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Found 9 results

  1. So we ehem ehem decided to continue our scheduled flight to Anchorage. The FO is off for the outside check. Tail: OK. Wings: OK. Main gear: OK. Engines: OK. I'm too tired to look at the fans today. Let alone the other side of the plane. They're built symmetrically for a reason, right? Cobbwebs: OK. Wait... Outside check completed, Captain... Captain? Dragged the Captain out of the bar and up the ramp! Economy left. Economy right. Leaving the Pacific Fiords region. Lucky with the weather. No need to cheat. That glacier whose name doesn't appear on Google Earth, no matter its size... Already way into our descent. Mountains to the right... Swamps to the left... That mountain northwest of Anchorage. Alaska horticulture? It never ceases to amaze me what they are cultivating up there! That mountain again... Approaching the Knik Arm. We're there. There arrives the yellow cab for me... ... and the ambulance for that grave case of simmeritis. Poor sod... That's it. Welcome to Anger Ridge!
  2. Hey guys, I figured I'd share a time lapse video I made during an awesome flight I got to go on at the Airline I work for here in the PNW area. The video shows many areas featured in Orbx products. This flight was a repositioning of the aircraft to Anchorage from Portland, with a refueling stop in Ketchikan. The route pretty much followed the coast line. Featured in the video are a PDX takeoff, a visual approach into Ketchikan, an instrument departure from Ketchikan and an ILS approach into Anchorage (PANC) in addition to landmarks such as the Olympic Mountains, Glaciers, the city of Ketchikan and more. >http://youtu.be/PuBNkvIbQ4A
  3. Trying my new acquired Quest Kodiak in amfibian version while exploring a nicely made scenery in NA's Pacific Fjords:
  4. Part 1: http://www.orbxsyste...wart-ketchikan/ Part 2 of my tour was a long stage from Ketchikan to Bella Coola. It's a long, but very scenic flight. Takeoff from Ketchikan Gravina Island Annette Island reflections Work Channel Inlet Kitlope River Valley A peak near Kimsquit River Dean River Near Dean River Mt. Leonard Near Bella Coola Sundown over the Bella Coola Valley Bella Coola Valley Short before touchdown at Bella Coola Slowing down after landing Time for a beer I hope you like my pics from the second stage. Thanks for watching.
  5. Today, i start a tour, on which i will visit all ORBX payware and freeware airports and airfields in North America using the same aircraft, the Alabeo Waco. Waco at Stewart Taxiing at Stewart Stewart takeoff Beautiful Portland Canal Rudyerd Bay Misty Fjords National Park Annette Island Ketchikan in the background Taxiing at Ketchikan Parking at Ketchikan In the next days, weeks, months...( ), i will post more pictures from my journey to every ORBX airport. I hope you enjoy the pictures. Thanks for watching.
  6. A selection from my photoshoot today for my review of Carenado's new Beechcraft King Air C90B, in United States Navy colors:
  7. Alice by TAA (a long since vanished Australian airline) Enroute Ketchikan More pics from Ketchikan once I've extracted them from the FSX PC.
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