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  1. Hi Gents, Cessna Citation X - a short test flight on KJAC I decided to take the dust out of this beautiful aircraft bought three years ago, after the Eaglesoft made a triple installer - now P3D. A lot of screenshots. LoL Orbx Systems, Jarrad`s FTXNA KJAC Jackson Hole, Eaglesoft Citation X 2.0, REX, ASN (Live Weather), all into P3Dv3.2 Thanks folks! Voyager
  2. Hi gents, Nothing much, another biz-jet that I like! Today S550 did a traffic pattern on KEGE P3Dv3.2, All Orbx stuff, Jarrad's FTX-NA KEGE Eagle County, ASN, Carenado S550 Citation II HD Series etc. Thanks for watching! Voyager
  3. Hi all, With Orbx Systems, P3Dv3.2, Jarrad's FTX US KMRY Monterey Regional Airport and A2A-SIMULATIONS-T-6 TEXAN Have happy weekend gents! Voyager
  4. Southern US, some catches "The nature of a person does not change, it is transmuted, but does not change!" Here FTX Global and all Orbx Systems stuff, P3Dv3.2 and VRS F/A-18E Superbug Thanks gents, Voyager
  5. P3Dv3.2 Misha's KTVL Lake Tahoe Airport, ASN and Carenado EMB505_Phenom 300 Thanks gents, Voyager
  6. Hi there all, some shots to see on weekend. All stuff of Orbx Systems, Jarrad's Telluride KTEX and Carenado Hawker 850XP in P3Dv3.2 Have good weekend gents! Voyager
  7. Preparing for landing and admiring the view from this side of the Andriatic Sea Prepar3d v3 with FTX FTX Global Base, FTX Eu openLC and... no tweaks. Edited: Ah... Pilot's FS Global 2010 FTX Compatible Very nice this P3Dv3! Thank you! Voyager
  8. Having fun a little with a mate in a formation flight over Eglin. P3Dv3 - FTX Global Base ================================================ Good flights to all of you! Voyager
  9. Testing the beauty of P3Dv3 while the sceneries are not available, some touch-and-go is good. FTX Global Base 1.40 ************************************************* Thank you! Cheers, Voyager
  10. Today at 12h27 - Tromsø - ENTC - North Norway P3Dv2.4 Thanks gents!
  11. P3Dv2.4 - Lisbon, Portugal One of the liveries of Dino Cattaneo's Aermacchi MB326 Package - Public Beta Release Thank you for seeing
  12. Some activity there by Norway-Trondhein-ENVA >http://youtu.be/A_5GV4zzBBE Thanks for watching!
  13. KTVL a certain day in late spring P3Dv2.4 how it is: the colors are not as FSX, but they are very close ... with Rex, of course. All without retouching. However, Lake Tahoe is always beautiful! I love to make this machine work automatically ... Thank you gents for watching!
  14. Some shots. Nothing too artistic: many shots, from all angles, have been presented here. These are to say that I tested the heliport: good. Also the FPS: great. Ah ... a little color filter: does it looks good? No matter, see: Thanks for watching!
  15. Something like a drone ... Bowerman, KHQM >http://youtu.be/pwDx_IeVWqE Cheers,
  16. Dusk falls on the City and the lights shine Shots taken in P3Dv2.4 unretouched. Thanks.
  17. P3Dv2.3 - unretouched shots ENTC - Tromsø, Norway Cheers,
  18. LIPZ - Tessera, Venice, Italy F-35C Lightning II CF-01 Dino Cattaneo did an excellent job with this bird! Thanks mate! P3Dv2.3 I wanted to reduce the number of shots presented here, but they are like sons... we love them all equally! Thanks for watching!
  19. Nemeth Designs EC130 B4 in P3Dv2.3 A small flight with the EC130 B4, today, in the world according to Orbx system Thank you very much for watching!
  20. Arriving in Calgary at airport! A simple flight by land from Canada. I arrived in Calgary to refuel and visit some of my friends! P3Dv2.3 is simply "the simulator"! Thanks for watching!
  21. The weather conditions were bad, but it was summer in P3Dv2.3, Landing at the airport can not be shown in regard to commercial interests. Let's eat good Bolognese pasta! Thanks for watching!
  22. P3Dv2.3 Making a flight by the beautiful region of Bergamo. Surprise: September 1 is already fall! Thanks gents!
  23. This is a vid made by USAF's pilots showing the last stage of their pilot training. The formation flight is the maximal exercise and final fase, and is where all other flight techniques are applied. It encompasses all types of flight (normal flight, acrobatics, VFR / IFR, attack; bombing / "dogfight", etc.) - but all done with at least two aircraft in formation flight. The ability to fly various types formation flight at any time and under extreme precision and efficiency is perhaps what differentiates military pilot. The matter was made by Gregory Gal and published by FLight Aware News: http://flightaware.com/squawks/view/1/7_days/popular_new/43633/USAF_Pilot_Training_GoPro_Video or: >http://vimeo.com/103557889 Cheers,
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