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Found 19 results

  1. I left Bathurst in the morning... ... to reach the Great Dividing Range only a few minutes later. It just takes about 15 minutes to reach the Hunter Valley - ... ... do you see the blue balloon just next to Cessnock´s runway? Here you can see it better, though surrounded by reflections. In the evening I went on, after tasting the products that are made from these rape fields. A golf course with an airport. Very useful for a short flight. Maitland, just some miles north of Cessnock. Here I follow the Hunter river on his way to the Pacific... ... towards Newcastle. Slightly south Belmont comes into view... ... and, finally, Aeropelican. Should I land on the airport... img]https://i.imgur.com/AAQa7Qi.jpg[/img] ... or on the beach? OK, I´ll be a good guy (having Christmas in mind...).
  2. Hi ORBX team, I've met a person in YCNK Cessnock who is missing his/her textures, see picture (latest P3Dv3, latest libs installed, AU region applied). Any suggestion how to help this poor person? Thanks & regards, Hans
  3. Lining up Runway 35 checking if the coast is clear Love the detail of the vineyards in the Hunter Valley Goodbye Cessnock So much detail in the township of Cessnock Quick turn onto final runway 02 Warnervale
  4. Another week end and another 5 airports with new installers to deal with. Have not flown all week due to being absolutely whacked every night when I get home from work. Decided to reward myself! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. This is a beautiful aircraft and more reminders from the past.
  5. On final Runway 35 at Cessnock with 2 Wineries out my right window
  6. Using the Carenado C172N with the Bathurst Aero Club Repaint from OZX website, took a trip from Cessnock to Tamworth, a little over 1.5 hours with 24 knot crosswinds... Goodbye Cessnock be back soon Hello Tamworth, thought I might try Runway 30L seeing as I don't need a long runway for a C172N work time then off to Canberra via Bathurst from Tamworth, might bring out the big boy the Beechcraft 1900D
  7. Took Annie for a short trip from Cessnock to Warnervale. Must say I had not expeced the weather to hit me like it did... (thanks to ASN). Everything started out fine. Here I'm warming the engine in the sun... Up to here it was a nice and uneventful flight. But once I was over the mountain ridge heading south towards Warnervale I hit fog... It came and went in patches. One minute next to zero visibility - the next I had a chance to get my bearings... The situation cleared up a bit as I approached Warnervale. Made it down safely - but was once again amazed at how ASN handles the weather... Cropped DX10s Cheers Mallard
  8. 4 Shots from tonights flight from YWVA > YPEC > YCNK > YSTW. 1. I believe that rail below me as departing Warnervale is the railway that goes between Sydney and Newcastle, then up to Brisbane, the City Rail Intercity Train uses it to Newcastle stopping at both Warnervale and Wyong, Freight trains use it and the Countrylink XPT uses it to Roma Street Station Brisbane. 2. Until I got to Aeropelican I used visual navigation even though the Centurion cruises at 166knots, 1 of 4 Power Stations (3 were with Warnervale, 1 was with Aeropelican. 3. On Approach Runway 35 at Cessnock for a quick turn around and then Take Off. 4. On Approach and Cleared to Land Runway 30R for the night. Tomorrows flight starts at YSTW and goes to YTRE > YPMQ > YKMP > YSCH.
  9. A short flight from Warnervale to Cessnock. In pretty crappy weather... And somewhere around here I must have hit the wrong switch and lost the wheel skirts.... Approaching Cessnock Looks like quite a downpour hit the area just before I arrived Cheers Mallard
  10. ...and went on a flight on a bright and sunny day... Apporaching Swansea/Aeropelican changed to Lake Macquarie-side Passing over Cessnock Showground Crowne Plaza Hunter Valley Hotel below Parked Let's see if you can guess, which two pics have been cropped a bit Cheers Mallard
  11. Ok - the pun is bad. I know... Testing something new at Cairns Cessnock and Broome I thought that what with the heatwave that we are experiencing here at the moment a great big fan might help cool me down Cheers Mallard
  12. "Sure we can"..? Nope. Not us either. "We logistics"..? Er... no. Well, we do. But it's not our slogan... Anyway, trying out a new aircraft on a smaller delivery run: Cessnock to Tamworth. Let's see if it's worth it. Have to dodge those pesky balloons Who said that Australia was flat? There even are some holes! Arrived in on 30 L, so there was some taxiing to do. I know where I'll be heading once the plane is unloaded... Some cropping, but no other edits. Cheers Mallard
  13. ...the LOD_RADIUS has been upped... For a while I've had the sneaky suspicion that things had become a bit more blurry - but only today did I check the Lod_Radius-setting. I guess Milford Sound or the NZ service pack must have changed something in the fsx.cfg - it was back to 4.5 and the HIGHMEMFIX was gone. Reset to 6.5 and fixed I set off from Cessnock for a quick check flight - and now I'm satisfied again: The surroundings were quite a bit crisper Cessnock Newcastle agglomeration in the back and approaching Aeropelican YPEC and the inlet Beautiful Eraring Power Station Picturesque Vales Point Power Station and the Wyee Ash Dam at Mannering Lake After so much scenic beauty I decided to touch down at Warnervale for a drink... Closing up shop Well - it looks like the reset values have done the trick. Now I'll have to rediscover Milford Sound all over again (Only the airport pics have been cropped - everything else is straight from the v-key) Cheers Mallard
  14. I suddenly remembered that the Hunter Valley is represented with Cessnock - and therefore also some vineyards... (The same shot, but another season) OK - so it's not the winegrowing area as we know it, and autumn is a bit subdued - but the textures are there (we were wondering how FTX-Global would show the vineyards which so define both of our home areas) Cheers Mallard
  15. I was recently notified of the release of dual installers for some AU airports including YCNK, Most of the new installers include updates since the release of version 1.0, as does YCNK, but ... The file for this is listed as version 1.30, but the FTX support page still shows a patch for version 1.31. Does this mean I still need to apply the patch for both FSX and P3D, only for P3D or not at all ? I'd appreciate some clarification, please. Thanks in advance, Ro
  16. What better way to really enjoy the wonderful FTX scenery!!
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