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Found 328 results

  1. After travelling through the red center with Wayoutback Safaris last year, they would be my first choice for a tour through the tropical north as well https://www.wayoutback.com.au/destinations/top-end-tours/3-day-4wd-dragonfly-dreaming-top-end-camping-tour/ . And I give myself a virtual teaser before... We´d start from Darwin... ... pick up all the guests from their hotels... ... and drive down Stuart Highway past Emkaytee. Turn right at Coomalie Creek... ... and leave (OZx´s) Batchelor to tour left. First stop in Litchfield NP is Florence Falls (obviously dry at the day of flight ), ... ... followed by Wangi Falls. You can see the pool at its bottom. Then we´d make a sharp turn eastwards and fly along Lake Bennett... ... follow Arnhem Highway across Mary River... ... and turn right for some 4WD driving on Jim Jim Road. Finally we´d reach Cooinda for the night camp. Sorry for the recommendations. They have deserved it.
  2. Another day, another morning flight. From Hobart, Tasmania... ... over the road crossings at Sorell... ... and then heading south, ... ... to the historic site of Port Arthur. Up the coast to the nice OZx airstrip of Lagoon Bay, ... ... Maria Island, another historic convict place, ... ... and the villages of Triabunna... ... and Swansea, ... ... leads us to the Freycinet NP. Coles bay to the left, the Hazards to the right. A little round over Cape Tourville lighthouse... ... and to Wineglass Bay. The right place to land here is Friendly Beaches.
  3. Then comes the day when one has to leave the land of Oz. At least in a stylish plane - just chartered for this special flight. Out of Darwin, ... ... for some seconds following Stuart Highway again, ... ... but soon turning north to the Java Sea. Some cloudy hours later we can spot Borneo´s west coast... ... and begin to descend... ... over Pulau Bintan.... ... and Bataam... ... into Singers. I find Singapore is the perfect hub in south east Asia. Let´s decide where to go next!
  4. The second day of our (virtual) Dragonfly Dreaming tour will lead us through the northeast of Kakadu NP. And making the descriptions easier for me, I just take them from a suggested operators´ website. "Awake for breakfast this morning before joining an iconic Yellow Waters Cruise. A must do activity within Kakadu National Park, the award winning Yellow Waters cruise is Aboriginal owned and centres around a spectacular billabong system that is home to some remarkable and diverse wildlife. Spotting crocodiles is only one of the many wildlife viewing opportunities on this unique water system. Departing camp we travel to nearby Nourlangie Rock. Here you can see how local Aboriginal people lived in this area through changing times. Environmental and social changes are reflected in the rock art and in the ground, where archaeologists have uncovered over 20,000 years of Aboriginal occupation." Driving past Jabiru, tourists will surely not visit this POI added with OZx: The Jabiru Uranium mine. "Later this afternoon we arrive at the culturally significant Aboriginal art site of Ubirr, located within the East Alligator region of the park. Here you will view a wide range of ancient Aboriginal art which will be interpreted by your guide. Learn the story of the Rainbow Serpent and climb the Nadab Lookout for panoramic views over the floodplain and beyond into Arnhem Land. After learning about the area, it’s time to pick out a quiet spot to sit while we watch the sun set over the Kakadu escarpment before making the short journey to our private and permanent campsite for the night." I change planes in Oenpelli... ... to start day 3 of the tour from here ... ... and leave the virtual camp at Jabiru. "Today the jewels of Kakadu National Park await. Departing early we travel ... ... to Twin and Jim Jim Falls. Explore Twin Falls Gorge which is accessed by 4-wheel drive track, a boat shuttle service and a rocky walking track and boardwalk. Once there relax on the sandy banks and admire the falls. There’s more 4-wheel driving as we make our way to Jim Jim Falls where a walk through monsoon forest and over boulders takes us to the waterfall and plunge pool which are surrounded by 150 metre cliffs. Spend the afternoon taking in the sheer beauty of your spectacular surrounds before we make our way back ..." crossing Mary River... .. and the Adelaide River... ... "to Darwin and your accommodation after three magical days of adventure and wildlife, rich in cultural history and natural beauty." Italic text is copied directly from the cited tour operators website. According to my experience they do not compete with Orbx but also provide good entertainment. I already enjoyed the descriptions as much as the virtual flights.
  5. If you wondered about the final destination of this repositioning after flight 1, ... ... I can give you the answer. VA1459 starts in Melbourne with slightly uninviting weather. At least the TrueGlass effect works as great... ... as precipitFX does. Climbing over Victoria in the rain... ... and over the clouds. Flying northwest, at Danggali Wilderness area the dry center begins. The green-red borderline near Adelaide, where Stuart Highway begins. You can even see the southern ocean in the background. Lake Eyre. For those who have not seen it in RL yet: Hours later we leave the red center near Tennant Creek... ... and cross Litchfield NP... ... on the way to the north coast... ... and into Darwin. To our left you can see the northern end of Stuart Highway. Parked. Without afcad and also without GSX services. But with the plan to spend some days here!
  6. ... to Tasmania. We go from Launceston airport towards the city... ... and descend over Tamar River, ... ... to look at the entry of Cataract Gorge. Left of the bridge should be the famous Stillwater restaurant, at least the name should be well known to some. https://www.stillwater.com.au/ We enter the gorge and chase South Esk river, ... ... towards Trevallyn Dam. Finally we play a round at the Country Club, though its buildings are invisible. Tomorrow we´ll leave the Apple Isle...
  7. Ready for a little hike in the morning? Let´s go to Dove Lake under the iconic Cradle Mountain... ... and stop at the parking lot to walk around it. The weather may not look too fine, but this shot proofs there should be some more trees in the sim scenery. At lunchtime it is a good idea to get back to Cradle airstrip... ... change the equipment... ... and follow C132 westwards. Passing Lake Mackintosh, ... ... and Zeehan... ... on the way to Ocean Beach. Turn right here and your next landfall is Argentina. But we are carefully flying downwind into Strahan. OK, the old OZx airfield does not longer blend well into the AU scenery... ... but good enough to land and park. No let´s go to the city for recharging.
  8. Today we go for another major tourist route along the east coast of Tasmania. From Friendly Beaches, where we stopped yesterday, ... ... heading north, where the small access road meets the A3. A look over the shoulder shows us Great Swanport and the Freycinet coast to the left. Bicheno. A good place for Fish & Chips, Coffee and Sunrise watching. Work for the driver to cross Elephant Pass. Easier for the pilot... St. Helens, beautifully located at a bay. For me this would be a good location for an Orbx airport as well. And if need be, one could include Binnalong Bay... ... and the Bay of Fires. A long and winding road leads us via Scottsdale... ... towards Launceston. Runway 32 to our right, sorry I can´t give you evidence of the landing today.
  9. Not too much to say about the locations on this flight. Unfortunately with some autumn rain. The telescopes of the University of Tasmania were added by TeeCee. I like this light, ... ... but I do not like this weather. Flying down the River Derwent we see the Cadbury chocolat factory, ... ... some industrial complexes, ... ... and finally the harbour. Again, pimped by Terry to my greatest pleasure. Tasman Bridge in its glory. And I can even find the runway!
  10. Continuing the Tasmanian Tour (I fear the famous road tour https://targa.com.au/targa-tasmania-competition/ will not take place this season) we depart from Strahan... ... along the B24... ... up to the environmental disaster around Queenstown. Then we follow the A10 along the wilderness mountains, ... ... and pass a lake that is named "Laughing Jack Lagoon". Who has given it this name and why? However, at Tarraleah Falls we can simply fly over the meandering road... ... until we come to the lowland plains near Ouse. A little detour brings us to Mt. Field NP with the famous Russell Falls, ... ... before we continue to follow River Derwent along the Paper Mill at New Norfolk. Some sights added by @teecee: Bridgewater bridge, ... ... and Hobart harbour at Sullivan´s Cove. Nice views of Hobart during the approach. And here we are!
  11. Some years ago you could take a scenic flight from Strahan... ... over Sarah Island (a very unconvenient place for convicts in 19th century)... ... and heading inland. Do not take the wrong inlet, it is the left one! IFR flying at its finest... Not easy to find a safe place to land. At least not for me, that is the difference to the professionals... After lunch it would be time to head back over the wilderness. It should be difficult to access these beaches: There is no street shown in the maps I have. The outlet of the bay is called Hells Gates from the convict times. But our tour returns to Strahan, so no need to fight the currents...
  12. Time to start this autumns Tasmania tour, and, like most times from Launceston. Did I ever mention this airport look is as outdated as chinese sceneries would be, because the buildings and streets were complete overhauled during the last 10 years? A short view over the fields of Sharman´s Wines... ... and the golf course of the Country Club Casino. The buildings should be northwest of the little lake. Following the NH1 we find ourselves near Carrick. Some VIPs here know this village well, am I right, @teecee ? Next famous landmark for some of us is the TasAlk facility near Westbury, ... ... followed slightly later by the camouflaged airstrip at Deloraine. Meandering roads and rivers along the Alumn Cliffs, where we head left... ... to meet, under the right wheel, Trowunna Wildlife Sanctuary http://trowunna.com.au/ , taking care for a huge number of Wombats and Tasmanian Devils. Here we climb over the shoulder of Mount Roland, ... ... with Claude Road airport situated at its north. Lake Barrington, ... .. and the nearby Cethana Dam guide the way to... ... the Cradle Mountain airstrip. Time to look for a tent or hut to sleep...
  13. My preferred domestic airline is getting ready in Tullamarine to cross Bass Strait. Having no advanced 737 in my hangar I have to cheat a little bit... Those passengers on the left side can enjoy a little view over Melbourne. "No, do not all move to the left side at once!!" Quite cloudy today... at least those on the right side could get a glimpse of Philipp Island. And soon after we approch Tasmanias north coast... ... with the mouth of Tamar River and the harbour of Bell Bay to be seen here. Turning into final... ... and here we are established. The summer was hot and dry, as we can see. Safely landed. I am still longing for a more actual representation of Launy aiport´s buildings .
  14. The second part of my Victoria tour leads me from Warranambool... ... across an OZx highlight, Cobden, ... ... to Halls Gap. A very prominent entry point to the Grampian mountains. Hard to spot: below us is (should be) the famous rock formation "The Balconies". For a more intense exploration I landed at the nearby OZx airstrip and walked up the hill, but no screenies to prove. Instead, I can only show you the return flight next day out of YGMP... ... crossing the Balconies again, ... ... also Halls Gap, ... ... before arriving back at Melbourne Tullamarine for another plane change.
  15. After arrival in Australia it was now time to explore the surroundings of Melbourne. Getting ready... ... and airborne. Two airports in a row. It seems that the Essendon elevation issues are solved now? A little Melbourne overview. Don´t get sick! "This is ReinAir, we do not have bags for you." I can´t name all the icons here. Therefore let´s follow the M1 southbound... ... passing Avalon, ... ... Torqay´s Tiger Moth World, ... ... and joining the Great Ocean Road at Anglesea. This photoreal OZx part does not longer fit totally perfect into AU scenery, ... ... neither does Airey´s Inlet. But still this is a fantastic landing challenge (not for the Lancair...). Uncomfortable flying between the cloud layer... ... and these fantastic-looking mountains. This time we did not land at Apollo Bay, ... ... and passed Cape Otway (with a lighthouse just placed for Jack), ... ... also the 12 Apostles, ... ... before crossing Port Campbell. The flying tourist has to go on to Warranambool... ... for a stop at the end of this day!
  16. After some days at Fraser Island´s wilderness ... ... we were to return back to the mainland. In the sim this means I already placed a plane at Hervey Bay. This was the first flight I made after NVIDIA´s driver update mid November - and the significantly increased sharpness was so astonishing, I had to take some more close ups. Off we go, crossing River Heads Road, ... ... followed by some last looks at Hervey Bay, ... ... before we passed Maryborough... ... and Gympie, with its numerous (red) traffic lights. The road winds down southwards, passing Noosa Heads, ... ... Caloundra, ... ... and the Glasshouse Mountains. Caboolture airfield should be just next to the motorway, but I overlooked it! Welcomed by the confusing roads of North Brisbane... ... but we ignored YBBN that day. Instead we spent some funny hours at Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary. Great fun to my family, I think we made at least 2000 pictures on that day. Archerfield (OZx) with some slight mesh issues was my virtual destination for this flight... ... though in real life we made a detour onto Mt. Coot-Tha ... ... before heading into Brisbane downtown for the evening.
  17. After all that shaking the day before... ... our plans for the next day at Fraser Island were smoother. Leaving Kingfisher Resort... ... with a tour where the name says what´s the intention. Heading north along the island´s beautiful coast and beaches ... ... to Platypus Bay where real life (and the map) indicate a high probability of encounters. Unfortunately in p3d they are placed somewhere else, much closer to Hervey Bay itself. At first we spotted some curious dolphins... ... and shortly after several families of humpbacks. Doing excercises? Or playing with the tourists? Fantastic hours came to an end, and I shortcut with the Cessna... ... right into Hervey Bay. No doubt a tour like this is not the worst activity to invest a day for.
  18. It has been some days since I posted the previous part of our tour: However, it should not be anything but a financial problem to stay at Kingfisher Resort for a longer time. This is how it looks from the sea. On this morning we had booked a 4WD tour across the island. It looks like a road, but in fact it is more a soft beach inside a forest. It was impossible to make a realistic photo while driving. Took us more than 1 hour for the 19 km ride across Fraser Island. The Pacific awaits. 75 mile beach, with slightly high tide in AUv2. And, as foreseen in OZx, ... ... the solid beach can also be used by other mobility toys. A short ride further north the wreck of S.S. Maheno can be seen. And nearby some of the famous Fraser dingoes. They are the genetically most pure dingoes on this planet, as they did never mix with dogs, like they do on the mainland. Returning from the beach via Eurong... ... towards Central Station... ... and Wanggoolba Creek. The water is so clear, you can´t even see it in real life. A few more kilometers back comes Lake McKenzie. A perched freshwater lake. Quite refreshing after the long 4WD ride! And, precisely shown as ever, we follow the bush track "home" to Kingfisher Resort. Thank you for watching!
  19. Following the afternoon trip... ... we did not stay in Hervey Bay. Instead, we took a seamless connection... ... checked the parking lot of Woolworth Uranagan, ... ... and followed River Heads Road southwards for a short while. River Heads is the place where you park your car, ... ... and wait... ... before the shuttle bus takes you to the barge terminal. From there you "just" cross the bay to Fraser Island ... ... until you see Kingfisher Bay Resort https://www.kingfisherbay.com/: Perhaps you stay aware when walking at the beach... But the resort itself is a perfect place to stay some days. I´ll virtually do so, as I go travelling for the next two weeks (in a region without any Orbx ). (Click on the picture to fully enjoy.)
  20. After our flight to the northern Queensland coast ... ... we took a rental vehicle and inspected Cairns´ surroundings. We left the airport to the north across Barron River... ... and initially followed M1, Captain Cook Highway. But as we use a plane here, we can do little detour up to Barron Gorge. Just a few seconds away (if you don´t take the famous railway): Leila´s airstrip and Kuranda. A touristic spot we skipped... Merging with the highway again. It winds along the Pacific quite nicely... ... until it turns towards the cane fields. Plan with some delays on the way. Mossman village is the place where one should leave the M1 towards the mountains. Drop your vehicle at the visitor center below... ... and let yourself be guided into Mossman Gorge. No place to land below and no beer either. So we had to continue...
  21. Let me take you onwards on Stuart Highway just from the point we reached yesterday: The Henbury crossroads. That´s how it looks in the sim, coming from the sand track under the plane and then following the paved one, northbound. Just 54 km from here a good stop is Stuarts Well Roadhouse. Should be here. We all feel instantly welcomed by the menu. You are not taking my order, are you? You don´t either, I am sure. Here we should have found the good one; 5 soups of the day, please! Be careful, if you do not follow the rules here... ... you might be taken to the nearby correction center. Luckily there is no runway, so we can go on, passing Pine Gap Tracking station... ... descending over the MacDonnell Ranges, ... ... along the old Alice Springs airport, ... ... into YBAS. Since AU V2 I have this blurry runway, together with some misplaced runway lights. Parked at the correct lot.
  22. After visiting the Resort at Kings Canyon for a belated breakfast, we took a local mobility provider to move on. Climbing out, you can see Kings Canyon to the right of this screenie. If you like to see more, look here. In case you need a stop, Kings Creek Station is the first (and last) option for a while. An aerial view of Kings Creek Station. The regular "commercial" area to the left, the airstrip easily to see (as written before: The OZx model is 100 % accurate!), and the campground is just under the right engine of the King Air. Did I show you our little kitchen helper already? No worries, we follow Luritja road southwards until the next crossing. Ernest Giles road, looks like an easy shortcut on the way to the northeast... ... and pretty straightforward in the Orbx depiction. However, the road has its challenge. You´d better have a proper vehicle, and an experienced driver. We had (not me, of course). (PS: This is not a parking lot. This is just stopped on the "highway".) Crossing Palmer "River". Surely it was dry. And the end of the road there should be the Henbury Craters. Sounds interesting, but we did not get the time for a detour here. Finally, near the OZx airstrip "Henbury", we reach Stuart Highway, the next paved road. We´ll turn left, but I keep that for the next post...
  23. After yesterday´s late arrival at Kings Creek Station... ... it is good to get up VERY early for a walk along Kings Canyon. OK, we will save time and energy and take a more relaxing alternative. We´d be picked up at our campsite just right in front of the airstrip (not shown yet in OZx)... ... follow the track just right of the runway ... ... to reach Kings Creek Station at the main road (well, Luritja road is the only road here, btw). https://www.kingscreekstation.com.au/ Sorry, I have no Robinson in my hangar. But I have time to visit the local camel meeting point. Off to Kings Canyon, this is the parking lot. Last flush water toilet for the next hours. It is wise to climb "Heart Attack Hill" early in the morning. At least there is a defi and a satellite telephone on top for cases of emergency. We´ll "just" cross the Canyon... ... and finally go down to a resting site a bit off track, ... ... whilst a heli passenger will need to fly to Kings Canyon Resort to change vehicles again.
  24. Following the intro ... ... this post is going to summarize our tours in & around Sydney: By ferry, by walking, by a bus tour, by ship, and finally by car. Nevertheless, in this peer group we are all about flying... so let´s just head directly from Kingsford Smith to Bondi... ... then over to South Head, ... ... before we turn back over Port Jackson to Sydney´s first airport: Rose Bay. From the time when long-distance flying was mostly done with seaplanes. Here we cross Taronga Zoo... ... and then fly back around the CBD to Darling Harbour. Some may take a rental car for the next leg, but the KingAir does it nearly as good: Up into the Blue Mountains. You may recognize the towns of Leura and Katoomba on the rim. You really learn a lot about the 3rd dimension of these areas from the sim, whilst a map will not reveal that. And when you walk the rim, you´ll see it this way. Echo Point, with the 3 Sisters added as freeware. Or, carved in stone. Finally, turning back into town over YKAT Katoomba airstrip with its photoreal OZx surrounding.
  25. The other morning we went on from Kings Canyon airstrip... ... following Larapinta Drive... ... into the West MacDonnell ranges near Areyonga. A very slight detour to Gosse Bluff crater. It has never looked so good in the sim. On to Hermannsburg... ... and when Pine Gap tracking station appears to the right, it is time to contact your destination airport. While turning into final you can see a big settlement to the left. The old airport of this central place. I am sure y´all know where this is. Time to grab a cab and head into the city, vibrating as it is (at least relative to the surroundings in a 500 km circle).
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