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Found 13 results

  1. I had an extremely enjoyable flight from Half Moon Bay to Monterey this morning. As an aside, these will be some of my last FSX shots, as I'm upgrading to a new PC, and I'll be making the jump to P3D. Enjoy...
  2. President's Day at Redding Municipal Airport.
  3. I decided to go back to Australia for some landing practice at Lilydale, and check out a new-to-me Fw190 repaint from Huub Vink. Enjoy...
  4. Part 7 - High River Regional (CEN4) to Felts Field (KSFF) - The weather was a little rough once I left CEN4, but it got better until I was about 30 miles out of Felts. My video driver crashed, which caused FSX to go TU also. So the last few shots are of a re-launch, from a nearby airfield; and the weather was not exactly the same, unfortunately. You can make out Bonners Ferry (65S) on the plateau down at the bottom of the shot.
  5. Part 6 - Squamish (CYSE) to High River Regional (CEN4) - I looked at the weather for this route earlier today, and it was favorable, so I gave it a go. It was a long flight, at 361.2 nautical miles, and even in the Jug, it took almost two hours. OpusFSX really shined on this trip, and I got some screenshots that I really liked. It was actually tough trying to whittle it down to just ten. BTW, if this was a combat sim, I would've shot down the two Cessna's that jumped me in line as I was on the downwind leg. :wink:
  6. Part 5 - Swanson (2W3) to Squamish (CYSE) - The weather wasn't the best, but better than the last leg. As you'll see, I had to commandeer a new Jug as I pranged the prop upon landing at Swanson last time. This was a pretty straightforward flight until I got vectored for the approach at Squamish...in the mountains, covered in clouds, with some real gusty winds! I put her down in one piece, but I'm sure the mechanic is waiting to scream at me about the struts that I fully compressed.
  7. My MIL is going to be staying with us for awhile, due to some health issues that she is just now overcoming; but since our spare room is the flight deck, I won't be flying for awhile. Happy she's better, wish I could still fly around ORBX-Land. I'll take the former every single time though. I forgot I had purchased KMRY during the sale, so here's a short flight to Hayward Executive with the Butcher Bird. Enjoy...
  8. I went ahead and took advantage of the sale, and picked up Lake Tahoe, Redding, Monterey, and Squamish...so... ...ORBX Tour - Part 2: Lake Tahoe to Redding
  9. Going to start an "ORBX Tour." I'll eventually end up at KJAC, but this flight took me from Livermore to Lake Tahoe. I'm going to make a horseshoe flight path that should take me through all of the U.S. regions that ORBX has done so far. If this first flight is any indication, I'll probably take advantage of the December sale as well. I need the Lake Tahoe scenery after seeing these shots in comparison to what y'all have done to the place. The next flight will take me from Tahoe to Redding. Probably going to want that airport, too! There's the unbelievab
  10. Took the Turbine Duke on a flight from Diamond Point (2WA1) to Bonner's Ferry (65S). It was a long flight, and it was the absolute bumpiest ride I have ever been on in FSX. There was turbulence almost the entire way. Glad I landed when I did.
  11. Just took a quick morning flight form Orcas to Paine Field.
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