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Found 28 results

  1. Good day Gentlemen! I've seen that at Pearson Field (KVUO) and Skagit (KBVS) for X-Plane 11 there are obivous no "taxi lanes" defined. With World Traffic 3 there are landing planes but they will disappear shortly after touchdown. And there are "cross country" taxiing planes not using the taxiways. Not a big thing but maybe the dev's can have a look here? Many thanks in advance - kind regards! Bert
  2. Purchased Skagiit for X-plane11. I can't download.......message......."no download available".........what???????????
  3. I took a little trip from Skagit Regional to Friday Harbor, flying over Anacortes and circumnavigating San Juan Island- so three ORBX airport sceneries all layered on top of FTX PNW. In FSX/P3D V2 days, my system would have struggled with all of this together (certainly at these settings), but now you can see the results yourself! This was also a chance to show the REX Weather Advantage radar and TrueGlass rain effects on the Milviz 310R REDUX. Enjoy!
  4. Dear Orbx/members, Have reinstalled my P3Dv4 from scratch. I've only got round to installing Orbx products using FTX Central. The ground textures are really blurry even when I set it to the highest resolution which is 7cm. Any help gratefully received. Thanks, Chris
  5. Hello, I recently bought ORBX KBVS and have had these elevation issues. The main textures seem to be under the terrain itself. This does not have any Vector or such. I already updated the libs and made sure everything was up to date. I also changed the order in the config and nothing seems to be working. Help would be greatly appreciated! Your transaction ID / receipt number is 5a41371e1449f. (5a41371e1449f)
  6. Hi, I notice a couple of unresolved queries regarding runway lights at Skagit. The runway lights in P3D are small and almost impossible to see. Has there been any progress on this. Thanks in advance. Scott
  7. The tires on all my planes sink into the tarmac and runways at KBVS Skagit. Just one example using a default plane. P3Dv3.2
  8. Next purchase will be either Israels Farm, Orcas Island or Anacortes, once I get those I'll have all of the Area between Friday Harbour and Darrington
  9. Hi, I have a problem on the Helipad 1, My MD902 sinks into the pad and starts to slide very slowly down hill to the taxiway to rwy10.The second and third pics were taken 20 seconds apart. Also the grass around the Helipad is similarily not hard the helicopter sinks into the grass in places. I have the very latest update from FTX Central 2 and I have run global vector configurator. My order number is in the attached text file in my signature as I can't update my signature to show them.
  10. From Skagit (KBVS) to Orcas (KORS), in the Taifun.
  11. Just tried 2 flight with different airplane (general aviation, take off and go to west) and noticed very bad FPS (lower than 15) : am i alone in that case ? it's a clean install of p3dv3.2, no other scenery addon in that area that orbx one. Thanks in advance for your experience.
  12. Orbx report code: otbdf3a206e16feb36169c206824bb6324 I ran FTX Central the other day and it had two updates, one for my KBVS airport and Orbx Libraries. I have FSX & P3D both installed, (I only use P3D) and FTXCentral never registered that I had FSX before, now it asks which sim to select when I start it up. After this I started getting strange issues with my sim, my A2A Commanche throttle wouldn't work, then the sim would crash when selecting that plane, but would load just fine with a stock aircraft. Now the sim will not load at all, it will just CTD, i've received ai_player.dll in the event viewer, and ntdll.dll, and sometimes i receive no error that it crashes, it just goes right back to the desktop. I've tried deleting scenery.cfg and prepar3d.cfg files to have it create new ones, but it will still CTD. Tried deleting Scenery.dat files, deleted shaders, reapplied global, NA, EU, tried various airports in all regions, all still CTD. I can't figure it out. I have a lot of addons, one of which is MyTraffic 6, I'm going to try reinstalling that, but I don't think that will fix my Sim. I'm out of ideas. thanks.
  13. Bowerman to Skagit Enjoy and thanks for looking! FSX - DX10 - Shade
  14. I got Skagit and Orcas Islands back in December - and only now remembered that I actually had them. So of course I had to do a flight between them - with a quick stop-over at Anacortes... More or less cropped DX10s Cheers Mallard
  15. Enjoy and thanks for looking! FSX - DX10 - Shade, edited with Google Picasa
  16. Hello Everyone! When autumn sets in, i usually go flying into all the great ORBX PNW sceneries before winter comes along. It is always a great joy to see the beautiful leaves oft he trees, the lakes and rivers, the ocean and all that – and not to forget the many fantastic mountains all around here. It is a nice way for me to „definitely finish“ the anual „flightsimming summer season“ in the northern hamisphere. This year i have decided to take the camera with me and capture some shots in between. I have split this seriesof shots into two parts. This first part here will take us from S43 to W16, 1S2, 3W5, WA56 and on to a „Touch and Go“ at KBVS. Besides ORBX’s great PNW sceneries, there is the A2A's superb C172 in use here, the DX10 fix applied and FS Global Real Weather running in the background with various freeware textures and changing REX textures. I was not able to take all of this route in one run, so day- and flyingtime may vary. Nonetheless though i hope You enjoy flying along with me at this VFR-circle along this specific area in the Pacific North West. Cheers, Christoph Good Morning! … „Attention“ Above S43 now an towards the east … W16, Monroe … but no racing today … and towards Darrington now … … … landing „in between“ these trees and mountainious area is always a challenge i think! … a little while later we are already flying downwind at 3W5 Concrete`s RW07, with some misty weather around … … And here we are! By the way: While i was flying this short leg, my passenger stayed in Darrington to go hiking a bit. But later on again and … … after a little brake, the flight continued. Flying by Israel’s Farm towards KBVS now soon … Israel’s Farm … Crossing KBVS at approx. 1500 feet here now, trying hard to spot the windsock (although the nearby KBLI ATIS was already very helpful) ... i really need some FSX-binoculars And here we are on a „Touch an Go“ at KBVS P.S.: Here is Pt.2 of the series http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/67155-vfr-autumn-flying-at-the-pnw-pt2/
  17. Hey all, I had a great time this weekend trying out my first spot landing competition. While I may not have placed, I still had a great time and learned a lot. I am fairly new to the Tomahawk so it taught me more about how to fly it as well. The event started with a BBQ and was followed by the landing competition, which had a total of 7 pilots in it. I placed fifth. Below is the video, followed by some pictures. Sorry for the large size. Enjoy! >http://youtu.be/7nr68Yr5T8w
  18. Here's a sequence of screenies from a sortie last night in Alabeo's Cessna AgTruck (and yes, they are working on the Piper version). Loads of fun dusting the fields of KBVS' scenery. Take off Dusting fertlizer down low, really low Dusting right next to WN51 Loving my very low altitude flight, fertlizer off so as not to pollute sensitive Padilla Bay New field to fertlize south of KBVS Banking around to realign for the next dust Here's me flying up and down a few fields before heading back. The cockpit view coming back to WN51 A "tower" view seconds from landing Safely back at base
  19. I have PNW and KORS installed and running well along with FTX Central, Library and all updated patches, etc. When I first tried installing KBVS I got the error message at the 10% install stage that the ORBX\...\ORBX_libs_airliner.bgl file was corrupted. Now I'm getting the same message for a different file: File corrupt or unreadable: ORBX\FTX_AU\FTXAA_ORBXLIBS\Scenery\ORBX_LIBS_human.bgl You will have to run this utility again... I'm forced to exit and the program does not appear in any installed programs list
  20. A grey day for flying.
  21. via the RNAV Approach for runway 10.
  22. Thought this would bring joy to the "feel the need... the need for speed crowd". Airplane is the Vertical Reality Simulations F/A-18E Superbug w/ the Dambusters CAG Bird repaint. Getting ready to shoot the Deception Pass gap... Doesn't everybody do this? Flaring before shooting the Duane Berentson Bridge... Vaping overhead to give an airshow to my old mentor "Seraph Angel" Will who lives down there... Flaring one last time over KBVS farms... Clean shot under the Berentson Bridge! The massive size of the Duane Berentson Bridge - and the accurate simulation of such is evident. Yes indeed, Chippy Ho! Looking forward to the air racing under the bridges!!
  23. Call this a tribute to David Love-Brice and his team at IRIS Simulations.... and obviously the geniuses who modeled the Duane Berentson Bridge + Deception Pass Bridge very well. T-6 Texan II @ KBVS about to do a twilight back-end sortie to KBLI T-6A Texan II on short to WN51 - Bayview Farms T-6A Texan II safely down at Bayview Farms. BD-5J looking at its smoke trail under the Deception Pass Bridge Bede BD-5J smoking an airshow around the Deception Pass Bridge BD-5J screaming under the Duane Berentson Bridge spanning the Swinomish Channel Great smoketrail - yes, I did make the opening without crashing! Now freeware F-15C via Simviation & testing out my new repaint shooting under the Deception Pass Bridge A glowing underbridge sortie! Shooting in full AB under the Duane Berentson bridge! I hope you enjoy! Go to http://irissimulations.com/the-hangar.php to get your T-6A & BD-5J but the F-15C (now freeware!) for FSX can be downloaded from http://simviation.com/1/search?submit=1&keywords=5IRIS_F-15_Eagle_Classic_FSX.zip&x=9&y=10 .
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