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Found 21 results

  1. Hi I just returned to TE GB - Sumburgh airport - after exploring the new TE US Washington, and traffic is moving backwards. I did not check at other places yet, but maybe this has something to do with XP latest update. Can someone check. I am using VR and one gets sick just watching the traffic...
  2. Platform: XP11.26 / MAC OSX Product: Sumburgh My Sumburgh product is not loading. I believe I have loaded Sumburgh correctly using the cross platform package and, as the attached screenshot shows, I have also loaded the required library, Orbx_libsXP. I do not yet have True Earth Great Britain North but understand that, with a few restrictions, this product should work independently. The log.txt indicates that the problem is that it requires an additional library scenery package and then indicates that there is a missing dsf file, although as far as I can see (as per screenshot) it is present. I have downloaded the product a couple of times and repeated the loading procedure with the same result. I do not have a similar problem with any other ORBX product so would be grateful for a steer on how to rectify this. Could it be a scenery_packs.ini order issue? Many thanks, Andy Log.txt
  3. I've added Popham, Cardiff and Sumburgh Orbx airports to TEGB North and South. Cardiff and Popham appear to integrate with XPlane 11 and TEGB ok but for some reason the road traffic on the A303 adjacent to Popham remains stationary as does the traffic near Cardiff. Sumburgh has a different problem. Road traffic tears around the perimeter road like mad but there is a huge piece of landmass missing below compass head where the radom is situated on the southern approach to runway 33. Accompanying picture shows the problem and I have added one taken using the OrbX FSX airport which, although not having the wonderful detail of the XPlane 11 model has the landmass correct to the south of the airport.
  4. I have just downloaded and installed Cardiff, Popham and Sumburgh airports. I already have TEGB South and North working correctly but none of these airports load correctly and report missing files. I have verified each using FTX Central and it reports the files are correct. The airports show up in the Custom Scenery folder and in the Log in the top 3 positions. Here are the Log screen shots:
  5. Having a torrid time with this scenery in XP 11.30. EGPB scenery downloaded and installed using FTX Central 3. Orbx libraries up to date (also verified) at version 1.6. These also downloaded and installed using FTX Central 3. Using GB South and GB Central scenery from Orbx. Have Orbx EGFF, EGHI and EGKA installed (working properly). The problem at EGPB: 1) No runway markings whatsoever - on any runway at EGPB 2) All ground textures appear unfinished 3) Thresholds for all runways unfinished 4) Ground textures for runways look like hard core gravel! Something seriously wrong with this scenery. Have uninstalled and reinstalled (twice) using FTX Central 3 - no change/improvement. Log warns of missing DSL files but have no understanding of how to fix that. You guys at Orbx don't make accessing support intuitive! I suspect this isn't the correct place to report technical faults - if not - please do explain where they should go. More than happy to provide proof of purchase but suspect you don't want purchase order details in this open forum...? Screen shots below show condition of EGPB scenery after loading - shows unfinished textures, no runway/airport markings, very course gravel textures on runways. Please advise how to remedy these defects. Many thanks in anticipation. Log.txt
  6. Have now downloaded and installed Sumburgh. Another excellent scenery. A few from my first flight there.
  7. Damn you.... You had to release Sumburgh and I had to buy it. At this rate I'm going to need a big drive. My bank balance hates you. But seriously thank you another great scenery addition
  8. An other fine Island-scenery is airport Sumburgh(EGPB) on one of the Shetland Islands about 90NM Nth of the Scottish coast and about halfway the UK and Norway. Hereby some vieuws in different aircrafts:
  9. Hi, I am with the latest P3D v4.1 and have the latest FTX central. After installing all the regions, global, lc and airports, I am having trouble with some UK airports. At Fairoaks I see trees through the pavement (see below) and at Sumburgh it seems that textures from the region are mixing with the airport addon. I erased and rebuild prepar3d.cfg, shaders and sceneryindexes. Could this be a problem of something else that needs to be erased and rebuild? Thanks for any advice.
  10. New video trying out the gorgeous Sumburgh scenery with an instructor on board and a stab at that offset ILS on Rwy27!
  11. Thought I'd try something different. Off from Wick in the Twotter. Not a popular flight, apparently - Off into the rain and then it really started settling in In fact, it was a grey, miserable and boring flight, so let's go straight to Sumburgh All the invisible passengers seem keen to disembark I quite like the airport, but I've always felt the quality of the actual regions in the UK are not quite up to the standard of the likes of PNW or NZ, for example. Or maybe it's just that that's true of the actual real life regions!
  12. Hi all, just a short flight around Sumburgh
  13. Although I have been born and bred in New Zealand, my mother comes from the Shetland Islands, and I have actually been there at the age of 12. So I was quite delighted to see that one of the Orbx add-on airports was Sumburgh, near Lerwick. I did a flight in FSX last year from Sumburgh (EGPB) to Unst (EGPW, I think that is), where I have lots of relatives, in a Piper Arrow IV. Unfortunately, I didn't take any screenshots in the air, but here are some ground shots anyway, including a few nice ones of Sumburgh: Parked at a very chilly Sumburgh. My parked plane from another angle, with a view of the terminal building in the background. Starting to taxi. Excellent view of the terminal building in this one. Approaching a parking ramp in Unst. Not an add-on airport, but still a big improvement on the default version, which just had a runway and nothing else!
  14. Hi, I noticed that all windsocks at the ORBX Sumburgh scenery point in the opposite direction compared to what they should do. Is this related to this particular scenery or could it be an error of FSX:SE? Everything else works like it should. I use Windows 7 Professional 64 UK. Kind regards, Henri
  15. Hi, I recently purchased EGPB Sumburgh, and just installed it yesterday, and I seem to have an issue with a large block of land where there should be water surrounding the island. A few notes I should make about my installation: - I do not have FTX Scotland installed, although I do have FTX England and Wales (and Norway, but it's not yet installed), and I set FTX Central to Europe before installing Sumburgh. - I also installed Horizon/Playsims Orkney and Shetland Isles yesterday before I installed Sumburgh. I have turned the two EGPB Airport bgls from that installation to off. - I do have FTX Global Base and the Iceland demo, but don't have OLC Europe or Vector. - I have tried disabling the Global entries in the scenery.cfg (ORBX!OPENLC_BASE, ORBX!OPENLC_NAMERICA1, ORBX!OPENLC_EUROPE9, ORBX!OPENLC_EUROPE8, ORBX!OPENLC_EUROPE1. The problem still appeared. Here are a couple of pics showing the issue: I couldn't find anyone with this exact issue, so it must be something in my installation, but does anyone know what the problem could be? Cheers
  16. Hi, this is one edited shot out of a flight to and from the Sumburgh airport.
  17. Recently downloaded sumburgh airport EGPB. The runways/taxiway are always covered in grass or just vanish
  18. Please can someone tell me why the taxiways of Sumburgh are invisible on FSTramp maps? It seems CVX_ORBX_EGPB_ADE_ST.BGL contains starting points, but no data on runways and Taxiways readable to FSTramp. In the scenery they are visible, of course. Can this be corrected? E.L.
  19. Few presses of the V-key whilst departing Sumburgh for Glasgow. Love this aircraft immensely, brings back the fun in airliner flying but the fun of tricky approaches etc.
  20. Dear Lars and Martin Having a lovely time up here in Sumburgh. The place you organised for me to stay in is a small abandoned cottage on the edge of a cliff. Very nice but very dangerous. The tours in the Twin Otter are fantastic and I've sent you some postcards to show you what it's like up here. Apart from the weather it's really nice. Keep up the good work. Best wishes from a cold and lonely pilot.
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