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Found 9 results

  1. First installation of Netherlands HD ended in a message that there was not enough space on my SSD where P3Dv4 is installed. The size of my SSD is 100Gb and there is free space of 59Gb. ORBX is installed on a HDD via a link. Although there is plenty of space on my HDD, ORBX installation only takes into account the space on the SSD. So message came 79Gb required 59 Gb available. My solution: Manual download of Netherlands HD via ORBX direct. Move the complete Scenery folder from P3Dv4 to HDD. Install Netherlands HD via FTX (now there is enough spac
  2. Have installed P3D ver 4 and Orbx Global successfully on my 'D' SSD this afternoon. I then started to install vector. After about 15 minutes into the operation I got a message saying no disk space (C drive) and something about Systen.IO. When I tried to take a screenshot of the message, there wasn't sufficient space to perform the operation in my graphics program! I don't know where the temp files are that it created to put vector on but all I know is that my C drive is now completely full and showing red in manager. It had about 25Gig free out of 128 when I started the operation. I pointed it
  3. Hey i have got a problem, i have not much space in my (C:) Drive, but i have another harddrive for fsx only. i just dont know how i should set it to put all the files in that drive from when i am downloading. Regards Daniel
  4. I'm trying to download and install OpenLC EU and I had 23Gb free on my small C drive. The download failed because there was not enough disc space!! Has anyone any idea how much disc space I would need for this, or a way in which I can utilise my other, much larger, drives for ORBX downloads. I do have previous downloads saved from when I purchased OpenLC EU from FS Store but there are several zip files divided into North, South East and West Europe. I pointed FTX Central to one of these and ran the download but I still ran out of disc space. I have successfully downloaded my ot
  5. Good morning, I have recently purchased a new PC and already my C drive is full. My E drive is empty with 931 GB of space available. I recently purchased Europe add on having already bought the Global addon however at installation it correctly advises there is not enough space on the C drive. I clearly need to start using the E drive but I am afraid about what to do. Any advise much appreciated. Thanks Andrew Order number FSS0523149
  6. Recently I installed the full NA Global LandClass product. Before doing that, I had to remove all NA FTX regions because of lack of space on the harddisk. I think the several region add-ons are a still more detailed version of parts of the Global products. Is there a simple way to delete those parts of Global Base, LC and Vector that are actually redundant when a FTX Region pack is installed ?
  7. I've been a flight simmer since the days of Bruce Artwick back around 1980, and flew every upgrade of the Microsoft sims. I've been on FSX since it was first published. Now I'm ready to move up. I have a new gaming computer with two hard drives. The smaller is a 250GB SSD drive that I have the OS (Win 7-64 bit) running on. It has 110GB of space remaining. The larger (1 TB) drive is a standard WD disk drive, over half of which is still empty. In the next few days, I intend to purchase & load P3D V3 on the SSD drive. That should use up about 30GB, leaving me maybe 80GB available. If I p
  8. Here's a quick pick of the setup I'm using until I get the 'proper' simulator finished in the garage that consists of a 'mock up' Cessna 172 Cockpit that I'm building from aluminum sheet metal and wooden framing. 25% of my music production is income purposes so I'm getting the new sim up and running as soon as possible. One thing is for sure though, simulated avionics systems even for just standard GA aircraft like the Cessna 172 can get quite expensive. The below link is the main console of the cockpit, I'll be using Saitek radio's and an Autopilot until more funds are forthcoming. https:/
  9. Given the sale of my prefered supplier I face the issue that I run out of space on my SSD. And the sale is going on for some time... I run FSX on my 120 GB SSD (btw: in the default location) under W7 Home Premium 64bit. The company that build the computer one year ago installed W7 on the SSD. I use this computer exclusivly for FSX and two other sims (racing - that are installed on the HDD). After installing most of my add-ons (on the SSD) I face the situation that only less than 12 GB remain. That is not much, given the fact that I only have all NA scenery installed but not yet my three
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