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Found 16 results

  1. Hi, Searching in the files and trying to understand how are managed the options in the Control Panels with the occasions of trying to make the Orbx sceneries more accurate because I've suffered of some bugs (thank you for all previous solutions the last days!), I discovered that in fact I can't keep the option "AUv2 installed" checked in YSCB because of the lack of the file named "ORBX_AUV2_YSCB_windsocks_ObjectFlow.xml": I've verified this by trying to create a dummy file that made the trick => My question are: why this file isn't present in the folder ORBX\FTX_AU\FTXAUv2_
  2. Hi, Not a big deal but, I have a runway elevation issue at YMUI. I've tried both 'Disabled' and 'Enabled' in the AEC section of Vector, but no change in the sim. I took screenshots of a takeoff from YMUI, one 'Disabled' and the other 'Enabled.' I don't have any add-on scenery for this area... just ORBX. (Murray Island Airport, Version 1.1.0 installed and up-to-date) Any ideas on how to correct this? Thanks, Paul
  3. Hi the Orbx Team, YMUI makes me crazy My FSX was good: only one elevation problem with YMUI after letting drop FTXC3 for OC (I've waited for the v4.0.10 before uninstalling FTXC3). Then I try this and the result is that if YMUI is active and I choose to start a fly from there, FSX crashes directly to desktop about 1 to 3% loading : - activating the option AUv2 in the control panel of YMUI (I think I've done this before but the option was unchecked, strange, as if it has been changed by other than me ) - adding an exception manually for YMUI in Vect
  4. Just installed YMUI Murray Island AU P3D, and had to share a some shots of an excellent little freeware area by Tim Harris, Thank you Tim! The Airport YMUI Civilian Dude taking a stroll along a nice little beach front. He found an abandoned boat and decided to go for a spin. Shot from Estrecho de Torres Island toward Murray Island (according to google) Watching the Sun set. Sunset on the beach A bit later in the day If you haven't been there in a while, it's well worth th
  5. That was not a great landing ..... but love those shots Have a good flight
  6. From Mabuiag Island to Murray Island over the islands of the Torres Straits Coming up over Sassie Island Passing over Coconut Island Murray Island and Dowar (on the right) in sight Dowar and Wyer (the smaller of the two) More or less cropped pics. Cheers Mallard
  7. Not quite in it's home habitat, but I couldn't pass up my favourite colour scheme on the 707 for a trip down to Cairns from Port Moresby (with a sneaky bypass of Murray Island along the way!). Cheers, Jarrad
  8. ...balmy day, sit around - you haven't much to say 'cos the heat is on... (Thanks, Agnetha, the song fits perfectly) So sit back and enjoy this short flight from Murray Island to Mabuiag in the Torres Straits. Passing Daua (the larger of the two) and Waua Islands Coconut Island Sassie Island and Yam (yeah, I was taking the scenic route. So sue me) Mabuiag ahead Best to come in low and slow, because the strip is quite short Made it Cheers Mallard PS - FSX, DX10
  9. Hi, guys, >http://youtu.be/OZywgs4lMPQ Flying low level all day long in the simulator. Flying low an´ slow: she isn´t inside 'Dead Man's Curve' - here no low-level engine failure! A ride by Murray Island - YMUI - in flight test: I turned on the HDR in P3Dv2.1. The colors were strongly pulled! On the other hand, I wish the developers watch how the helicopters pilots simmers fly and how they see the scenarios details. Cheers, Sinesio
  10. Hello, guys, here are some shots of the new Graham/Orbx aiport; FTX YMUI Murray Island V1.0 for P3D V2 Cheers, Sinesio
  11. A quick flight in the Torres Straits from Murray Island via Coconut Island to Mabuiag in the Cat Quick stop-over at Coconut Island Passing Sassie Island Approaching Mabuiag just before the sun sets... After I just about managed to stop before the fence, somehow made the turn and fiddled my way onto the apron I remembered that there was a great big ocean that I could have used all around me... (which I even did use at Coconut Isl.!) I think I've not been enough flying amphibians lately All straight v-keys Mallard
  12. With a full layer of clouds coming up, I thought it would be wise to leave Murray Island and return to the mainland. East of Bamaga the conditions were still fair enough... ... but south of Shelburne Bay the ground visibility was getting worse - not so good for a relaxed VFR flight with our beloved 185... ... so I decided to take a break in Lockhart River Mission. As we all know, there is no condition that keeps the RFDS from their duties. So, up in the air ... ... and, luck is a good workmate, Silver plains can be spotted easily, ... ... as well as tod
  13. After exploring the northern end of Australia ( http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/58768-heading-northwards-from-the-northern-end/ ), it is time to pay a tribute to the beautiful orbx freeware Murray Island. Taking off into an area of huge palms (hope I do not blow away the newspaper of the spotter) ... ... and exploring the east coast reef: Going around the island ... ... before arriving back. The arrivals and departure building of YMUI is not as confusing as many other airports are, however the usual Tie Rack airport shop is missing. (real picture taken fro
  14. The northmost tip of the mainland: Cape York: Into the sunset at Hammond Island... ... then passing Kubin on Moa Island ... ... before changing to a faster plane at Badu Island. Boigu Island seems to me the most northern point of Australia (correct me if I´m wrong), but does not show much of the "Orbx touch". In fact, it is geographically more Papua New Guinea than Oz. At least, the screenshot can be taken for documentation purposes: After spending the night in Daru, I choose the Legacy again, to make the way south (back to Melbourne, in the long-time perspective). Som
  15. Found these older ones on my harddrive today and wanted to share them
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