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  1. It's been a while that I moved a plane around the landscape just for fun. This is the Milviz PC-6 exploring Tim's and Ken's lovely and demanding PNG sites (Kokoda, Tapini, Fane, Koispe and others). The Walking ... The Porter enthusiastically pulls to the left. ... back on the airstrip. Well ... The Porter loves that vegetation. Apparently she's not the only
  2. Plane versus car !!! I love to fly there !! Thanks ORBX!
  3. As I said in a post a couple of days ago to @TigerTigerM I am very susceptible to certain flights after seeing them on the forum and this one is no exception, I had to go back to PNG for a "fix" of an hour or two and here are the results! 175 nm 350* N from Moresby Airport AYPY to Nadzab Airport AYNZ in Lae, PNG, nice mountainous flight. FL110 was a bit high for the DC3 but we made it fine (slight headaches for crew). 1. Just finished loading the cargo at the gate, ready for taxi to 32L 2.Lined up and waiting for clearance! 3. Tailwheel up, r
  4. An Air Saguenay DHC-3 Otter has made it from Québec to Kokoda. It is expected to work around the remote mountain airfields for a while. Today, the Otter heads for Launumu, a mountain airfield that is at an elevation of 5082 ft asl and 1200 feet long. We have to watch for those birds in order to reach the destination… Following that trail is a good way to reach Launumu. If the mixture is not adjusted, the Otter will lose a lot of steam trying to climb up to 7,500 feet to cross the first line of mou
  5. The local authorities have decided to study the possibility of using a Dash 7 in the challenging airfields along the Kokoda trail. The local Airlines PNG Twin Otter pilots based at the Kokoda airport have been invited on board of the newly arrived aircraft as they might have to do a cross-training later on. Today, the group is heading to Timkenumo, a very short mountain airfield with an impressive slope. The weather forecast indicates the presence of rain for the whole period of the flight. But the visibility is good. It is worth trying out the airfield.
  6. Well, that is it! The first glider just arrived at the Fane Parish airport in Papua New Guinea… Before it is officially offered as a tourist attraction for the region, some attempts at taking-off and landing must be done. The first trial attracts a few people! The descent along the twelve degree sloped runway is a bit rough for the glider’s low wings, as there are some bushes that will have to be trimmed! The weather is nice and very warm. The only potential problem is the mountain ahead. Fin
  7. Hello, first off, I'd wish to thank you for the PNG products, it has been a hugely surprising pleasant experience, and I hope that you will release more of that kind (South America, maybe?) then, and please excuse me for asking from you, not because I think about a Orbx issue: flying PMDG737 YBBN-NTSU, all programmed into FMC (airac 1712, STAR included to runway ILS 5), I ended being quite misaligned with the runway on approach, with an offset of 5-10 degrees, so I did the landing manually not the first time it happens, yet, as far as I remember,
  8. Hello, while progressing in exploring all the airfields provided by Jacksons and Tapini packages, I've encountered this, when closing to AYMO so, please, I am asking what I might have done to prevent Vector from depicting correctly the coastlines, in this case (the main PNG island is fine) thanks
  9. Closing yesterday's report I said we'd be searching on the morrow for more mountain strips along the Kodoka Track. Not so fast Abernathy*. The weather had other ideas. First time I stuck my head out of the tent we had what I would have called indefinite ceiling, visibility less than 1/4 mile. Actually, it was closer to zero-zero. By 0700 it wasn't much better But by 0900 it was clearing up, although there were thunderstorms in the area. We didn't need a weather forecast to know that; we could see and hear the
  10. . As I mentioned in my last report, a friend loaned me her 185 for to go bush flying. The weather improved after lunch, so mid-afternoon I headed back into the hills to see if I could find some of those bush strips on the Kodoka Track in Papua New Guinea. Thought you might enjoy the few pictures I took. I was too busy aviating and navigating to take more. Used more adrenalin this afternoon than I have on any flight in a very long time. Many of the strips are one way in and one way out. And the two I've landed on s
  11. We discussed flying up "The Slot", over "Iron Bottom Sound", to Rabaul because of all the WW2 history. But the consensus was to press on to Papua New Guinea (PNG). And so we did. After takeoff from famous Henderson Field, home of the Cactus Air Force (P-400 Aircobras and P-38 Lightnings), we were treated to a vision of what the area might have looked like during the war with a hospital ship and troop ships offshore. And there was evidence of the battles fought and lives lost on the island. 255º would take us to the south tip of
  12. Hello, I've just started the journey into Kokoda trail and Tapini areas I've flown a few flights with Milviz STOL Beaver only my only hard time so far is to taxi when reaching the top of landing slopes: on the steepest, several times I was stuck into the "mud" and, no matter the power applied, I remained stuck, having to resort to slewing or doing the landing again so please I am asking whether there is a way to avoid that, thanks
  13. Hi Guys, Been loving flying around PNG with the ORBX stuff installed but I was looking to expand on it. I wish there was more here to get and was wondering if the Raw Grit: PNG Bushpilot series would fit in OK with out disrupting the ORBX scenery I have installed. Thanks, LouP
  14. Just a request to Tim Harris and Ken Hall, because of their fabulous talents to do mountainstrips in PNG. This strip seems another great challenge to me - as well to devellop as to fly on - after seing this (landing) and this (take-off) video on YouTube, it appears to be possible to land and take off there with even a Twin Otter. It is currently not present in FSX, not even in a very basic way. Thanks for your very beautifull add-ons ! Kind regards. Bram
  15. Yet another PNG tour! This time from TAP to AYGR (approx. 35 nm east of Kododa). Using P3DV3, PTA & Lionheart's Super Piper Pacer Bush, FL120, late afternoon flight. Left Tapini, followed valley north until I could climb out to cross the mountains, then due east toward the bay. Dialed in GUA NDB, 224 KHz, southeast of my position, but I flew on toward the bay for the ocean views. (I guess just for me because I didn't snap any pics) Once the NDB showed to be due south I turned toward it and continued, crossing the Kamusi River (below)
  16. Late landing at Kosipe PNG with much needed supplies! Short and sweet
  17. I think my newly acquired P3D civilian is not a very nice dude! First he's breaking and entering a PNG Fane Parrish hut But the locals Busted him at the airport trying to escape
  18. From Port Moresby to Kokoda Enjoy and thanks for looking! FSX - DX10 - Shade - ASN Weather Cheers Karsten
  19. Qantas B747-200 from Cairns to Port Moresby Enjoy and thanks for looking! FSX - DX10 - Shade - ASN Weather Cheers Karsten
  20. http://www.simreviews.com/2016/07/25/orbx-tapini/ A huge thanks to www.simreviews.com for the fantastic write up!
  21. Thank you Wojciech Przybylski! http://c-aviation.net/review/tap-tapini-airport-orbx-review-5-png4/
  22. Posting these up just incase anyone has not yet seen them, a sort of rolling video-review with plenty of interesting landings, tips, info and laughs A huge thanks to Frooglesim from myself and Ken for creating these!!
  23. Today myself and Ken Hall would like to introduce you to our Papua New Guinea experience! Dreamed up in the middle of last year, we set out to provide not just an airport, but rather an Experience, to allow the user to totally immerse in the feeling of Papua New Guinea, after 3 months of pain-staking research and another 6 months of late nights, modeling, texturing and designing, countless coffees, and many bent Twinotters........we bring you the first of our Pacific Islands conquests (PI): Jacksons International Airport (POM, AYPY), also known as Port Moresby Airport and a
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