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  1. Dear Captains, I hope you are all fine! I was just wondering that after a flight from PAJN to PAKT during an early morning approach (about 7.30 a.m.) there were no visible runway lights. I searched on the forum but could not find anyone having reported this issue. Runway lights are, however, visible in earlier nighttime periods. Any suggestions on how to solve this? Thanks in advance for any kind o
  2. A windy approach in dense fog and snow down over the infamous Tongrass Narrows into RW11 at PAKT Ketchikan International. P3DV4.5 | ORBX SAK & PAKT | REX SF 3D | QW 757 Into the soup... Down safe and sound. Now for the heavy lifting to begin.... someone must have gone ham in the boxing day sales!
  3. I just finished building a new computer to host my Sim habit. Clean install Win10 Home. I installed P3Dv3.4 and did a quick test flight at PAKT to make sure everything was happy using defaults. Next I installed a portion of my ORBX lib collection to initially support my Alaska Bush addiction. Global: Base, Vector, OLC NA, Trees. NA : All Regions, some freeware, and PAKT. When I start a flight at PAKT I get the default Airport. I tried to uninstall/reinstall PAKT. Same. I installed CZST and started a flight there. Looks good. Switched to PAKT in the same session... I get ORBX PAKT. I
  4. I recently installed PAKT Ketchikan International Airport, but while flying around in for instance Canada BC, P3D displays regular warning messages telling me I should delete certain PAKT scenery files. I can click OK and the flight continues. I have all NA ORBX sceneries installed, but there seems to be a conflict somewhere. Before de-installing PAKT or living with the P3 warnings, I like to know if there is a solution to solve this. Attached a sample of one of the warning messages. PAKT transaction ID / receipt number is 5b8bfa3fb6bca Thank you. .
  5. Our routing of the day. Not very close to the great circle. Frankfurt invested considerably more than Düsseldorf: it has a proper Unit Load Device Truck. Pushing back, starting engine no. 2. Company 767 to the right. Difficult to say which airline is the most prominent in Frankfurt. Germany. The Netherlands. The IJsselmeer in winter Greenland. This is not the ice season. If it were, we wouldn't notice either.
  6. Hello everyone, I just wonder if (and how) is it possible to set the left parking position (the only one available besides the static Alaska Boeing) as the default one when you select this airport. P3D menu displays only : "active runway or 11 or 29" but no parking place (however the one with the jetway is empty). I have GSX installed but there's no parking position available in the custom menu and i'm not able to create one. Is there a way to do that ? Something i do wrong ? Thx a lot for the help. Best regards.
  7. All of a sudden ... the taxiways are not visible at PAKT. Nothing new added. Took out Prepar3d.cfg, restarted, same problem. Vector not a problem, there isn't a PAKT adjustment in vector. The yellow lines are there but the taxiways are gone. Anybody see this one. Also, can you run a "repair" on 4.1 like we could on the older versions ... where you start to run it and it says "uninstall or repair". I don't see that option in V4. Thank you
  8. Hi there I have a problem with PAKT. When starting a flight, I can only chose to start on one of the runways. No parking positions are offered in the drop-down menu. Some info on my system: P3D v4.1 ORBX PFJ ORBX PAKT Win 10 Please let me know, if you need further informations to help me with this issue. Thanks & Greetings, Mike
  9. Taking off from Ketchikan/AK to the south towards my next yet-untested airport, ... ... diving into Portland Canal after crossing the mountains... ... and approaching into Stewart/BC. That is going to be an experiment... will it be possible to climb over the mountains here? Challenging, the engines really get hot here... ... and the mountains get close. But here we´re done, ready to approach Wrangell/AK. Quite some offset in this localizer... but if you are slow enough...
  10. Now I have to pay the price for losing time earlier this year with texture-hiccups: I am too late to enjoy summer up where my flight plan leads me to. I mean, where my purchses of the last months are waiting to be inspected. So I had to leave Vancouver quickly... ... pass Squamish, ... ... and descend over Annett Island, ... ... just to see Ketchikan covered in clouds. At least visibility came back after diving through the layers. Hi, little one! Maybe I will have to cheat with the weather in m
  11. Looks like nice weather for a short sightseeing tour… (best resolution in full screen ) Orbx – FTX: Global, Vector, Open LC North America, FTX: NA Blue USA/Canada Pacific Fjords, FTX: NA PAKT Ketchikan International
  12. Not my usual route into Juneau...
  13. Hi, Installed and reinstalled Ketchikan airport and still cannot choose parking and the terminal is hundres of feet below the runway. Ran Vector autoconfig and still nothing. Thoughts?
  14. I just discovered that i have trees at PAKT airport at PARKING 5 RAMP GA LARGE, using PFJ. Here is a picture, http://imgur.com/1jE869x http://imgur.com/odij8rc http://imgur.com/a/0OQAW Is there a fix for this or should be fixed via a patch?
  15. Stewart to Ketchikan on a beautiful Sunday Enjoy and thanks for looking! FSX - DX10 - Shade - ASN Weather Cheers Karsten
  16. ... so I have to leave up to Alaska. Out of Victoria ... ... and into Ketchikan. A fantastic base for further exploration, be it RTMM or Tongass... e. g. the city of Wrangell:
  17. The above Bex was used to get rid of a headache years ago. 1. Flew into PAKT in the Otter and parked it in 3 locations and saved the flights. 2. I did this so when I fly from PAKT in the future I can start at locations other than the runways. 3. Flew out in this beautiful Alaskan which carries this very smart 75th anniversary livery. 4. The 738 was paused for about 1 hour at the gate while I had dinner and did a few other things. 5. So here we are climbing out of PAKT on an unusually clear day for this part of the world. 6
  18. With the OZx image hosting site down I thought I would join the ranks of folks having a back up. Just one shot to try out Imgur http://imgur.com 5. Well I found it very easy to use.
  19. Hi Guys, I have been experiencing some weird crashes when flying at Ketchikan in P3Dv3. (To be clear, by crash I don't mean the simulator stops I mean I fly into something!) I downloaded the installation file from FSS today so it is up to date. It has happened twice now at the same place; I take off from runway 11 in a helicopter (Cera 212 or Aerosoft Seahawk so far) and fly low and slow drifting out over the runway border and nosing slowly toward the main airport buildings, gaining height as I go - not too much but enough to be well clear of any of the buildings. The
  20. Grabbed this piece of metal from the current Virtavia sales at simmarket - in preparation of more remote open_LC areas which "require" such a tool for military or humanitarian tasks... Not a high-level add-on, not much more complicated than a default plane. On the other hand, easy to use.
  21. As promised http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/115382-just-two-from-a-toy-test/ some cockpit shots from another recent purchase. Taxiing in Terrace, ... ... climbing north from Canada to Alaska... ... and downwind to Ketchikan.
  22. On patrol in Boeing T-45C over Ketchikan - regio around PAKT at the North of NA-PFJ:
  23. Downloaded and installed FTX: NZ NZQN yesterday [FSS0429085]. (Oh, just a note here - your ReadMe.txt file has the Subject line referring to FTX: NA PAJN ??) I then opened FTX Central to configure and it suggested I download the latest Libraries. I did that. Then I open FTX and was greeted with this: http://fsfiles.org/flightsimshotsv2/images/2015/11/30/ObjectFlow_PAKT.dll.jpg Not too sure if it's because of installing NZQN or the new Library Files but I have that PAKT.dll clash now. I have tried disabling FTX: NA PAKT in the Scenery Library - to no avail. H
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