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  1. Not only the center of UK's Capital but also the wide area around is worth to discover. Sightseeing starts from London City airport EGLC:
  2. Fine to discover a lot of extra's to the already original fine made London City Pack, some of them to see via my follow serie of shots and flying for the first time with the Britten Norman BN2 Islander from BlackBox, finally landing at London City airport EGLC:
  3. Welcome to EGTK London Oxford for Microsoft Flight Simulator! The Pilot Plus team have worked closely with airport management to ensure realism and authenticity. The virtual environment captures the vibrant atmosphere at London Oxford, you will find something new to explore around every corner. Available Here $22.99 AUD ~ £12.49 GBP Features include An ultra-realistic rendition of London Oxford Full PBR implementation, from buildings to airside clutter and ground Dynamic rain on the control tower and ter
  4. EGMC London Southend for Microsoft Flight Simulator! $25.99 AUD - Orbx Direct Welcome to London Southend! Pilot Plus can't wait for you to immerse yourself in this ultra-realistic rendition of Southend Airport! London Southend has been no small project, starting with an on-site visit by the team many months ago, every aspect has been studied and faithfully replicated. Navigating around the airport you’ll find detail on and around every building, every asset looks beautiful and the ground materials are no exception. If you visit the Restoration
  5. First flights over Landmarks London City Pack. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TMkWvnbirtg
  6. Views like selden or not yet seen of the magnificent London scenery enhanced via the Orbx-addon: Just milliseconds before I crashed into an invisible wall:
  7. Hello guys, I don't know if I am the only one experiencing this issue. I have stutters when using London Landmarks to the point that it becomes unflyable. I have no issues with TE GB South on X-Plane, it runs butter smooth. But the topic here is MSFS. I am sending the video attached so you can see what I am experiencing. This is MSFS vanilla, with Orbx EGLC and London Landmarks, the CJ4 is used without any mods (don't mind the flying, it is just for demonstration purposes). The video is unlisted on youtube, as it is only for debugging pursposes, and not to expose the product.
  8. Coming from direction Heathrow airport, cruising over London City to land at London-City airport just before total darkness:
  9. I couldn't resist to get MSFS as my 4th flightsim next to P3D, XP and AFS2 and try it out at once on one of the most detailled sceneries sofar via the Orbx enhancements:
  10. The Albert Memorial in London used to look good, but since the latest MS patch, it's now buried in a generic building. Has this (or anything similar) happened to anyone else? I didn't think they changed the scenery in the new Asobo patch, but I don't know what else could have caused it. Installation: FS2020 / Patch 2 Orbx London Landmarks (with update).
  11. Cruising over London and landing at the City airport EGLC via Twin Otter in Flybe livery, Sim = XP11.50 - Scenery = TE GB South + Airport EGLC:
  12. Was flying around London and noticed that 22 Bishopsgate is the same height as Asobo's Shard. In reality, Twentytwo is like 35 metres (100 feet) shorter. Flew over them and you can see there's no difference on the altimeter while I'm flying a few meters above them as you can see in the attached screenshots.
  13. After a comment I made in another post, I did some measuring. The central span on Tower Bridge is 60.96 metres. The wingspan of the 787 is 60 metres. (@olderndirt, this is for you) Gotta be worth a try. Setting off and turning round from Heathrow (Orchestral music rising in pitch. Discordant violins screeching with increasing intensity) Did he make it? Will he survive to next week? See the next thrilling installment at a big screen near you!
  14. Scene opens in blaze of light and sound. Orchestra sound like they're going to explode. We can hear a heartbeat pounding at 80Db. The screen comes in to focus and . . . All the alarms are sounding. The passengers (a small select band of kamikaze war gamers) are singing a cheery song, and then, on the main screen - (Fade to black, silence) Six months later. Captain - "Ladies and Gentlemen, we are approaching the scene of the mysterious events of August 2020. At approximately 15.35 that day, a scheduled Boeing 78
  15. A few other shots taken during my recent sillines. Some in Docklands - And then a few around her maj's des. res.
  16. So, having tackled Tower Bridge in the "normal" manner, I thought I'd go for something more adventurous. East from EGLC then turn round and back up the Thames - Well, that didn't go too well! One of the things I really miss, but that I hope will turn up before too long, is the ability to record a flight in MSFS. I've gotten in to the habit in XP of doing a flight and concentrating on the actual flying, and then going back over the replay to pause, take shots etc. Makes things much smoother, particularly with flights like t
  17. Been exploring all sorts of fascinating places that I can't show here, but just been back around London again. In two parts as I got a CTD and had to start again. Not had that before, and I'm wondering if it was caused by the new skins I installed, including the one for this Pitts. I'll have to remove them all again and see if it recurs. Anyway, came in towards Docklands from the south (from Gatwick) - Yeah, yeah, I know it's a cliche, but what's a boy to do? beginning to get to grips with the drone cam. Like others have said, an
  18. So, after my CTD at the end of part 1 I restarted from EGLC in a standard livery version of the Pitts and went back to resume the tour. approaching Docklands from the Eat this time Yawn! This is where the sim crashed last time. Shame, I couldn't get quite the same angle and shot I was trying for this time round - the light had changed just a bit I see Orbx no longer advertises in Piccadilly Circus! Newly shrunk Post Office Tower (showing my age now) below Now thi
  19. I’m a new customer of Orbx, I bought the London scenery for the new FS2020 through the market place in that game, I didn’t know about Orbx Central, should I have purchased it from Orbx themselves ? Am I better off using Central in the future for Orbx scenery’s ? And is it possible to transfer my London purchase to Orbx to Receive the updates which don’t seem to be available on the FS2020 marketplace ? Regards Graham
  20. So I purchased Orbx Innsbruck scenery and the South UK scenery and I noticed that all the trees which aren't in the sun are this yellowish brown color. In the picture I posted you can see the trees in the shade of the mountain. They look very ugly. Has anyone experienced this?
  21. On my last flights in the "ORBX-country" a few pictures were taken. I would like to share with you On this flight I started from London City Airport in TrueEarth GB to a small sightseeing flight. Flown with the AVRO Tutor (Freeware by Nigel Richards). Many thanks to @Doc Scott for his great tip! The next flight took place with the Commander 114 in Switzerland. More precisely, near Interlaken. As you can see it was very foggy, it was flown with real weather ... Small aircraft has its charm, no question. But a lar
  22. X Plane. VSKYLABS VSL B-8M Gyrocopter. Wonky's Blog! 50. The VSKYLABS VSL B-8M Gyrocopter Project add-on for X-Plane 11. At last the Chance to fly in VR a Gyrocopter over London. Even Tower Bridge opened up for me as I approached. At the eight-minute mark.for those that can't watch it all. Should I call it a shopping basket with blades on top?" The VSKYLABS VSL B-8M Gyrocopter Project is a highly accurate lightweight Gyroplane flight dynamics and handling simulation, designed for X-Plane 11.
  23. Just a few of London with xplane 11 and TrueEarth regards EMM
  24. Hi hoping someone can help me.. The other day I downloaded and installed Orbx England seeing as it was on offer and I was a bit bored of the dull bland colours of Just Flight VFR. Today is the first day I've actually been able to test it and despite it looking brilliant and making low level VFR more interesting I am missing certain things.. As you can see I took off from London City but sadly there's no London, there's only standard FSX autogen buildings over the area. I've also noticed the same at the Dartford Crossing where the QE2 Bridge should be, there
  25. In 1968 the government failed to recognise the 50th Anniversary of the RAF. Flt. Lt. Pollock reminded them. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hawker_Hunter_Tower_Bridge_incident
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