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  1. A little detour from my trans-con in the Comanche. I took the 182 up from Falcon, Mesa (NA freeware) to Sedona. Thought I'd take the Texan back. Naturally, being out of practice, I ground looped the thing at Falcon. Texan drivers will know what I mean... Took me another four landings to get it right. It's a great plane to master. Then onwards my with trip.
  2. After seeing all of the Sedona flight lately I thought I would add my two cents worth to the mix. Did the flight in the P3Dv4.1, Robinson R66 Turbine, Active Sky, REX Soft Clouds, PTA & Adam Banks latest preset. Hope you don't get overdosed on Sedona!! Making a low pass over the airport Westerly heading Turned SE over the Red Dirt desert Headed east now. Looking east toward a storm over the land. Rather hazy behind me, thanks to Adams preset! Northwest heading now.
  3. Support, I came across these errors when approaching KSEZ from KPSP. Purchased and installed both KPSP and KSEZ today. I've never seen these errors before on anything else. This happened en-route on approach via KARLO to KSEZ GPS RNW03 Please advise. Thank you for your support.
  4. With love from Sedona. Jose
  5. Lots of screen shots, probably should have just made a video...As always, the wide panoramic screen shots are best viewed in full screen mode. Repaint name: IRIS BD 5 J - "Urban" by Chris Brisland. Orbx – FTX: Global, Vector, Open LC North America, FTX: Global KSEZ Sedona Airport, FTX: Global Monument Valley
  6. A short hop on a sunny day to while away some time while waiting for v4! This is the route And here we go! easy to find - follow I17 Only a few miles, going to make a circuit over the area and come back in from the NE Love the colours you get out here about to turn and head back for the airport Yes, but it's a dry heat!
  7. Quick flight Sedona to Telluride in Pilatus PC-21 (awesome aircraft) I know, lots of pictures for one post. I always have a hard time deciding which to post, maybe you can let me know which ones you like best? Orbx- FTX: Global BASE, Orbx- FTX: Global VECTOR,Orbx- FTX: Global North America, Orbx- FTX: Global KSEZ Sedona Airport, Orbx- FTX: Global KTEX Telluride Regional Airport Gear up and away to Telluride Landing at Telluride
  8. There’s a lot of cool stuff at this airport and the surrounding area including some interesting animations. These screen shots don’t really do it justice, but I thought I would post a few anyway. Right now I need to get back to exploring all the new airports I snapped up on this excellent 47 for 31 ORBX sale. Orbx - FTX: Global KSEZ Sedona Airport in Christen Eagle "star trek" livery
  9. It's a long time I have been flying in Sedona. Today, in Sedona (v1.05) there are strong thermals, making the aircraft pitch down, and very easy to bounce, on landing. Are there strong thermals in v1.05? How to turn them off? I don't remember having had any trouble there in the past.
  10. This time, it's Sedona (KSEZ) - in arid Arizona: There's an amazing amount of static detail to enjoy - plus the dramatic setting! Adam.
  11. A few great ORBX scenery shots around KSEZ (with the Civilian Dude of course) Big Mac & Fries please. Thank You ORBX & Jarrad Marshall for this scenery, Stunning!!!
  12. The papi-light hangs in the air pretty high above groundlevel. Also many (static?)planes on uneven elevations: some correct on the pavement, others hanging in the air. Latest update is used, I have no NA LC installed, so set not that option in the configure panel. Further I use the FTX AI for NA: What can be the cause of the elevation issues? Thank you.
  13. G'day everyone, I am delighted to lift the veil off my latest project, KSEZ Sedona Airport for FTX Global. Following on from the recent Palm Springs Intl, I have decided to tackle a different type of airport, heading a little further east into the heart of the American Southwest. This product not only includes a highly-detailed rendition of Sedona Airport, it also includes a huge coverage area encompassing the northern portion of the Verde Valley, as well as the escarpment and canyons heading north towards Flagstaff. Not for the faint-hearted aviator, Sedona is a challenging airport suitable
  14. A quick circuit round Sedona, just to get a feel for the area coming round to come back down (wide, as usual!) Made it down, and managed not to slide off the end (just) Interesting place, beautifully done by Orbx (of course)
  15. My rendition of a Texan at KSEZ Sedona in the 40`s...... evidently they had mag wheels on jeeps and chopper pads on trolley wheels back then...!!! lol
  16. Dawn at Red Rock Aviation Navy repaint by Jan Kees Blom
  17. Just after the take off Have a good flight
  18. From KEGE to KSEZ with the Turbine Duke. Have a good flight
  19. Hello, I purchased KSEZ a few months ago and finally had time to fly to this airport. As I approached the runway, I noticed uneven land mass. You do not notice it on arrival, just on approach and landing. How can I attach the screenshot?
  20. Brad's comment in the Sedona 9.5 set finally made me get the Grand Canyon freeware package from over at OZx... And once again I could smack myself for not going for it earlier! Some from a flight departing from Sedona HD Trees ...and so many of them... These pics were taken with a Lod-radius setting of 9.5, by the way. I like how ASN put some clouds smack bang over Humphreys Peak. Right! Here we go! Cropped DX10s. Thanks to the OZx team for creating this great piece of scenery! Cheers Mallard
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