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  1. So...I wanted to do a cross-country from the old homestead to the new, and I used the A2A V-Tail to do it. Made it a two day trip because I was just too tired last night. Waiting to go at KSQL (San Carlos) Holding short. A dawn departure is a beautiful thing. Looking south towards San Jose, and you can see the runway lights from Moffett Field at the low right. Sunrise over the City by the Bay. There's Redding (KRDD)...one of
  2. Back in the A2A V-Tail, from Redding to Blue Canyon!
  3. Took another plane for a quick joyride, Ants T-28A demo aircraft, and that is one well made airplane. The Textures are the best I´ve seen yet, systems are done quite fine, not too happy with the external sound system for now, but internal is sweet as well. Heading for the runway, weather is fair enough. And up we are, wheels coming in. Gaining some altitude to get some momentum out of it. That bird is heavy and not too powerful. A quick buzz of the tower in old Top Gun flavor And up for a Split S. Turning out, he
  4. Ladies and gentlemen, please get ready for boarding. Please notice that due to our airline policy you are not allowed to bother other travellers with permanent mobile phone calls. So please decide if you like to talk to your crew and neighbors, or stay in virtual life. Seems to be somebody has preferred to stay on the phone. And on the ground. OK, climbing out... ... over Lake Shasta, ... ... and Columbia River. Oooo, oooo, oooh, the ring of fire...! Approaching over Tacoma...
  5. Getting ready in Murray Field... ... over downtown Eureka... ... and the coastal hills... ... towards Northern Californias inland flats, on base. Here we meet La Red. And it makes "Ding"!
  6. Quick flight before sun set.. Orbx – FTX: Global, Vector, Open LC North America,FTX: NA Gold USA Northern California,FTX: NA KRDD Redding Municipal Airport
  7. Just installed the new update for the Aeroplane Heaven B-17F. It now includes the most numerous Fort, the G, with it's distinctive chin turret. Only a pair of comparison views for now as it is soon time to go out. 1. Every Good Boy, 2.. Deserves a Fort
  8. Don´t know if I ever really posted shots here, before, but after getting back into FS again, I felt like posting these. I took a long hiatus, where I mainly spent my sim time on the Assetto Corsa rendition of the Nürburgring Nordschleife. But I set up FSX back again some days ago, had some issues and just had my first nice longer flight. A better rig than I ever used for FS before helps a lot, too, as well as the scenery I collected a long time ago. And you might notice that I have a real soft spot for those Accusim warbirds. I just love engines and I like to care for them. Thanks
  9. Sonoma County to Redding Enjoy and thanks for looking! P3DV3 - Orbx Weather 2 Cheers Karsten
  10. Just making sure that things are all right on a flight from Blue Canyon-Nyack via Ganser and on to Redding I probably blew the portapotty over... Coming up over Ganser Field I interrupted my flight here for a couple of hours... And onward to Redding! Benton to the left below me Once again more or less cropped
  11. It's been awhile since I've flown any significant distance in any plane. That's now been remedied.
  12. Several Orbx-FTX installed and successful used but today's purchased and installed airport scenery Redding-KRDD for NA-NCA not any object will display except some static airplanes. Nothing changed in my P3Dv3.2 settings. The proof is that all other NA-airports and sceneries displays correct as they should. Latest Library-file loaded after last install. See screenshots: What could be the cause? I closed and open the simulator and the FTX Central a couple of times but every the same error of missing objects(buildings, m
  13. Vought F4U Corsair from Murray Field to Redding Enjoy and thanks for looking! FSX - DX10 - Shade - ASN Weather Cheers Karsten
  14. (OK - so it's actually Benton Field that you can see in this pic...) Cheers Mallard
  15. Just about to give the Pavelow it's first flight from KRDD but there seems there might be a delay due to heavy traffic. 1. You are #7 to take off 2. Pig's bum we are! 3. Exit stage right.
  16. Sonoma Redding
  17. ......the guy in the paramotor. The evil Dr Szalinsky strikes again. 26.
  18. Just making a few clouds before take off. 1. 2. Those were the days when planes were planes, plenty of noise and smoke.
  19. The Paramotor is the ideal way of getting a closer view of the ORBX scenery. Great fun and not going to break the bank. Just installed KRDD in P3Dv3.0 this morning and time to have a different look with my new steed. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14.
  20. Now for a little longer ride, out of Benton... ... over Redding Mun., ... ... passing Lassen Peak... ... and Minden, ... ... towards Lake Tahoe. What´s going on in town today, mate? PS: Reinstallation of my FSX proceeds forther: FTXG and its "byproducts" installed, all working. Looks good. Still have trouble calibrating my throttle & stick...
  21. Finally! NorCal goodness, Prepar3D v3 and the Mighty Dash's Professional Brother come together. Complete with a DME arc in the SID and a full workout on the airplane's new HUD. (Only this time I don't murder the arrival) Enjoy! Best, Marshall
  22. Maybe street travel would have been faster here, but this is a flight (simming) community, isn´t it? Meeting my passenger in Redding Mun., ... ... and, shortly after, on the phone in the Benton Flying Club café: PS: Reinstallation of my FSX proceeds: All utilities & planes installed, sim works. Now comes the scenery, starting with FTXG...
  23. From Eugene,... ... across Creswell and Walker (there was a walkaround to avoid these bridges, wasn´t it?) ... ... to Mt. Shasta and the lake: Someone´s already waiting for me. And our driver is also there . Hope I get my sim back running again soon. Otherwise I´ll run out of screenies...
  24. Redding to Lake Tahoe Enjoy and thanks for looking! FSX - DX10 - Shade - ASN Weather
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