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Found 28 results

  1. As many of you know, I live a stone's throw from Tacoma Narrows Airport (KTIW). Well, there are a couple of guys that have one of the larger hangars, and they also own a killer collection of aircraft, It's called the Point Fosdick Antique Airplane Hangar...check it out HERE. My favorite plane in their collection is the Waco YMF-5. So I drug the Alabeo version out of the back of the virtual hangar, and took her on a short hop over to Vashon Island. Enjoy! ...and here's the real deal:
  2. A cold trek from Tacoma Narrows (KTIW) to Orcas Island (KORS). KTIW is a stone's throw from Casa Del Chunk, and I hope ORBX will give it the full airport treatment one day. In the A2A V-Tail, and I used the RNAV 34 approach with the help of the GTN 750. Enjoy!
  3. Part 2 - From Rogue Valley International - Medford Airport (KMFR) to Tacoma Narrows (KTIW) Holding short at the KMFR active. It's going to be an IFR day. Up at 6500', and out of the muck. However, the turbulence is going to make me lose the chicken fried steak from this morning... And up to 9500', above a blanket of white, and no bumping around. There are a few breaks in the clouds as we head north through Oregon. The sun, the moon, and the star of the show. It finally clears up a little, and we're directly over downtown Portland. The Columbia River in all of its majesty. There's a sight I'll never tire of looking at, Mt. Rainier. And you can barely make out Mt. St. Helens, covered in clouds. Descending back into the muck. I'll check in on the other side. Out of it and headed towards Vashon Island. There's Gig Harbor. I think I can see my house from here. The Port of Tacoma off to our left. On final at KTIW. Finally parked and chocked up. Time for a beer, or four or five, at the Hub airport restaurant. Thanks for flying along with me!
  4. So...I wanted to do a cross-country from the old homestead to the new, and I used the A2A V-Tail to do it. Made it a two day trip because I was just too tired last night. Waiting to go at KSQL (San Carlos) Holding short. A dawn departure is a beautiful thing. Looking south towards San Jose, and you can see the runway lights from Moffett Field at the low right. Sunrise over the City by the Bay. There's Redding (KRDD)...one of my favorite ORBX add-ons. And there's the Sundial Bridge out of the pilot storm window. Crossing Lake Shasta, which looks fuller here than in real life at the moment. And there's Mt. Shasta in the distance. The mountain and Black Butte inching ever so close. They're almost as pretty as they are in person. I had planned this to be done as one flight, but like I said, I was getting tired. So I found Rogue Valley International - Medford Airport (KMFR) in the GTN 750 and dialed in my approach to call it a day. Parked and chocked at KMFR, we'll finish this flight tomorrow. Part 2 posting shortly...
  5. A decently long cross-country from Tacoma Narrows (KTIW) to Glacier Park Intl. (KGPI). It went by in a flash in the Turbine Duke as I was showing 318 kts along the ground, at 23,000 feet. Good lord this baby cooks!!! The dual GTN 750's guided me through the muck for an LNAV approach to runway 02. Enjoy.
  6. As the title says, a fabulously fun flight into Big Bear.
  7. Just a short IFR trip from unincorporated Gig Harbor to Snohomish County.
  8. ...at Gansner Field (2O1)
  9. I'm still flying over Norway. Today in the Hawker 850XP business jet.
  10. Enjoying the beautiful full NA regions. Trip from Seattle at sunrise to Williams Lake Airport in Canada:
  11. i downloaded the tasmania demo but i noticed that after loading it i get the FTX england runway textures at some runways rather than the rex4 textures. i uninstalled the demo as instructed in the pdf but when i reenable FTX england FTX central tries to put the tasmania files back into my scene library, how can i remove it for good alternatively if i purchase aus sp4 will the compatibility issue be fixed? airports where i have noticed it happening are EGCC and EGNM
  12. Lake Neuchâtel Not far from Grenchen, where I land... (LSZG) End of a nice flight
  13. Water may not be P3D's strongest point, but with the clouds casting shadows and the sun shining off the surface, it has its moments.
  14. Still loving this sim. Amazed how sharp the textures and autogen load. No blurries at all! >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SBCGK7WouEE
  15. Lars and Martin, thank you so much for this incredible piece of work... speaking of work, I was late for work this morning as I could not help but load up my sim and do some flying around this wonderful place! Visual beauty match with rock solid performance... and that is with every slider at max setting in P3D2.2, frames locked at 30 and not a single dip in frames!
  16. (only edited for my Screenshot Comp entry this month, and will continue to post my normal V keys in the screenshot forums )
  17. Thank you all at Orbx and Adrian at FSS for bringing us YMML for P3D2.2. An airport I always avoid in FSX as performance would tank. Installed easy, defrag then loaded up... what can I say!!...... Performance is amazing.. no longer the obsessively worrying over performance anymore, just relax, fly and take in the immersion that P3D2.2 offers. I had all sliders maxed, HDR on, using REX4 HDR option, YMML has never looked so good!
  18. Thank you for viewing
  19. Hello Everyone! This flight had to be completed quickly, because an injured person needed to be picked up at 65S and transfered to Felts as fast as possible. The crew enterd the B200 aircraft at about 8:15AM local time at KSFF and took off at around 8:25AM. At around 8:50 the plane was parked at 65S and while all the stuff for the returning flight to KSFF was set up by the flight crew, the medical staff helped bringing the patient on board. At around 9:00AM the plane was heading back to KSFF. At around 9:30AM then, the "mission" was over and so far all went well: The patient is on the way to the hospital and the crew now has some time to relax a bit and have some breakfast. Everyone, please enjoy these shots below, captured while this particular flight. Cheers, Christoph While taxiing: Another Medstar B200 - parked and taking a rest for now Teke off ... ... ... some views from the inside to the outside ... Descending into the RNAV02 approach towards 65S - really like this approach (and also the green altitude arc at the MFD - very nice!) ... here we go (Really have to take good care of the trees nearby the runway ) ... Now let's get the plane parked ... ... Taking off again - but - - Holy ... That was scarce! Above some clouds while on the way back ... Into the final segment of the RNAV (GPS) A approach of KSFF ... And here we are, back to KSFF at 9:30AM
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