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  1. hi, do i need ftx wales for p3dv4 if i own truearth england south? what i mean is if any truearth product suppresses or includes everything the ftx has? or both of them combine for a better eye result? thanks
  2. Operating system: Windows 10 Pro build 18362.388 Simulator: FSX Screenshot: Attached Issue: central.log
  3. Been a happy customer for the past year using FTX England and generally get 30 fps locked in PDMG 737 maybe dropping over London to 25 or so. After the V4.5 Hotfix I can still now have the same frame rates with the sliders set to the right. I just bought EU Wales but most disappointed that the sim stutters like FSX on a bad day when entering the region. Worse over Cardiff but still poor over the north Taxying in the cockpit is like the aircrafts on a piece of elastic, slowing down and speeding up every few seconds, the frame rates fluctuating 30 to around 9 Dropping off the settings an
  4. Second episode of Orbx True Earth England South. South Wales and West Wales with the freeware Bell 429. More and more impressed by this scenery. More
  5. What advantage it it to get the Wales region if I already have the England Region?
  6. Most who fly the Mach Loop do it Counter-clockwise at speeds way above 100 knots. Been there done that. Clockwise against the traffic - way below 100 knots ! Starting at Bwich. Headed past Bluebell Passing Dinas-Mawddny Down the valley towards Minllyn Following the River Dyfi Towards Llanwrin Passing the wind turbines above Esgaireira Reservoir Turning into the valley towards Corris Out past Tal Y Lyn Lake to the left Turning Corris Corner Past the flanks of Cader Idris Betwe
  7. Transaction ID 583d5d6594f6f for purchase. I have installed the the Wales EU. I have disabled my VFR scenery and added the FTX EU Wales and associated Wales folders to the scene library. When I am flying I can see parts of a coastline when I'm in mid Wales??? Random blocks are appearing... Help, Thanks Ian
  8. Hi Recently added Wales region to Europe LC (had England already) and now I find taxiway signs appearing in the middle of the taxiways at Hawarden EGNR as well as where they ought to be. Have already run Airport Elevation Correction. Any thoughts? Have global base and vector too.
  9. Hi all, My first post. A short video from my weekend flight between Welshpool-Cardiff while testing my DIY headtracker. The specs of my rig and addons in use are in the description of the video. I am not a video pro but I hope you enjoy the view :). Feedback and recommendations are welcome. cheers, d
  10. I love the Wales-specific landscape that is best represented in the regio of Welshpool, hereby some shots starting with a low flight over the airport:
  11. My latest added Orbx-FTX airport in rural mid-Wales to discover and surprised by some goodies and some funny situations: Ready at runway 04 to airborn... ...but there is a cow in the way...where is the cowboy or cowgirl(I prefer) to guide her aside the runway? luckely the cow(s) on the runway are suddenly no more visible...and I have clearance to take-off make an overview to observe the complete airport and surroundings during my short flight encounter a couple of hotair balloons, one very close and almost 'a close
  12. Hello everybody, as it is my first FTX Airport, I'm loving it to take off in this beautiful surrounding. Feeling like beeing there, it is an absolute pleasure to take a short round at Welshpool, Wales. With every improvement of the grafics and physics of the simulator, I am getting more and more excited to see the next step into the direction of reality. This picture was taken shortly after take off from FTX Welshpool Runway 04 with REX Essentials + OD, Texture Direct + Soft Clouds and Orbx Trees HD in an A2A Cessna 182 Skylane. Thanks a lot, for
  13. Two unedited shots from a stormy afternoon in Wales.
  14. Hello. I just purchased the EU Wales scenery expansion for Flight Simulator X (not the steam edition) and have been unable to install the expansion for the reasons I will state later on. I bought the expansion today (18/02/2015) and downloaded it on google chrome from the flightsimstore. I paid £20.61 and the download completed approximately 1 hour later. I opened the .exe inside the .zip file and attempted to extract the files as prompted. However I received the error message as follows: "An unexpected error is keeping you from copying the file. If you continue to receive this error, you ca
  15. Hi All, I've taken advantage of the sales to add Scotland and Wales to my FSX. Downloaded and installed these yesterday then patched so my versions are as follows, FTX AA ORBX LIBRARIES VER 140927 27TH SEPTEMBER 2014 FTX CA CBB7 TIPELLA AIRPORT 1.00 JULY 2013 FTX EU EGFF CARDIFF INTL V1.10 - JUNE 2013 FTX EU ENG England 1.40 - August 2014 FTX EU SCO Scotland 1.20 - August 2014 FTX EU WLS Wales 1.30 - August 2014 FTX NA 7WA3 West Wind Airfield Version 1.00 FTX NA KHQM BOWERMAN AIRPORT VERSION 1.0 FTX NA PNW PACIFIC NORTHWEST V1.0 PATCH 005 March 27th 2012 FTX US 2S1 VASHON ISLAND VER
  16. A few from recent flights, no real theme to them other than ice and snow! Christmas present to myself, and I know I was late to the party with the Iceland demo so what better time to give it a look? Phantom landing at possibly my new favorite airport Keflavik, I spent a good while shooting ILS approaches as I anticipate there being some poor met soon. Westland Whirlwind messing about at the off the top of Snowden, I was surprised and impressed that the lakes at high altitude freeze in cold weather, giving some interesting opportunities to take light aircraft into are
  17. If you click on the Google cloud link, the Scotland 2 patch will be downloaded.
  18. With the GR.3 at low level near Snowden. That camouflage is very effective down here! Thanks, Matt
  19. Just want to ask if I should buy FTX England, Scotland and Wales or just wait for FTX Global to come out? Will Global be as detailed as the those products listed above or should I buy them all (Including Global)?~ P.S Will Ultimate Terrain X Europe be compatible with FTX Global? Thanks, Lewis
  20. Hello fellow Pilots! Awaiting the release of Orbx FTX: EU Wales I have been preparing two flight plans which will cover the whole of Wales. I have decided to share these two rather long, hectic and relaxing sightseeing routes with you. Here are two screenshots (Pink Line is the Route): Route 1: Caernarfon - Cardiff Route 2: Valley - Valley (The Long Way Round) The links below are the two files required to load the Flight Plans into SkyDemon you can then create a PLOG in which you can print off. Simply load these files up in SkyDemon: Route 1 Download Link: Here Ro
  21. Hello, I've just purchased FTX EU: Wales and on running the wrapper, I'm reaching the stage when I'm asked NOT to close the wrapper before the install is completed. When the installer launches, I select FSX, confirm the destination folder and the installer starts checking disk space - then vanishes. Nothing is installed, no ORBX folder is created and I've tried leaving for 15mins or so before closing the wrapper but nothing happens! This is my first payware addon for FSX and I have no other FTX scenery installed. What am I doing wrong? Thanks
  22. Hi guys, not posted here in awhile so here is a shot taken about a week ago leaving Cardiff. Thanks for looking Regards Josh
  23. My Buddy and I wanted to take a test flight in this older AC . Kind of squirrely but fast . I told the salesman I would have to get back to him . Thanks for viewing Brad
  24. Hi all, You are about to look at a few shots taken of British Airways 45X who has come out of maintenance after a routine inspection and starting on its very short return leg home to London's Heathrow Airport. Thanks for looking and as ever ALL kinds of feedback are welcome! Regards Josh
  25. Hi there, I recently installed Orbx Wales and when I go to Cardiff EGFF I have found some graphical issues which seems to be to do with the default scenery bleeding through. Check out the pics below. 2 taxiways next to each other, one covered in grass AI traffic following a taxiway hidden in the grass Requested Gate 5 starting point - wrong placement This Gate 12...inside the building! Probably best example. Looks like the two runways are on top of each other. I have just fixed Manchester EGCC UK2000 scenery issues where the FTX scenery/buildings was bl
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