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Found 43 results

  1. Hi there, In general, the grass is not at all visible unless the external view angle is lowered almost to the ground level. See screenshots below. What could be wrong? I have all grass activated in the config menu for KSTS. See screenshots below at parking bay 4 at KSTS. Kind regards,
  2. Some sunny flying around the Bay Area...
  3. I quick flight from Sonoma to San Carlos. Flew over Cloverdale, and right past Half Moon Bay as well. Enjoy!
  4. Airport IFR, landing request denied! Landed anyway.
  5. Here we are again at KSTS Charles Schultz Airport putting together another charter flight for destinations unknown at this time (no flt pln)! Our passenger list is a hodgepodge of a few Orbx characters gathered up for this flight, (some willing, some not so willing). You will never guess who the pilot is, one guess only! Without further ado let's get on with the flight. Thanks for checking in and obtaining your boarding pass, enjoy the flight. Our business jet choice today is of course the Phenom 300. Even our newest pilot finds the Phenom easy to fly! Our newest member welomes everyone aboard for the trip. We've got a lot of repeat passengers (including the pilot's twin brother Jude), along with a couple of new ones. OK, we have most on board and settled in their seats, just waiting on these two! He needs to finish that bottle and she needs to Hangup! Here we are the hold short line and ready to go! Lift off from runway 32. Gear up and away we go! Thanks for flying with us today!
  6. Working on my "To Do List", #1 Get the Phenom checked out by my mechanic! #2 Get the Phenom washed! #?????? Check! Check! Thanks for looking!
  7. Hi All, I am hoping for some guidance on the seemingly overlapping of with mesh, land class or scenery files when in the SCA area. I have tried a number of combinations regarding sequence of installing including using Vector. I get competing scenery layers as say I approach KSTS - there seems to be the ORBX NA SCA and the KSTS scenery when approaching. This also seems to be the case when approaching KSAN. Only solution I have now is to disable NA SCA when at an West airport. Thank you very much in advance. Marc
  8. Sonoma County to Redding Enjoy and thanks for looking! P3DV3 - Orbx Weather 2 Cheers Karsten
  9. Monterey to Sonoma County Enjoy and thanks for looking! P3DV3 - Orbx Weather 3 Cheers Karsten
  10. Just a couple from around the Sonoma area (KSTS): Heidi at the controls .... Adam.
  11. Got another new toy. Can't seem to make its mind up what it wants to look like though. A little run from Sonoma down to SF Bay (where I ran out of memory, as usual) then it morphed into the company plane - then it went all Brit on me This is one fun aircraft just as I was getting used to it - and again - and then it went back to corporate mode before getting all oom on me (too much scenery active around SF) I really like the idea of flying around over this stuff in Orbx colours, it makes all the little pixel people down there feel good. Enjoy (I did)
  12. Was about to head off in the Cessna again when spotted something behind me, so switched to the R66 to investigate - Ah! it's a fountain - couldn't tell from the runway - it looked like smoke Oh well, now I'm up here I might as well have a hover round the airport The usual splendid Orbx detail for the town/airport, and the setting is just stunning Never been to northern CA (north of SF) in real life apart from the obligatory trip over the Golden Gate and back. Plenty of time spent between SF and San Diego but never into the wine country and always wished I'd seen it. A person could sit out on a porch out in those hills and kill many a tinny watching the sun go down/up/over/just hanging there. . . Still, at least I can pretend now!
  13. Again, I blame Voyager! I'd drooled over this plane in the PC Pilot review late last year, but resisted until I saw it in Voyager's set of shots yesterday. It really is a fine looking thing, but a bit of a challenge to fly properly for a self-confessed Ctrl-E guy like myself. But hey, I'm retired, I've got time to figure it out! (actually Voyager, thanks for the inspiration)
  14. Out from KSTS, off to the coast, and down to the Bay Area. ASN real weather, REX4 and the Fury Ready to go - heading off to the coast Hitting some lovely atmospheric weather Golden Gate and SF appearing out of the cloud - Getting a bit wet now as we come into the Bay - Coming up over Oakland Swinging south to head down the Bay to KSQL for a stopover on the way to Monterey And that's when I ran out of memory! Forgot I had Flightbeam's KSFO HD still active, and you can't go near there with all your sliders maxed out and a 4k display, P3D v3 or no! I may switch KSFO out and resume this flight tomorrow. Still having fun!
  15. Inspired by Filou, I've installed SweetFX and started playing with it to see what I can do with it. Some of Filou's colour effects were a teensy bit too strong for me, so I've started from scratch with the default settings and so far just turned on a couple of the "sharpening" type options. Quite pleased with it so far, but will possibly play some more (if I can stop just flying around trying to see how places look!) First, a couple of shots coming down the outside of Vancouver Island (the little blue bar on the left of the image is part of the Gadwin Print Screen utility - I've realised how to get rid of that now) - Then a bunch of shots heading out from KSTS towards the coast - These are all straight grabs (no editing) and are 4k shots and the detail level is amazing. Pretty much all the sliders apart from the traffic set to max and I'm getting a fairly consistent 30fps (and my OC is off at the moment as I've got problems with it so this is on a standard i7-4790k). I'm sitting in front of a 40 inch monitor watching all this and I can almost smell the sea air. Not trying to claim any major credit for this, with scenery like this (thank you Orbx) and the right hardware it all just happens - but it does show just how good it's all getting. I really am like the proverbial pig in the brown stuff with all this capability nowadays (but the right kit and settings do make a difference, my original machine was an OC i7-2600k with a pretty high end Radeon card and I had nothing but grief with it - I'd be lucky to get 5 fps sometimes and that was on a 1680*1050 screen). As Homer would say - "whoo hoo" Enjoy!
  16. Cloverdale to San Carlos via Santa Rosa Enjoy and thanks for looking! Sorry for so many shots, couldn't decide which shots i should leave out. FSX - DX10 - Shade - ASN Weather Cheers Karsten
  17. Sonoma Redding
  18. The A2A T-6 from Sonoma to the Bay.
  19. Hi, just one edited shot of the Sonoma region (KSTS) with the A2A C182, as a souvenir of a recent flight to Healdsburg Muni (O31) (Where there is a smoking BBQ waiting for you if you're hungry!) François
  20. This flight resulted in an app crash - I think I was pushing the GTX-560 a little hard, so I flew it again with reduced settings and made it. Horrible stutters at KSTS, but again I think the 560 is the culprit. So I know what my next upgrade will be!
  21. Got the DA-40 running smooth in P3D for a leisurely trip up the coast of NCA from Monterey to a relatively quiet Sonoma County. Lots of great sights in between including some familiar landmarks of San Francisco and KSFO. Enjoy this full flight set as much as I did!
  22. Breeze


    Dawn at Red Rock Aviation Navy repaint by Jan Kees Blom
  23. I'm a huge fan of FTX NorCal. Here are some pictures departing O48 and one picture at payware KSTS. Parked at O48 O48 Climb Out O48 Rear View O48 Receding in the distance Approaching KSTS, terrible looking car park below Landed at KSTS with many features reduced for framerate
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