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  1. Following Snake River southwards out of Jackson Hole we can see the Teton Range in its glory. At the Palisades Reservoir... ... it is time to turn right... ... and descend towards Idaho Falls. This is called "Hells Half Acre Wilderness". May it be a lava field? Here we come to the Buttes, beginning with East Butte. The physical part of the lesson: Atomic City. I wonder if it glows green or blue in the night? More natural is Big Southern Butte. Out of this planet: The Craters of t
  2. Luckily not me, physically: After spending months in OLC areas this flight will bring me back into a Full Fat Orbx region. From Houston... ...with a last view to the Gulf. Over Dallas, with my current landclass errors, ... ... Fort Worth, ... ... and Denver. It would be interesting to follow Interstate 70 into the Rockies, ... ... but we go on over Flaming Gorge Recreation Area... ...towards the Teton Range. @Jarrad Marshall has created some great approaches here... ..
  3. Hi, I've just noticed that KJAC seems to be missing light posts leading to floating lights at night. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling KJAC and verifying the ORBX libraries to no avail. Anything else I can try? Many thanks!
  4. Might as well show off the new Vertx DA62 at Jackson Hole! Thanks for viewing! Kai
  5. First ones with the new version. The Tetons do look more detailed, and I also got a way too close look at them.
  6. After seeing some 4.4 shots of the Tetons, I think I'll have to make the jump. This was a fun flight regardless. Enjoy! This shot is BEGGING for sharper textures...hoping 4.4 will do the trick.
  7. Hi guys, Bit of a weird one here, see the screenshots, basically a giant walkie talkie radio and ear defenders spawning through some of the static 757s on the ramp! FTX central version, reporting everything upto date. Boxed FSX running on Win10 64 bit. Latest libs installed according to FTX Central. I am using DX10 fixer and have scanned effects after the latest install of Global, EU Lc etc? Any ideas? Thanks James
  8. Pilatus PC-21 at Jackson Hole Airport Quick flight around the lake Back to Jackson Hole Airport
  9. I've tried to fight the urge to say something, I really have, but the more I look at it, the more an inexplicable rage has built up inside me. The following diatribe is my way of trying to rationalise a scenery defect and seek correction for it. I don't mean to sound hostile or ungrateful. It's just the way I come across sometimes. I've just purchased Jackson Hole (KJAC). The scenery is beautiful...or would be except for some rather ugly water blending at Jackson Lake where the photo scenery meets the lake water. This is for the largest lake, the smaller lakes look okish as they c
  10. ORBX : NA Gold USA Central Rocky Mountains & Jackson Hole Airport - KJAC Lot of ground traffic today…. Okay, the airport is all mine – time to play! Time to slip back for a nice cold beer at the pub That was fun!
  11. Not that Skymaster but this one. Both very nice but I think I prefer the Douglas one. I did this flight earlier in the week. 1. Here waiting for start up at KJAC. 2. 3. 4. One of my favourite ORBX airports and the Tetons make an incredible backdrop when they can be seen. 5. Taggart Lake with Middle Teton beyond. 6. Jackson Dam on Lake Jackson, Snake River. 7. AP set to 270 now time to sit back and watch the ORBX world go by. 8. The Fall River near Drummond. 9. The Snake River near Ch
  12. With a B-17 Flying Fortress from Bozeman to Jackson Hole Enjoy and thanks for looking! P3DV3 - ASN Weather Cheers Karsten
  13. Arrival at Jackson Hole (KJAC) after a short hop from Helena (KHLN) 1. ILS approach to RWY19 2. Grand view of the Grand Teton 3. and the Snake River 4.. Another busy day at the Hole
  14. Hi Gents, Cessna Citation X - a short test flight on KJAC I decided to take the dust out of this beautiful aircraft bought three years ago, after the Eaglesoft made a triple installer - now P3D. A lot of screenshots. LoL Orbx Systems, Jarrad`s FTXNA KJAC Jackson Hole, Eaglesoft Citation X 2.0, REX, ASN (Live Weather), all into P3Dv3.2 Thanks folks! Voyager
  15. The Legacy from Jackson Hole to West Yellowstone.
  16. Hi all, after more than year without FSX/P3D but with many hours of flight in real using Piper L4H and Stearman as ap pilot. This is my come back here using P3DV3 and of course the amazing scene of KJAC. It's always a pleasure to use orbx sceneries. The newt plane for me in real will be probably the T6 Enjoy
  17. Finn and Jake are busy today to I had to have this adventure on my own. Besides you cannot get 2 people and a dog on a paramotor. 1. This is not the land of Ooo but high in the Rocky Mountains in Western Wyoming. 2. 3. Trying to avoid the abundant bird life in the forest. 4. Time to change horses at Fox Park. Too wet and cold in the paramotor and time to give the Huey a whirl after a long absence. 5. In the Yellowstone NP. 6. 7. 8. The top end of Jackson Lake and Owl Peak. 9. Signa
  18. A mix of some new things I bought in December..and some I've had a little longer (DC-8 and C-130). The F-86 is in Germany somewhere, the C-130 in Sicily, the DC-8 near Bucharest, Romania. You know where the B1900D is ..
  19. Hi, latest KJAC installer from Dec 24th fails to proceed online product validation. The error message: "Validation failed: <html> Please ensure you are connected to the internet and click Next to try again" My connection to the internet is fine, and It's only an issue with KJAC installer. KEGE for example worked just fine. Thanks for help. Best Regards Joerg
  20. Just completed a quick 1 hr flight from Jackson`s hole over to the Eagles nest. Thanks everyone and a Happy NY too All.
  21. Prepared to fly away from Jackson Hole and crossing the mountainrange of Teton National Park to the west in overcasted and icy conditions. The model is the B737Max8 that will be soon commercalised and has less noisy and consuming engines than the actual B737-800WL.
  22. Love this scene in P3D V3.1
  23. Another flight with my new toy, the IRIS Beechcraft T-6 Texan II, this time from Jackson Hole to Bozeman, with a bad surprise at the end of the flight. It was a perfect flight with great weather over a beautiful scenery until i started the descend to Bozeman... Enjoy and thanks for looking! FSX - DX10 - Shade - ASN Weather, edited with Google Picasa Che
  24. Hello, following this topic http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/108161-kjac-kege-new-installers-p3dv3/#comment-973240 I've moved to download the new KJAC installer from Simmarket. The problem is that the version I've download is v 1.10 yet And also the Installed Orbx Products report: KJAC FTX US KJAC Jackson Hole Airport VERSION 1.10 MAY 2015 Is there something wrong with simmarket, or am I doing something wrong? Regards
  25. A small round at the Jackson Hole regio in a powerful Cirrus SR22GTS as first discovery via the new P3Dv3 version:
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