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Found 21 results

  1. Looking for a needle in a haystack? Where are you hiding Kosipe? There you are hiding next to the river @ 7000 feet. The clouds are at the same level as the airport. Lucky they are not over the runway. Coming in at 67nm hope I will make it this time? Previous try at 75nm had to do a go around. Remote area local village with kids and chickens jumping around. On to the next airport. Enjoy NineMile
  2. Closing yesterday's report I said we'd be searching on the morrow for more mountain strips along the Kodoka Track. Not so fast Abernathy*. The weather had other ideas. First time I stuck my head out of the tent we had what I would have called indefinite ceiling, visibility less than 1/4 mile. Actually, it was closer to zero-zero. By 0700 it wasn't much better But by 0900 it was clearing up, although there were thunderstorms in the area. We didn't need a weather forecast to know that; we could see and hear the
  3. We discussed flying up "The Slot", over "Iron Bottom Sound", to Rabaul because of all the WW2 history. But the consensus was to press on to Papua New Guinea (PNG). And so we did. After takeoff from famous Henderson Field, home of the Cactus Air Force (P-400 Aircobras and P-38 Lightnings), we were treated to a vision of what the area might have looked like during the war with a hospital ship and troop ships offshore. And there was evidence of the battles fought and lives lost on the island. 255º would take us to the south tip of
  4. Lots to see here, this is just a small sampling...even with the expanded viewer these screen shots are just not the same as the sim experience. Orbx -FTX: Global Holgermesh Papua New Guinea,Global TAP Tapini Airport, Global AYPY Jacksons Intenational
  5. Exhausted after touring every part of this massive region I could find. Visited pretty well every airport updated by the package including every bush strip in both the AYPY and Tapini/Emo areas. The attention to detail is stunning, more people should fly this area. Especially if you like VFR!
  6. I have purchased Tapini airport for Papua New Guinea and think it is amazing. That scenery is a must buy. Love it. One thing though, is that no matter what plane I fly into that airport, once I touch the ground the plane pulls like crazy to the right or left a full 90 degrees even though I have used the rudder to keep the plane straight. I normally land any plane, even heavys with no problem, with the realism settings on easy or the settings that on realistic. So even with easy settings and a light wind, my plane still veers off abruptly to the right or left. And I do not have the auto pilot o
  7. Just a request to Tim Harris and Ken Hall, because of their fabulous talents to do mountainstrips in PNG. This strip seems another great challenge to me - as well to devellop as to fly on - after seing this (landing) and this (take-off) video on YouTube, it appears to be possible to land and take off there with even a Twin Otter. It is currently not present in FSX, not even in a very basic way. Thanks for your very beautifull add-ons ! Kind regards. Bram
  8. This batch of 10 is mostly of Papua New Guinea ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tTxA8Hw63_s
  9. Today myself and Ken Hall would like to introduce you to our Papua New Guinea experience! Dreamed up in the middle of last year, we set out to provide not just an airport, but rather an Experience, to allow the user to totally immerse in the feeling of Papua New Guinea, after 3 months of pain-staking research and another 6 months of late nights, modeling, texturing and designing, countless coffees, and many bent Twinotters........we bring you the first of our Pacific Islands conquests (PI): Jacksons International Airport (POM, AYPY), also known as Port Moresby Airport and a
  10. Thanks to Sue on the forum here I have a couple of new ships in the hanger. I learned a lot that I did not know about the PC-6. This has got to be the Cadillac of the bush country! When I saw that I was flying at 35 Knots I was sure I had a bad instrument .... nope. Carry 8 people or 2,450 lbs with STOL performance. Wow .... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eY9Op9pCzh0
  11. My entry into the bush pilot era flying medical supplies into the mountain strips of Papua New Guinea, provided by Orbx's TAP Tapini package. Great scenery, challenging strips. Think I'm leaving aluminum in many of the canyons, just like the real pilots. Added some voiceovers ...
  12. I broke my shiny new Cessna 337 and Benny through his outside contacts found one I could use through the weekend if I don't leave it in the bottomof some canyon. Flying deeper in the New guinea bush with a repaint by Richard Luycx for New Zealand Aerial Mapping tasks. I fly from the lower elevation strip (Asimba) to Yongai at a higher elevation and return. Scenery is Orbx's Global Base with 7 airports (TAP Tapini) package. I've never seen so many butterflies ...
  13. Welcome to the Goilala bushpack! For our long awaited return to Papua New Guinea we bring you seven thrilling bushstrips all situated high up in the misty, humid and unpredictable Owen Stanley Range, consisting of Tapini, Fane, Ononge, Woitape, Koispe, Asimba and Yongai airports, a trilling white-knuckle mix of ridge-top, hill-side and river-flat runways. Coverage map This picture shows the seven Goilala bushpack airports and their proximity to our first PNG experience package: AYPY Jacksons International + the Kokoda track bushstrips, there is a
  14. A retro scheme for the A2A C182, repaint exclusively at the usual place, link in sig, enjoy!
  15. Hevilift P2-KSM, the 'tundra-cargo' version as requested Repaint exclusively at the usual place, link in sig, enjoy!
  16. Some links for flying videos from the Goilala area in Papua New Guinea, several of the videos come from the same video, I just linked it at the right time Videos up here are rare, if anyone finds more please post! ONB Ononge TAP Tapini FNE Fane WTP Woitape KGH Yongai
  17. P2-PDL - Goroka, Papua New Guinea Repaint for the A2A Comanche - link in sig, enjoy!
  18. A long time between drinks for me.. Repaints on my blog, link in sig, happy flights!
  19. Hi, Minor thing but parked at GA at AYCH I'm noticing cars running oddly thru the airport hangars (animated car traffic). AYCH is at high altitude, there seems to be a bit of distortion around the airport (high edges, road runs thru airport), I'm assuming this is standard; will supply photo if requested. Thanks, Steve
  20. (Caveat: This is my first ever upload of a P3D or FSX image, so please be gentle with me ) Papua New Guinea - FSGenesis (worldwide76m mesh) gets it a bit wrong.... Then gets it right.... Then gets it wrong again .... [P3D with FTX GLOBAL, REX Clouds, Opus and a fire engine red Lionheart Quest Kodiak, all running on a crappy HP i5 system]
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