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  1. Another place i hope to see soon in P3D ! Have a good flight
  2. Tested in FSX SE, with opus as weather and Ants Drifter. Really love that place but a quick OOM after less than 10 mn ... need to be improved ? Have a good flight
  3. A discover for me, first flight over Calgary - FSX SE - Ants Drifter, weather by Opus fsx and of course Orbx products ! Have a good flight
  4. FSX SE - Open LC EU - Truelandscape & obstacles et repères - opus ...... waiting after the new Cote d'azur Cityscape !! Have a good flight
  5. FSX SE - PAHO & FTX SAK - M2M Mirage 2000 (V1 just released) and weather by OPUS Have a good flight
  6. Though, Im really hoping Lockheed Martin address the snow animation and make a better one for P3D V2
  7. Still loving this sim. Amazed how sharp the textures and autogen load. No blurries at all! >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SBCGK7WouEE
  8. Lars and Martin, thank you so much for this incredible piece of work... speaking of work, I was late for work this morning as I could not help but load up my sim and do some flying around this wonderful place! Visual beauty match with rock solid performance... and that is with every slider at max setting in P3D2.2, frames locked at 30 and not a single dip in frames!
  9. Thank you all at Orbx and Adrian at FSS for bringing us YMML for P3D2.2. An airport I always avoid in FSX as performance would tank. Installed easy, defrag then loaded up... what can I say!!...... Performance is amazing.. no longer the obsessively worrying over performance anymore, just relax, fly and take in the immersion that P3D2.2 offers. I had all sliders maxed, HDR on, using REX4 HDR option, YMML has never looked so good!
  10. Hi everyone. This build is my 4th reinstall(free) since i started using Opus. Just going to throw in my 5 cents worth as i know theres lots of people still using Opus. This is by far the best version i have used so far with the clouds looking so much better than any other build i have used. Really happy with this version. Just a hint to anyone thats going to download this build. After i installed it i had real issues with getting the full weather coverage..eg..i think its now out to about 800 miles around your aircraft.It just kept showing me the standard tiny bubble of clouds around my aircr
  11. Hello Everyone! This flight had to be completed quickly, because an injured person needed to be picked up at 65S and transfered to Felts as fast as possible. The crew enterd the B200 aircraft at about 8:15AM local time at KSFF and took off at around 8:25AM. At around 8:50 the plane was parked at 65S and while all the stuff for the returning flight to KSFF was set up by the flight crew, the medical staff helped bringing the patient on board. At around 9:00AM the plane was heading back to KSFF. At around 9:30AM then, the "mission" was over and so far all went well: The patient is on the wa
  12. Hello Everyone! My first post this year showing some pictures from various flights with the Majestic Dash from KSEA, Seattle to KBZN, Bozeman based on a real world flight provided by Horizon. Most of the time the weather around KSEA was rather bad and although it often improved noticeably throughout the flight Anti Ice was almost mandatory - well it's winter here Anyways: It was a great flying experience all the time and i hope You now enjoy these screenies here below as much as i enjoyed flying above this great winterly scenery! Cheers, Christoph Some snaps from KSEA … The „turbu
  13. Got Ireland installed this evening, and wanted to take a flight between Ireland and Northern Ireland. Ended up with a TON of screenshots, but was able to pare it down to a paltry 18. One of them will go to the screenshot contest as well. Enjoy!
  14. New York State - OPUS creating some lovely real time weather
  15. Near Lake Tahoe,USA Graz,Austria Near Innsbruk Paris China Malaysia/Thai Border Phuket Athens Batami,Georgia Zvartnots,Armenia Koh Samui,Thailand Cheers Stu
  16. Foggy early morning Departure from Canberra.-3 degrees. Orbx and Opus doing its thing Lots of drag on this boy when everything is hanging out !! Enjoy,Cheers Stu
  17. Hi Everyone. Heres shots from my big test flight. My scenery and Autogen Sliders are on Max,Opus live Weather,Rex,Accu Feel V1/2 and Shader. And...have loaded FS GENESIS MESH I think the shots speak for themselves....with my Multi Monitors and TH2GO its amazing. Roll on FTX Global. Hope you all enjoyed them Cheers Stu
  18. Not the most inviting weather to fly in. Lets try something different,visual approach down the harbour !! Rain and gusting crosswind,just a normal Wellington day. Cheers Stu
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