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Found 13 results

  1. OK, having a clear out of some screenshots and found these from way oop north (or to be more precise, Anchorage)
  2. Well it is Sunday night here in Oz and another week end's flying has almost come to an end. Here is a selection from some of the flights I have been on over the last 2 days. 1. Typhoon over the Namsen River, Norway. 2. On a flight from EDVY near Oerlinghausen. 3. This weeks treat is the Corvalis from Alabeo. Just love it even if the RL plane is not too common. At San Jose into San Carlos. 4. ORBX's Vans following the coast out of KMRY. 5. PAGS, isn't it obvious! Doing some scary hairybatics in the Corsair. 6. The Corvalis again in the Pyrenees close to Andorra. 7. Just love Manfred's C-97, here at FL200 after leaving KTVL. 8. Another beautiful piston heavy leaving KTVL is the DC-6. 9. The Electra heading away from Sedona. 10. A winter flight for the Corvalis from Parry Sound to CYVV Wiarton 11. After a short stop at KGCN the Electra headed north to you know where. 12. The PA-44 from WSS, a bit dated now but still a lovely plane to fly. After leaving PAGS it is passing over Noonah. Hope you enjoyed looking.
  3. After riding the White Pass train to Whitehorse (and fixing the airport elevation there) it is now time to head back southwards in order to catch a long-distance flight into the "global region". So I joined Air Canada from Whitehorse ... ... via Skagway ... ... to Juneau. A USAF commuter was the most suitable connection ... ... via Hoonah ... ... to Prince Rupert, where I was hired by some wealthy tourists to take them across the Inside Passage ... ... over Kitlope River ... ... the Kapella River Glaciers ... ... and the Kimsquit River Log station ... ... into a nice, but slightly foggy valley: It is Bella here, and cool. And it is the last in the series of my american June purchases which I had not been visiting yet!
  4. From Skagway... ... and the White Pass train depot ... ... to Fraser ... ... and the White Pass (ok, its summer, and it looks like a green pass...). Bennett, detailed, ... ... and the beautiful Bennett Lake. Changed the vehicle, after landing in Carcross:
  5. It seemed like a routine flight with Horizon´s Dash 8 from Juneau. Crossing Haines - still at cruise level. Descending over Lynn Canal ... ... and ready for the curved final into Skagway: Final, still to high... ... but ok. What a challenging approach. And what a nicely designed cityscape!
  6. Out of Juneau... ... and crossing Hoonah, ... ... towards Elfin Cove: Cape Spencer´s Lighthouse surely needs another visit with an appropriate tool! Over Brady Glacier... ... to Bartlett Cove ... ... and Excursion Inlet. Starting the approach over Point Retreat ... .... hmmm, looks nice .... .... and back into PAJN. A nice little afternoon tour to cool down after a humid day here!
  7. Not really a request for support, more an announcement of a weakness that might be treated someday... No coordinates, but Brady Glacier (coming from Cape Spencer) should be easy to locate.
  8. I am not sure if this is a Mesh or Vector or whatever issue: Whitehorse was ok when I flew there with SAK only. Now I have FS Global 2010 Mesh installed, as well as FTXG Base & Vector. FTX Central set to North America (so Global should be inactive). Should I also deactivate the mesh when flying in a full-fat region? At least, it is installed with lower prio than all FTX products already. Or do I have to "lift" the airport in the elevation tool (what would surprise me in a full-fat region)?
  9. Juneau City: The Taku Inlet: Wright Glacier: The Taku river valley: Downwind... ... to Taku Lodge. As far as I remember, this scenery was withdrawn from RTMM unfortunately. The view from the Lodge to Norris Glacier: ... and heading back to Juneau: A refreshing flight!
  10. Frontier Airlines offered a special sunset flight from Ketchikan to Juneau, for the numerous tourists spending summer vacations up there. Here we go, taking off from the 29: Heading into the sun... And starting the RNV-08V approach to Juneau. A little lighthouse helps starting the turn... Coghlan Island (NDB CGL), a little bit too low: OK, too far to the left. But forgive me, it is my first approach with a jet here... Survived. This is a fantastic approach, a real pleasure! Ladies and Gentlemen, enjoy the night in Juneau!
  11. Just forgot to add this picture to the earthquake post (http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/76403-tribute-to-good-friday-1964/), but I think it is worth it.
  12. Hi. Been flying out of PAHO Homer lately after reinstalling FSX and buying NA SAK. My FSX install so far only consisted of NA SAK and REX. Today I Installed NA PFJ + NA PFJ.003 and finally the latest ORBX libraries 130723. The sunken terrain appeared after this. I tried to move NA SAK on top of NA PFJ in the scenery library to see if that did the trick - but no luck. Pictures show how PAHO looks now and my scenery library. It should be noted that PAHO looked fine before I installed PFJ. Any help appreciated. Order numbers are all down in my signature.
  13. I was hoping there for the SAK patch that the wind mil farm on "Fire Island" would be included. Fire Island is to the west of Ted Stevens International Airport. Thanks Dana
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