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Found 8 results

  1. Hey guys, I am having a problem with Vector in that it does not recognize the standard code of KPDX. The main issue I’m having is that I installed Bill Womack’s new Portland scenery, and I’m having elevation issues. Has anybody else had this problem? From what I can tell the scenery looks beautiful, just not displaying right. When I type in KPDX into the AEC, It turns up nothing. I have ensured that all updates are current, but still the problem persists. Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated. -Woog
  2. I was wondering if anyone has a updated Kpdx airport that works with ORBX Scenery. About a year ago Kpdx had a runway and taxi change on RWY 10L and 21. 10L length was increased and A taxiway (K and K1) and Runup area was added west of Rwy 21. Maybe a update to fix this could be added in the Portland Cityscape or NA Pacific Northwest addons. I use Pilotedge asked to taxi no a taxi way that doesnt exist is problematic... any help would be greatly appreciated. Paul
  3. I am sure nearly everyone here uses Manfred Jahns fantastic C-47 / DC-3. With pleasure. Whereever a charter flight with this bird seems appropriate. And a weekend tour from Portland to Creswell is appropriate for me... Mt. Hood: Passing the three sisters... ... and trying to find the runway of Creswell. Not easy to spot, just next to the Highway... ... and not easy to brake either. Maybe this plane is a bit big for this airfield... But at least there is a nice parking lot!
  4. Touching 3 states in one - relatively - short flight (might be there was even a 4th one included). Boarding at a well-known scenic place... ... climbing out to the left (never forget to start with FULL thrust here, or the runway will become short) ... ... and crossing back the departure place. Southern Idaho´s craters & buttes: The Gorge, ... ... mighty Mt. Hood ... ... and KPDX. Sorry for using the same perspective here, and sorry for not making more landing pictures: ATC made me turn amazingly fast, and gave me a different assignment just after establishing the first runway. Keeps you busy over the weekend, but I needed to enjoy flying and forgot V-keying...
  5. … on an early morning flight. which i had undertaken a few weeks back (from the private FSX-archive so to speak). Everyone, please enjoy! Cheers, Christoph Parked at KPDX, awaiting our passengers … one slightly „enlightened“ and post-edited shot here below, trying to capture the sunlight of early spring at one of these days where the weather does not yet know if it should make way for the sun - or let the rain pour down instead … soon getting through the clouds anyways … closer to California now already – and the weather getting better and better … a „close-up“ just prior to our top of descent here … descending … and into the approach towards RW 32 of KSTS … flying a hold as depicted by the chart for the ILS approach of KSTS’s RW 32 (not using any ATC this time). Really loving the many autogen houses here by the way! Nice! … one passenger‘s view … GS captured, runway in sight - time to disengage the AP and go for a manual landing Welcome to Santa Rosa / Sanoma County
  6. Guest

    Magic Portland

    Sleepless in Portland - a magic moment Kind regards Mike
  7. Hello Everyone! Still getting myself acquainted with the NGX. The simple reason for this: As soon as FTX Global will be available, I intend to be using all sorts of various Tubeliners for longer distances, and any kind of GA plane which suits best then for shorter IFR- and/or VFR flights. All for one purpose: To explore the entire world in the sim – ... as simple as that! So – let’s get onboard … As always: All shots unedited, just resized and cropped – if some editing was done though, it is pointed out clearly. Everyone please enjoy, Christoph Taking off from KPDX a few days back and into some typical weather for this time of year and region … sad thing is: The beautiful cityscape below was hidden in the clouds and mist … (a little edit was done here in the beginning) … … turning into the clouds via the LAVAA FIVE SID (unedited from now on) … … getting above the weather … … and into the wide open lands now … some better weather ahead and some outstanding looking ORBX scenery below. Altogether making me say: WOW! Feels as if I was there for real … … ... winter landscapes and winter clouds … … work desk … ... clear, crisp and cold blue skies above us and the shimmering horizons in front of us here. I am aware of the fact that this looks very, very bright. But I remember one day quite well when I was hiking on a mountain at the peripheral area of the Austrian Alps a few years back (in the "real world"). It was a rather mild late-winter/early spring day and the sun was shining. Due to all the rather moderate temperatures around then and all that sunshine and snow it was just like that: An absolutely bright sky all along the horizon with a very dark blue sky above. This specific atmosphere lasted until the early afternoon hours. I remember this situation so very well because I had forgotten my sunglasses back home. My eyes were really tired after that otherwise wonderful tour. And the atmosphere in the sim here now recently was a bit like that day back then: A wonderful late winter day with lots of sunshine from the sky and lots of snow all around the ground … no wonder that pilots always wear sunglasses! ... ... again and as always: A joy to just “look down†… … a passenger’s view … … … what an absolute unique approach this is! A real fantastic scenery for sure! … … airport in sight now. Comming in via one of the RNAV approaches at KJAC’s RW 19: The RNP and ANP values are great, so no need for any worry at all. I have to practice these type of approaches to get myself ready flying into NZQN as soon as it’s available by ORBX … … isn't this landscape here just breathtakingly amazing?!!! … ... and here we are … Welcome to KJAC!
  8. No great shots here, just flying directly above the area where I live. I thought it would be interesting. All thanks to Microsoft and ORBX, especially the freeware Portland scenery. Just above Dave's humble abode (home to the missus and yours Esquire, PDQ) Glendoveer Golf Course, just a drive and a mid-iron away...Home to many a duffer and bogie, not the greatest course but not bad either. Off in the distance, KPDX, across the river is Vancouver, Washington and KVUO. My dad and I used to plane watch by the hot dog stand on the road between the airport and the river. Many years ago. Back up the Columbia Gorge, KTTD. A fun flight and also a very scenic drive.
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