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Found 16 results

  1. I tired posting this a few minutes ago, but mistakenly posted it to the old coots club, please forgive me on that... I had every intention of buying one or two items tonight upon getting home from work, to find the sale has ended. I read on the ORBX facebook page, and somewhere on skylounge that it was until the 6th. Pretty bummed out. Anyone know if this is a fluke or for what reason it ended early? Wold hate if I really missed out. I know it's only about 5pm NOV 5th down under?
  2. Hi all, I am looking at getting a couple of the NA regions, as I only have the NA LC at the mo. I tend to do a lot of flying over Northern Canada and Alaska usually on on some hair brained scheme to fly round the world in a GA. I start in UK and jump over to Iceland, Greenland, and then over N Canada and Alaska. Which of the NA scenery's is going to give me the best coverage of Alaska and near or around there? I guess PNW? Is there any others which tie in with that one that are close to Alaska? Sorry my US Geography is a little lacking
  3. Hi! Orbx team, Will there be May sale (47 for 31) this year? Thanks, José Luís
  4. And now that my PC is upgraded, and P3D4 runs as smooth as butter, I can't wait for the next big ORBX SALE ... going to give a credit card a serious hiding! wink-wink, chaff-chaff, raillery-raillery #justsaying
  5. I apologize if this has been defined clearly somewhere else, but I couldn't tell by the banner description. When ORBX says the sale ends midnight Aug. 22, does that mean 12:00am going into the date of the 22nd from the 21st or does it mean 12:00am going into the date of the 23rd from the 22nd? I hope that make sense. I've got a specific situation regarding my finances the 21st so this delineation is important to me. Just bought P3D4 and learning all about the world of add-ons. Thanks!
  6. Dear Forum, This evening I received permission from the boss, aka the wife to splurge on some fantastic scenery by ORBX. However when I went to process my payment my card was declined. Worried, I had somehow mismanaged my monthly allowance I checked with the bank. Right as rain I has sufficient funds to cover my purchase (whew!). I called my bank to verify if there was any fraud or restrictions in my purchase. My bank verified the transaction was processed on the bank end, however the charge was $0.00. My attempts are utilizing a VISA Debit card. Does ORBX have any restrictions on
  7. Heya guys, I got a few generell questions and it'll be nice if you can answer them 1. Is the 47 for 31 sale every year at the same time? 2. Will there be a 47 for 31 at Christmas? 3. ORBX said that there will be free updates for their products to support P3D v4 but will there be free updates for the old addons like NZ North Island and South Island too? Thanks for answering the questions! Kind regards
  8. I wasn't aware ORBX has sales. I purchased three rather expensive packages within the last 41 days or less and now they're 47% off until June. It took me awhile to save the money to make the purchases and if I had known there would be a sale I certainly would have waited (and possibly purchased an airplane). I'm new to ORBX products and unaware if there is a timeframe between the purchase date and a sales date for which the discount would be honored?
  9. Got my last two Orbx products and everything was so easy, so user friendly, with no order numbers, serial numbers and no more this or that. The FS community should really create an award for things like this (like an Oscar/Emmy/Grammy/Tony). Love you guys very much… Cheers,
  10. Hello all, This has been mentioned before but I thought it deserves its own pinned topic just in case people missed it. Firstly let me explain the difference between openLC NA Alaska/Canada and the rest of openLC NA. - openLC NA Alaska/Canada was released a few months ago. It includes Greenland, Alaska and Canada. We decided to split it off from the overall openLC NA region because we did not want to make customers wait too long. So we priced it at half the price of openLC EU, AU$22.50 - openLC NA is the *combined* total North America openLC regi
  11. I am looking forward for the next Sale of ORBX sceneries. Does anybody know when will be next Sale?
  12. My recent 2 orders were big ones for me. Thank You Orbx for making this hobby awesome. I will be quite good till the next sale event. Do I have all your products? not there yet but soon I will get there (getting closer though). I wish you guys a Merry Christmas and Thank You again. Love your products.
  13. Hey guys and gals, It has been a while since I have logged on (will be doing some simming over the holidays), Now that the big sale is here, I need your advice on what airports to buy. I am buying these FTX Regions and Airports for sure: SAK, PFJ, Australia, EU, IR, NIR, NOR, Wales (this will complete all my FTX regions with the others I already own). Buying these airports: AYPY, NSTU, KSQL Airports which I own already are: W16, KSFF, 11S, KTVL, KMRY, KJAC <-- Please tell me on what big airports to get. I am just worried that if
  14. I was ready and now I am the happy owner of FTX:EU Norway. So I may be busy again for a while. Thanks for being a great Company (of Aussie origins).
  15. With just over two days of the Orbx sale to go, I am trying to decide what to buy. I would love to buy everything but that would burn too big a hole I now own all regions except New Zealand. This is one purchase I will definitely make later today. My sales purchases so far are Alice Springs, CRM, PFJ and Ketchikan. However, where I am really stuck is which of the remaining PNW airports should I buy. I already own Concrete, Cushman and Fall City. I am looking for something with nice scenery and features. I have been considering Diamond Point, Jefferson, and Harvey Field (though I'd be cu
  16. Given the sale of my prefered supplier I face the issue that I run out of space on my SSD. And the sale is going on for some time... I run FSX on my 120 GB SSD (btw: in the default location) under W7 Home Premium 64bit. The company that build the computer one year ago installed W7 on the SSD. I use this computer exclusivly for FSX and two other sims (racing - that are installed on the HDD). After installing most of my add-ons (on the SSD) I face the situation that only less than 12 GB remain. That is not much, given the fact that I only have all NA scenery installed but not yet my three
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