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Found 4 results

  1. … on an early morning flight. which i had undertaken a few weeks back (from the private FSX-archive so to speak). Everyone, please enjoy! Cheers, Christoph Parked at KPDX, awaiting our passengers … one slightly „enlightened“ and post-edited shot here below, trying to capture the sunlight of early spring at one of these days where the weather does not yet know if it should make way for the sun - or let the rain pour down instead … soon getting through the clouds anyways … closer to California now already – and the weather getting better and better … a „close-up“ just prior to our top of descent here … descending … and into the approach towards RW 32 of KSTS … flying a hold as depicted by the chart for the ILS approach of KSTS’s RW 32 (not using any ATC this time). Really loving the many autogen houses here by the way! Nice! … one passenger‘s view … GS captured, runway in sight - time to disengage the AP and go for a manual landing Welcome to Santa Rosa / Sanoma County
  2. Hello Everyone! My first post this year showing some pictures from various flights with the Majestic Dash from KSEA, Seattle to KBZN, Bozeman based on a real world flight provided by Horizon. Most of the time the weather around KSEA was rather bad and although it often improved noticeably throughout the flight Anti Ice was almost mandatory - well it's winter here Anyways: It was a great flying experience all the time and i hope You now enjoy these screenies here below as much as i enjoyed flying above this great winterly scenery! Cheers, Christoph Some snaps from KSEA … The „turbulence effect“ seems to be real heavy and causing lots of head ache to the pilots while ongoing push back procedures Fog … … and Rain ... above the clouds … … and above some wonderful scenery Into the weather (again) Some cockpit shots now Close to the TOD now and ready to dive via VNAV and VS-modes soon ... one cockpit shot here just prior to the very final segment at the RNAV approach into Rwy 30 here (Time to go through the landing check list (also quickly have to turn on the "increased reference speed" …) ... back to the outside again and on approach/touch down (captured while flying into Rwy 12 and Rwy 30 the other day) Finally: Parked at the gate, welcome to KBZN!
  3. Hello Everyone! Some captures from some peraonal "training-flights" with the Majestic Dash, which took me above the southern parts of the beautiful ORBX-SAK region, which in my opinion is yet another real ORBX scenery-masterpiece! On these „training-flights“ i used to be flying from CYXY (Whitehorse) to PAVD (Valdez Pioneer Field), because i wanted to try out the LDA approach there and also really like this area so very much! The route was almost straight forward: CYXY-XYX(VOR)-JAGIT(via NCA13)-TMSN(viaNCA13)-PAVD, via the LDA/DME-H Approach. Charts can be found here: http://skyvector.com/airport/VDZ/Valdez-Pioneer-Field-Airport Cruisealtitude: FL220 ENB: REX Natural ENB to capture the "fresh air atmosphere" of SAK so to speak in an adequate light. I was frequently experiencing some headwinds during these morning-flights and also some icing conditions in between every now and then. So the overall flighttime was a bit longer than scheduled, but with this great scenery below the wings, i fully enjoyed it all ... and i hope my passengers too! And i hope You do so now! Cheers, Christoph Take off at CYXY … intercepting the assigned flightroute and climbing smoothly through 10000feet … Ice-Protection turned on and yet the „top of the props“ and the co-pilot’s window for instance will always keep some ice – just as it is in real world: Very nicely modelled! … … i especially liked that view somehow … a few more miles to the top of descend and then all the way down to PAVD … no need to worry at all: The rocks here appear closer than they actually were due to the specific perspective here … … here we are: Welcome to PAVD! No edits, just resized and cropped (to hide the FSX menu-bar here, which i leave turned on almost all the time) One very last note now and regarding the cockpit-lighting. I think Majestic did a superb job with all the cockpit lighting, but due to the way how FSX handles the transition of lighting during dawn to early morning, it is a bit hard to set up an adequate interior-lighting for this specific times of day. I therefore left the dome light on almost all the time. Certainly not the best solution, but at least a good compromise i think, to not get lost in a dark cockpit!
  4. Helle Everyone! It's been a while for me, since my last visit at this great screenshots-forum here, but there is a lot of other stuff that needs to be done currently in the "real world" so to speak - hence: Very little time for flightsimming ... Anyways: Hope You are all doing perfectly fine and have a good time. If not being to busy with keeping "real life" running though, i am - simwise - busy with keeping the Mayjestic Dash into the air and flying it properly. So far: I really like this bird very much. It took me a while to set it up properly, but by now all these first, but essential things are working as intended. And this is where the "real deal" comes alive - getting familiar with all necessery "flows", "procedures", "flying techniques" all the "systems" ... and well: Flying this plane correctly! Still lots of stuff to learn, but i at least managed my first flight from "cold and dark" to "shut down" recently: Far from perfect, but surprisingly not that bad either. I also took some shots in between. Sadly though, the weather was not good at all, and therefore there is not that much to be seen from the great ORBX sceneries at this area ... Nonetheless: I hope You can still enjoy it! Cheers, Christoph Here we are: Parking at Yakutat, bad weather and getting ready for the flight ... after the critical phases of take off - getting above the clouds now ... cruising ... setting up the FMS and TOD now for the descend ahead and getting it all "VNAV-Ready" as intended so to speak ... ... final approach: Ice Protection Systems on - they do not "include" the "top of the props" so to speak, but all worked fine. Low visibility though ... getting a bit better ... a passanger's view ... the other side ... the cockpit: On the final stages of this flight, just prior to disengage the Autopilot and land manually then ... and here we are: Rolling down the taxiway! Welcome to PAKT!
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