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Found 14 results

  1. On an early autumn morning my Tasmania adventure begins... Climbing out from Apollo Bay... ... and heading to King Island: Still early morning I went further south, across Hunter Island to Cape Grim, with Woolnorth Windfarm. I was told once, that you find the cleanest air on earth there (as the next industry westwards is in Argentina...), but it also seems to be a windy point. Entering the north coast of Tasmania we pass Smithton... do you recognize The Nut left from us? ... and have breakfast in Burnie / Wynyard. A fantastic OZx add-on by Ken Hall - thanks fo
  2. As the weekend continues, so does my Tasmania tour. After getting to Hobart yesterday ( http://www.orbxsyste...lous-freycinet/ ) it is now time to do a little city tour, followed by the escape to Tassies south coast. Just next to YMHB the University folks are looking for alien invaders (or so), but the Maule should appear harmless... Lunchtime. A stop at Cadbury´s chocolate factory would be fine... In the background we can already see the Zinc plant and a refinery at the banks of River Derwent. Constituiton Dock. I wonder if flying here around Dec 28-30 would provide some AI
  3. Heading back from Tasmania to the mainland, with a nice view of the southern end of the Furneaux group ... ... followed by a short circle around Deal Island - quite difficult to land a fast bird there! After crossing the water, Philip Island comes in sight ... ... and finally a slightly bigger airport that many of you know already. That´s simply a beautiful one:
  4. Well mates, after arriving in Interlaken ( http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/57108-tasmania-tour-part-8-the-lakes-cradle-mountain-to-interlaken/ ) it was time for the last section of the island tour. Climbing south out of Interlaken ... ... I went down to Jericho and then northeasterly, over the Midland Highway: A little surprise here, did I suddenly get over to Holland? OK, everything is still fine with the Navigation: In a zone of really strong upwinds we find the Woodbury gliding club. Seems there is a reason for having the club at this location - one should give i
  5. Next part, please. After the short trip to Cradle Mountain ( http://www.orbxsyste...radle-mountain/ ) we are now heading south over the Central Tiers. After a fast climb over Dove lake and Cradle Mountain and Mt Ossa (which unfortunately do not look too fascinating in FSX/FTX) we can enjoy the view over Lake St. Clair ... and Lake King William (this name is a bit futuristic, already). The southern end of this lake sees Butlers Gorge, with the beginning of River Derwent on his way to Hobart: Then following the Marlborough Hwy northwards over a number of small lakes ...
  6. OK, I have misnumbered the last part of my tasmania tour ( http://www.orbxsyste...-to-launceston/ ), it was chapter 6 already. However, let´s proceed into the central tiers from Launy... Soon after takeoff from Launceston I had already mentioned earlier the Country Club Casino of Prospect, and the missing lake in front of it. So, mates, here it is - photo taken by me, but not from simulation: One more time the TasAlk chemical factory - great guys working there! Then parallel to the Alumn cliffs ... ... on the southern front of these cliffs you might visit the wildl
  7. Inspired by a beautiful dusk flight of Terry I continued yesterday´s tour ( http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/56700-tasmania-tour-part-5-queenstown-to-smithton/ ) immediately, instead of staying the virtual night in Smithton. It was already late when taking off over Stanley and The Nut ... ... crossing Sawyer Bay ... ... and approaching Wynyard, which is usually a "must-land" airport due to its magnificient OZx design by Ken. But darkness was coming fast, so I decided to go on over Burnie... ... towards Bell Bay Aluminium Smelter Factory in Georgeto
  8. Some RL activities caused a slight delay to the continuation of my Tasmania tour ( http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/56483-tasmania-tour-part-4b-lake-gordon-to-queenstown/ ). But now it´s time to go. Leaving Queenstown we make a short turn southeast to Lake Burbury, with King River dam: Turning northwest then, we reach the Pieman river area, with some nice views and - again - a number of dams, Reece dam as a remarkable example: Following the river Pieman, we soon come to Ford Creek "international", an interesting looking airstrip - kept untouched for another wilderne
  9. In the last episode of my Tasmania tour ( http://www.orbxsyste...-to-queenstown/ ) Rick "Tassie" added the link to a fantastic flying adventure: [media=]http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=dkBU7ILMr5k . So I needed to try this in "real simulation"...: Taking off from Strahan city: Approaching River gordon (below the Franklin junction), and following its curves, in order to find an inviting landing spot: .. and taking off again, into an area that makes it easy to find out why this is named the Wilderness State: Nice tour, thanks to Rick for
  10. Can´t wait to post the 2nd half of this ( http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/56481-tasmania-tour-part-4a-melaleuca-to-lake-gordon/ ) tour. But again, a good preparation needs some history lesson in advance:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Macquarie_Harbour , the more interested should divert to the Macquarie Harbour Penal Station from here, as well as to Queestown! All set-up? So let´s go flying: The north part of Macquarie Harbor, with Strahan to the left, and the sandy banks of King river to the right: Ocean Beach. There should be a free piece of sand with no German or British to
  11. After reaching the crowded airstrip of Bathurst Harbour ( http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/56400-tasmania-tour-part-3-hobart-to-magical-melaleuca/ ), the trip was to continue up to the artificial lakes, made for Tasmanias Hydro Electric Commissioning program. I found preparing this part of flight on Wikipedia was quite informative, with http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Franklin_Dam_controversy being a good starting point to learn. Ok, well prepared - let´s take off at Bathurst with slightly heavier iron into "the bushflyers lucky dip"-weather... ... an easterly turn over Port Dave
  12. So here is the next part of Terry´s Tassie tour, continuing where I ended up before (http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/56326-tasmania-tour-part-1-fantastic-furneaux/). An evening take-off in St. Helens to the west... ... followed by a slight southerly turn over Dianas Basin ... ... and down to Cape Tourville lighthouse. Flying a 360 turn gives us a nice view on the Hazards and Wineglass Bay ... ... before we cross Richardsons beach. I can tell you, the water of Great Oyster Bay looks like paradise, but is damn cold already in March. So we did b
  13. After the early morning trip from Victoria to the Wilderness State (http://www.orbxsyste...-from-victoria/) I started to follow TeeCees flight suggestions. But at 50 % GA traffic it took me a long time before I could even depart from Launceston - there was time enough to count the sheep... Finally I got permission to take off. Then a slight turn to the left, to have a look at Prospect Vale. This should be the Country Club & Casino next to the golf course - though the lovely little lake is missing :'( ... Launceston downtown, with the entry to Cataract Gorge left below. Nice w
  14. After adding the photoreal add-ons from TeeCee I just took a short flight in northern Tasmania. Taking off from YMLT (50 % traffic made it very busy and frame-eating)... ... and circling over a chemical factory near Westbury: A very big THANK YOU to TeeCee, who, after participating in the OZx project, added so much more.
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