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  1. More openLC NA exploration, this shot is farmland located south of Homestead, FL. The featureless light green area in the far background is the Everglades. The trees in the distance are palm tree farms. This is the most southern cultivated farm land in the continental United States. Features in this shot are from open LC NA. This is a ground shot of the same area -- the openLC NA is very close to RL. photo - copyright 2016 Google Maps
  2. West of Dallas, headed for Houston KIAH Decending west of Houston to KHOU
  3. An old favourite of mine from FSX, I'm delighted to see team KBT have updated their *excellent* freeware Orion to work in FSX/DX10 and P3D. Here's a suitably camouflaged variant over Alaska: ... and over water: Adam. It's at SOH http://www.sim-outhouse.com/sohforums/local_links.php?catid=37
  4. G'day guys, As we all wait with excitement for Tim and Ken's amazing Samoan Experience, I'd love to show a few screenshots from the latest triple-installer I've been working on, KJAC Jackson Hole Airport for the Central Rockies region. Originally released in mid-2012, Jackson Hole was an expansive project that aimed to recreate not only one of the most scenic airport approaches in the US, but also the entire Teton Range and several surrounding towns and villages. A favourite with both procedural airline simmers and GA enthusiasts alike, the airport is notoriously difficult to fly into duri
  5. I don't know whether "Mach Loop" is a loop done at the speed of sound, a pub in N.Wales, a [not-so] hidden valley in N.Wales, or a nutty Scotsman ("Mac the Loop"), so here's a Tornado on holiday in NZ! Adam.
  6. Hello: I am seeing texture bleed-through and morphing in FTX AU, particularly around Melbourne and Sydney (not noticed it anywhere else): I know this issue has been well-documented ( http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/79004-resolving-rapid-ground-texture-morphing/ and http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/74183-texture-bleed-thru-at-kmmh-and-surounding-areas/?hl=%2Bau+%2Btexture+%2Bbleed ), but the recommended solutions are not working for me. Specifically, I have checked and can confirm that my scenery library is arranged exactly as described in the FTX Definitive Guide
  7. No ... not the QW146 (sorry Stu!!!) ... but the venerable Mk1 Anson (c1935) - this one depicting the fully restored version we have flying in NZ: P3Dv2 clouds, believe it or not! Green stuff around Nelson - ORBX NZSI. Adam.
  8. Recently installed P3Dv2 next to FSX. Installed Global Base, Global Vector and the latest Object Lib voor P3Dv2. After that wanted to install the four parts of OpenLC Europe in P3Dv2. During the install of each of the four parts, the installation is interrupted by an errormessage and, although the TFX Central v2 is installed and functioning well, the popping up of the old FTX Central screen. The errormessage says the terrain.cfg can not be found. When I try to install the update 1.10, exactly the same happens. Pressing Continue at the installation screen results in the install
  9. Flying over CRM, From KJAC (hélas not yet in P3D), Alabeo C207, weather by FSGRW Have a good flight
  10. G'day All, Thanks to everyone for the wonderful feedback on our recent Cairns and Broome Triple Installer releases - I hope that this has given you all a chance to re-explore the tropical parts of Northern Australia in both sims Next on my Triple-Installer list is probably the one I've had the most requests for - and incidentally the last non-P3D2 compatible airport released by ORBX - Redding for Northern California. Originally released twelve months ago, Redding was a slightly unusual project for me - rather than sticking to the airport and surrounds, I decided to model two full airports
  11. Hello All - I finally have my P3D looking ok (in my opinion anyway) so thought I'd share some screenshots from a couple of flights I did today around Caloundra. Hope you enjoy!! Cheers Michael
  12. Has anyone had experience with precipitFX for P3DV2?
  13. G'day All, After a little bit of R&R following the release of Palm Springs, I've been getting stuck into service-pack-mode, and in particular bringing up some of my titles to native P3Dv2 standard with some much-appreciated assistance from Graham Eccleston. I am currently working on three Service Packs/Triple Installers at the moment, and am delighted to show off a few screens for two of these, Broome International and Cairns International airports for FTX AU. To be perfectly honest, these are two of my all-time favourite projects to work on, and it's been great fun to add full P3D2 co
  14. Hello All - Just took a quick early morning flight from my old home town Orange (YORG) to Cudal (YCUD) in regional NSW and thought I'd share some shots with you. I hope you enjoy.
  15. Back to P3D, folks!! An evening Aerosoft A320 approaching NZAA from Wellington: Majestic Dash-8 Q400 leaving Wellington: Adam.
  16. All P3D settings pretty well maxed out. A bit of a slide show, but worth it! Terrain shading, vegetation shadows and cloud shadows - none of these features are in FSX, so it looks like I've well and truly "swapped horses"! Adam.
  17. One of the first aircraft I ported over to P3D ... but how could I resist posting some shots? PV270 over Marlborough Sounds: Terrain and vegetation shadows in P3D really bring out the atmosphere of the Sounds in FTX NZSI - which always looked curiously "flat" in FSX: Adam.
  18. It takes a fair bit of work (and experimentation) as there's a bit of a problem with water shading in P3D (due to tessellation), but it can be done! Needless to say, some great underlying textures from ORBX NZNI help out somewhat! Adam.
  19. I've managed to transfer a few more of my FSX favourites to P3. Here's a random selection: IRIS Vulcan down Bomb Alley ... ermmm ... Marlborough Sounds: I love the ATR-500. This is the ancient Flight1 version: A firm favourite at Ardmore air shows. The Lotus Sim L-39: An ATR competitor - the Carenado B1900D at Nelson: A couple of WWII goodies. The JF Mosquito and A2A B-17G: There's *lots* to like about P3Dv2. Generally, scenery is much improved. It seems to be slightly sharper - and takes shadows from itself and clouds. My system can't handle v
  20. Santa's sleigh had a copy of P3D with my name on it. I was going to wait until I built a new system for it, but hey .... P3D was set up on the same system as my FSX (same boot but different HD/partition) so many of my add-ons didn't appear to need re-activation. I simply reinstalled them to the P3D directory (that has a dummy FSX.EXE in it). I re-downloaded all my ORBX sceneries - just to make sure that I had triple installer versions of all of them. Still a couple missing (YBBN, YSCB, NZQN), but the rest installed easily and painlessly. A great chance to prune my hangar to the more recent a
  21. Its down there somewhere!
  22. Hey yall, It has been a very long time since I have posted some screenshots. But I have tons to post today. This Round is Eyefinity Versions of my new toy Real Air Duke V2. Location is Edwards AFB default in P3Dv2 with FTX Global and FTX Vector Installed. What an awesome location this is. Hope you enjoyed it, I love the ground markings on 2nd to last pic. This location is so cool, and love them cloud shadows. I will try to make some Single Screen Screenies soon. -Airwolf
  23. Some shots in Squamish to test the performance of P3D v2 I am operating the AS355. Frame rate is low: average of 28 fps. Thank you for watching.
  24. Hi everybody, running P3Dv2 with FTX Global, Vector and now OpenLC Europe. Truly amazing. However, since the installation I regularly get fatal errors in P3Dv2 with CTD. This happens pretty quickly near Laufenselden-freeware airport (almost always at nearly the same spot, 2mins after take-off), and after longer flying and a bit unpredictably around Ruegen freeware-airport, with various aircraft. Great stability in P3Dv2 before, so I'm a bit worried that openLC is behind it. Have EU England, Scotland, Wales and all the North American territories, too, but run on FTX global. Thanks for a
  25. Some evening sightseeing around Squamish... Thanks for viewing!
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