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Found 516 results

  1. Hello, I bought Nantucket not too long ago. Scenery is amazing, but I noticed when I land there there is no lighting. I did the following flights -KOXB to KACK - started in afternoon, landed at night, no lights -KACK to KBHB - started at night, lights were showing. Did a return flight (continued the same scenario) and no DL again when landing. Once landed I also tried to move the time forward, (forcing the sim to load textures) but nope, no lighting. I contacted iBlueYonder first on Facebook but they replied saying to come here. Thanks in advance and best regards. A.D.
  2. Hi there. I'm new to flight sims and have purchased the OrbX Pacific Northwest package and am trying to get it working in P3D v 4.5. I installed it using OrbX central and it seems to show up in the 'scenery options' in the main p3d screen but I'm not seeing the photorealistic (or even particularly nice) landscapes etc. I read through the installation guide and changed my settings (I think) to the recommended ones but no joy. I'm sure I'm doing something wrong but for the life of me can't figure out what. Any help would be appreciated. Image of the landscape around the Seattle area attached just to show you what I'm seeing.
  3. What a nice place to play plane spotting - golf
  4. This airport and its surroundings look really good on P3D. This Bonanza is a challenge to fly (at least to me), and this day there were heavy crosswinds.
  5. Hi all, New install of windows and p3d. I went into the FTX central, installed my products. Did the migration and i don't think they're showing correctly. This looks like default mesh me. (see attached pics) Any thoughts ?
  6. It is a pleasure to pair this bird with this amazing scenery.
  7. This was the first time I explored this scenery. I am really impressed, it's a gem. The number of screenshots shows how much I loved flying here.
  8. P3D is an absolutely amazing simulator. At least, if my eyes are not lying to me, I think these images prove (at least to me) how wonderful images this sim is capable of producing when paired with realistic sceneries , and how many wonders it still has to give us simmers. This, not to mention amazing skies, amazing water, weather engines, seasons, and so on...
  9. Hello, I noticed that I have bad ground Textures of the grass, at all Airports from ORBX since a dubrovnic Update, the last months. I hope you see what I mean. Thanks for the help! Robin
  10. A lovely work by ORBX. Both the airport and the surrounding region are super realistic.
  11. P3D 4.5 Hotfix 2 Orbx Aus v2, Global, Vector, Buildings, Trees. AS4 weather. A2A 182 Recommended flight, Cairns, YBCS to Townsville, YBTL. I have to say, I forgot how lovely Australia looked. This was done in real time, so it's morning in their summer. Sorry for so many... This area was strikingly beautiful. There's the airport. ILS approach to runway 01.
  12. I purchased this scenery today and I am impressed at how detailed and beautiful it is.
  13. Also bought this scenery today. The level of detail is quite impressive. A true gem.
  14. Welcome to the Swiss Alps. Developed by Andreas Hegi, author of LSPN Triengen Airport, get ready to explore another challenging airport in the Swiss Alps. As a popular ski resort during the winter season, Samedan Airport (LSZS) sees a vast number of general aviation traffic and private corporate jets frequent the beautiful airport. Situated in the heart of the Engadin valley, expect unsettled winds, low-visibility and plenty of turbulence. Even the most experienced of pilots will find landing at the 5,600ft above sea-level airport tough. Samedan Airport features the same level of detail you come to expect from our airport collection. The area closest to the airport features 30cm per pixel coverage with 60cm coverage in the nearby surrounding area. Immersive 3D snow piles (in P3D only) will form during the winter seasons and you can also enjoy dynamic lighting emitting a soft white glow on the apron floor. Whether you’re exploring the region in a smaller aircraft or taking on the challenge of landing an A319 (which has happened in real-life), you will also be able to spot various custom hotels, churches and more from the villages of Samedan and St. Moritz. This unique blend of high-altitude, scenic mountains and a tough approach means that Samedan Airport is the perfect get-away from the usual busy international airports for those looking for something more exciting to try. Do you dare take on the challenge of approaching Samedan Airport? FEATURES Incredibly detailed, high definition rendition of Samedan Airport and surrounds Scenic mountain landscape with glaciers, lakes and rivers all make stunning visual approaches Realistic HD textures created from on-site photography to provide the most immersive experience possible Visually pleasing: 30cm per pixel coverage in the closer airport area, 60cm in the surrounding area Includes the villages of Samedan and St. Moritz with many custom hotels and churches - perfect for the VFR fliers Thousands of hand placed autogen trees and buildings to make the area feel alive 3D snow piles in winter (only P3D version) Seasonal variations Bonus helipad: Hospital Oberengadin Dynamic night lighting (only P3D v4) By veteran developer Andreas Hegi, author of the incredible LSPN Triengen Airport Developed for P3D & FSX, compatible with Global Base, OpenLC Europe & Vector COVERAGE MAP Stay tuned for more info and previews!
  15. I love the perfect rendition of Catalina island coastal areas. What a wonderful scenery...
  16. I am happy that I was finally able to reinstall P3D after a failure that required a full Windows reset. Today I reinstalled AU V2, Cairns, and did a little exploration in this amazing area. ]
  17. A different kind of view!
  18. Hello :) Can someone help me ? I have this at night when I'm flying. I do nothing in ORBX or in my simulator
  19. We're at the stand in Sydney's Kingsford Smith Airport. So interesting to see the Australian ramp workers eagerly waiting to move their cargo loaders... ...to finally get this tube loaded! OK. Let's go to Singers. Taxiway bridges are my favourite bridges... or so. Line-up runway 34L. Heading over the Jamison Valley in the Blue Mountains National Park. The landscape gets dryer further to the north. Agriculture meets desert. It gets ever more dry here! Ignorants say the patterns in the next shot stem from running water that dried up, but people who have been there know that these are caused by the Giant Sandgropers which are said to have taken many outbackers who were never seen again. Thank goodness we're save at the altitude and thus don't become the next meal for one of those behemoths! Small sandgroper to be found in Western Australia. Somewhat larger specimen found in the Outback. Heading west... Possibly Tennant Creek, NT. Getting closer to the coast over the Kimberley region. Google Earth doesn't know the name of this bay... We begin our descent... ...let's be patriotic and switch on the logo lights. Cleared to land runway 20R!
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