing And today's destination in sight: Thistle Island (enhanced by OZx) More or less cropped DX10s Cheers Mallard
  6. It's been such a long time since I flew in Australia. Very glad to revisit the area again, especially now that the Melbourne scenery does not scare my computer anymore...Here is the departure from Melbourne and the pilot is heading to Port Lincoln. The cloud shadows in the water come from Cumulus X It PC-12 is really flying well...almost too well over the Port Lincoln runway... Cheers!
  7. Too many sharks down there at Port Lincoln, so I took some bigger plane (thanks Brad, for the hint) and escaped from the coast... ... across Cowell... ... with a look towards Wilpena Pound... ... and heading into the red. Flight timing into dawn sometimes can lead to critical approaches, like here. Reached Coober Pedy with the last remaining light...
  8. To be precise, a tour around St. Vincent and Spencer Gulf, SA. And the plane easily shows the city we start at... Glenelg: Heading south, to Onkaparinga river and Hunt Field: Rapid Bay: Cape Jervis, today we are not taking the ferry to Kangaroo Island here. Althorpe Island, with its nice tiny airstrip... ... but we are heading for Thistle Island, a great piece of Orbx/OZx work: Getting back to the mainland, at Port Lincoln: A lot of good OZx work around here, which is worth a number of trips.
  9. Spent the weekend with Anna on Thistle Island Departing Port Lincoln Gaining altitude over Point Boston Approaching Thistle Island. The little one on the right is Hopkins Island, the dried out patch is Swan Lake... And departing the next day, passing Whaler's Bay Coming up to Point Boston again Cooling down at YPLC. The streak at the top of the image is a contrail of a passing 737. Cheers Mallard
  10. I just have a quick question. As the subject line suggests, I seem to be having an issue with the Port Lincoln scenery under the most recent release of Prepar3d. I tried three times to have my aircraft positioned at YPLC. Each time, the Prepar3d program froze and crashed (appearing to happen as I panned the view around). Once I disabled the YPLC scenery, I was able to position the plane, start up, taxi, and take off with no problems. By the way, no worries if no-one has a suggestion for a solution; It was more out of curiosity than anything else. If it's of any help, I have Australia SP4 r
  11. Some images - YPLC Port Lincoln Airport V1.5 for P3D V2 Enjoy! Sinesio
  12. Following the suggestion by Mallard two weeks ago (http://www.orbxsyste...9-more-thistle/) I planned a quick look to Thistle Island. But that place is so beautiful, i had to stay longer... The "Dover" cliffs on the north shore Approaching the runway from the south: After some ultralight landings on the beaches I changed to a copter and visited the fantastic houses on the north shore. To be recommended! Though the beaches look nice, swimming must not be a real pleasure there....: Finally I left with a quicker plane... ... for a 10 minute ride to Port Lincoln, an
  13. That visit yesterday left me dreaming of this place the whole night through. So this afternoonI threw my sleeping bag and some beers into the back of my trusty little Sunbird. Pitty the sun wasn't quite as thrilled about the idea as I was... Swooping... ...and banking, taking in the coastline and the cliffs... Following the suggestion from yesterday's post I landed on the beach and was just about to set up for the night when one of the "natives" came down from his bungalow and gave me a right old bollocking. "What did I think I was doing?" etc., etc... Well, I apologised, pass
  14. Got the improved version of Lilydale - and judging from the posted pics I'm not the only one Shortly after the departure from Moorabbin Enjoying the scenery en route Found it and coming in to land Spotter's view I think I never actually visited this strip before... shame on me! Then I thought - "Well, if you've never been to Lilydale before... When was the last time you've been to Port Lincoln?" After loading and the first look-see the answer would probably be "Never". Shame on me again!! What a fine piece of scenery this is! But I was no
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