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Found 25 results

  1. I am having an issue with some (if not all) Orbx airports in the pacific northwest region (the airports that are included with the region only) where the grass texture looks weird as you can see in the picture. The airport where I took this picture is OR20.
  2. When I try to install KTIW Tacoma Narrows Airport via Orbx Central, I get an error that says "Error: This product cannot be installed as it is not compatible with the following products. They need to be uninstalled before this product can be installed." But then is doesn't list any products that need to be uninstalled. When I first got this message, I had the Pacific Northwest Demo installed. I uninstalled the Demo and purchased and installed the regular Pacific Northwest, but I still get the error. Please help, because I just wanted to get the airport, now
  3. It's been quite a while since my last virtual flight here. I was super pleased to get back to this scenery. I really loved what I saw. Hope you like it too And yes, P3D still rocks
  4. Was wondering if someone might tell me what the bright yellow patches are supposed to represent. These appeared after I updated my global files. As far as I know they were not there before. Also, if this is normal, would there be a way to remove them? Irvin
  5. For those who missed this, we've got a little video preview of what you can expect with KVUO Pearson Field. Enjoy!
  6. Today i was leaving Seattle for a longhaul to ELLX, Luxemburg (yes, i like Cargo hehe).... (Airport in following one screenshot is not orbx but surroundings are. I hope this is still ok? Otherwise, if this is against rules i can remove it, let me know pls.)
  7. A couple of pals and I near flew north from Carlsbad (KCRQ) to Santa Paula and we got this picture near Newport Beach. (Our real-life SNJ was reproduced as a skin for the A2A T-6 in amazing detail by crazac. Download the texture here. The weathered interior is true art, and the exterior has every detail right down to nicks in the prop paint.) If you take her flying be nice, that my wife in the back seat. Planning a vacation in northern California I remembered my Dad's adage to never buy (or rent) a house until you've seen the area from the air. So I borrowed a DC-3 an
  8. Just purchased PNW and am having pop in texture issues on a major level. as I'm flying around the mountains I'll get textures popping in all over the place every few seconds. It's loading lower res, then a higher res, then an even higher res. These pop in textures are actually changing the physical shape of the terrain as it loads. I've done extensive testing of different P3d settings and nothing seems to make a difference. PNW is the only scenery where this issue exists. All other scenery is smooth with no pop in or blurries. Running: Global base, open NA, PNW. Everything is up to
  9. Good morning, After being away from simming during the last 12 months, I am slowly coming back to the fold... I installed PD v3 (last version) and some scenery of ORBX. Those being ORBX Global and Lc_North America, Trees and PNW. So far that went well and the simm is running stable. No complaints there. So I thought to start installing a few airports. The first one I wanted to install was Friday Harbour. I have all my scenery visible in my account but to relieve the servers a bit, I decided to use the FSS installer instead of redownloading the files.
  10. i might get myself ftx global but i want the Pacific northwest addon and the north america openLC. can ftx northwest and other north american terrain regions work with ftx global north america openLC? thanks, hr
  11. I just installed Pacific Northwest region. I know have Northern and Southern California as well as Southern Alaska. In FTX Central every region except Pacific Northwest has a "Configure" option> Is this normal. Looks like it is missing to me. Thanks. Cant upload a screenshot. It is way smaller that 2.7 MB but still won't let me upload.
  12. Wow, this is weird. I have the same problem as was just now going to report it. I fly out of KSEA as my home airport and it is all screwed up as you say. roadways and runways are elevated above the tarmac. Parked aircraft and buildings are floating in air. Completely unusable. this happens in both the Global Base, order # FSS0469883, and the NA Reigion PNW, order # FSS0470087. So far all other airports are normal. Thanks, Bill
  13. Hello, My apologies if this is a silly qyestion, I have been away from simming for some 8 years and am just getting back into it. After installing PNW scenery, my Seattle airport is all screwed up. I see trees and highways right across the runway and there are houses on the tarmac. I also have other problems with other airports (eg Calgary), although not as blatant. Have I missed a setup? How can I fix this? The attached image was taken from runway 36C Appreciate any help you can give me. Dutchman
  14. Good evening (US east coast time)! I hope everyone had a great weekend. I hope someone can help with an issue I am having with road detail in FTX scenery. I have FTX: N/A Blue Pacific Northwest, Northern Rockies, and Pacific Fijords. The scenery looks fantastic except for the roads...no matter what settings I use, all the roads, except bridges, have no detail whatsoever. It looks like they are all dirt roads. I have attached 3 screen shots from near Bowerman Airport (KHQM) in the Pacific Northwest region to show you what I see. And it is not just Bowerman or the PNW region, all the re
  15. On December 3, 2010 I purchased FTX NA Blue: Pacific Northwest from Pc Aviator, order #9623 for $39.95 USD. My computer has crashed and I'm trying to reinstall my FTX purchases on a new computer. PC Aviator no longer has download links for FTX NA Blue. How can I get a new installer package for FTX NA Blue: Pacific Northwest? I believe I am in the same boat with several other old FTX region purchases. Thanks, Brian D. Liddicoat Attorney at Law
  16. Hello, I'm having problems with the PN scenery. I get trees floating over the water and displaced terrain (there are lakes where the airport is supposed to be). Can anybody help me fix this problem? http://puu.sh/c4WYS/c8b55cdfd7.jpg Screenshot just outside of Bowerman (KHQM)
  17. More of British Columbia is already well covered with 4 Orbx sceneries plus Tongass Fjords. I was wondering, are there any plans to create a "Far Northern Rocky Mountains" region to cover the remaining inland mountains and complete the BC area? I think that would be really cool. Does anyone agree?
  18. Probably a dumb question, but having just bought Pacific Northwest, I'm wondering how much of a difference Vancouver+ would make. Obviously there's a ton of city/airport and other improvements, but I'm more interested in natural scenery than man-made scenery, so I'm curious to know how much the surrounding landscapes are enhanced. I have relatives living near Vancouver and I'll be visiting in a few months time, so I'm keen to fly around the area to familiarise myself with it first. I'll probably buy Vancouver+ anyway, but I'd just like to get a bit more info about it before I do. While I'm
  19. A sunny afternoon. Ideal weather for a little flight across the Olympic National Forest with that wonderful freeware found on Aussiex: the Tiger Moth. Enjoy Sylvain http://youtu.be/N1f-d6A1SlM
  20. I'm not the greatest at making these video's look as good as some of the really creative fellas in the FSX community, but they are really quite fun to make with the readily available Windows Live Movie Maker and the video capture program Fraps. I recently got a fantastic deal on the latest version of Magix Video Pro X5 so I'll see how much more "spice" I can inject into these little FSX FTX video's in the future. Anyways, here's a short video I made using the SibWings Bird Dog and OrbX-FTX Pacific Northwest. The airport I depart from is Nelson in British Columbia Canada. I encoded the video d
  21. When I attempt to configure Pacific Northwest using FTX Central, I get an error... Unhandeld exception has occurred in your application. Could not find a part of the path "D:\Games\FSX\ORBX\Scripts\Backup\default.xml" I suspect this is due to me n ot having the latest .NET files applied. I'd like to uninstall and reinstall but I can't find any way to do so. Seeking any and all advice. Eric
  22. Here is an edited shot of my personal Curtiss P-40B, Capitola Crest, at Cushman Meadows during the Winter, when I was absent from this forum:
  23. Please enjoy Goheen Airport, a nice little dirt strip located in the Pacific Northwest area, not far from Stark's Twin Oaks. Orbx developer Alex Goff created a nice jewel, that seems to be just perfectly designed for low 'n' slow flyers and dirtstrip enthusiasts .. For my part, certainly one of my new favourites ... Please enjoy in HD! [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HJyRsNO0ilQ&hd=1
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