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Found 11 results

  1. In preparing a flight from Spokane to Great Falls I obviously didn't attention the gauge indicating low level of fuel. Maybe to excited to fly a new(to me) toy. Result: engine stops and a splash in 'Flathead Lake' about 150 Mi east from where I airborned from Spokane, but I survived...the plane is now a goal for divers:
  2. the WACO at Spokane airport (KSFF) in the year...well, recently....but made 'old fashion'
  3. G'day Everyone, I'm very pleased to unveil the first screenshots of my latest project, Felts Field Spokane. Located just over the Cascades from many of your favourite PNW airports , this is the first payware airport for the Northern Rocky Mountains region. As well as modelling the regional GA hub of Felts Field in all it's glory, I have also included a very large chunk of the city of Spokane for you to explore too. FELTS FIELD & SPOKANE Historical Felts Field Airport (KSFF) is the GA airport servicing the city of Spokane, WA. Nestled adjacent the river in the scenic Spokane
  4. Carenado Bonanza - Flight from Sandpoint, Idaho to Felt's Field in Spokane, Washington - flown at dusk - Using Active Sky Next that had fog and clouds on that day. Enhancements are ASN & ORBX FTXNRM ( I was taxiing fast because I know my vids are too long and I'm trying to cut them down) Still working on the "shortening process" though. Jim >http://youtu.be/wkpXQy9XXzY
  5. G'day everyone, I thought I'd head north for a light cross-country flight this week, in an aircraft that has probably seen more hours than any other in my hangar. Skagit to Felts in the classic Lotussim L-39, a lovely cross-country tourer, aside from the need to stop for gas so often! Cheers, Jarrad
  6. In tribute to my friend BradB, Orbx welcome! What beautiful scenery (KSFF).
  7. Hi all. Hope you all had a wonderful holiday. I wanted to share this masterpiece I created for you guys. It showcases the newly released Spokane Field in Washington State in the United States of America. Let me know what you think. Is it possible this can make the product page, since it's lacking a video showcasing the scenery?
  8. Has been quite some time since I posted a screenshot in the forum, but having just finished setting up my new laptop, thought I would celebrate with a quick shot of one of my favourite aircraft - the Alabeo WACO. For a fun, light aircraft to throw around during a short sim session, these guys have nailed it on the head. Cheers! Jarrad
  9. Colbert, coming in from the north: St. George´s School - well, I know it must be down there in the valley, but can´t be seen in FTX. Yet. Hope that REX weather meets today´s conditions.
  10. I went for my first fly around Felts Field and Spokane the other night/morning. Great job Jarrad Marshall and everyone else that contributed to developing this spectacular scenery. I am really blown away by the level of detail in the buildings and other scenery objects. I got tricked in to thinking I was looking out of the window at a real airport on a few occasions! Here's a few pics of that first flight. Cheers,
  11. G'day Everyone, Thank you all for the wonderful feedback on my first batch of Felts Field screenshots; I'm delighted to showcase a second (and likely last from me) round of shots. This second batch focuses a little more on some of the details and points of interest outside of the airport perimeter - of note are the downtown and western approaches hotspots. You will also see the various seasonal variations you have come to expect from an ORBX product; Spokane is no different with a vibrant change depending on the time of year. Lastly, there has been some discussion about the art deco clock f
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