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Found 7 results

  1. Hi guys, As the title shows I'll be showing you a relatively brief flight report that I flew earlier today: EGKK to LEAL Flown on the IVAO network... So its just gone 11z and the crew arrive at Gatwick International Airport which is the 2nd busiest airport in the UK and located in the south. The crew works for Monarch which is a UK based airline offering flight all around Europe daily. Anyway the crew will be heading to Alicante today in Monarch's A321 type aircraft "Romeo Alpha". We will be operation under the call sign Monarch 4 Mike X-ray (MON4MX). We have an estimated flight time of 2
  2. Hi Guys a quick four, I like these shots as it shows how quickly the weather can vary even in FSX. I read the METAR for AMS before I left and was surprised when I read it, sitting on the Ground at sunny Heathrow! Anyway shots #2,#3 and #4 are unedited. Here you are: "Speedbird 4MX contact London now on..." "After Takeoff checklist-below the line" "Speedbird 4MX continue approach and contact Schiphol Tower on..." "Cleared to land 18R..." Cheers Guys (As ever flown on IVAO http://www.ivao.co.uk/new/getstarted,pilot . We're having a BIG increase of people recently!)
  3. Good evening guys a shot of TCX4MX "Kestrel 4 Mike X-ray". Shot was taken just before touchdown from Ibiza. Flying charters on the IVAO network. *Non-Edited* (Since I've mentioned IVAO before wont do another thread but this airport will be open on IVAO from 18z EVERY Monday with East Midlands Ground, Tower and Approach online as well as London and Scottish. Ill be on Ground so the first person you will speak to therfore can get 'Newbies' started On a vfr flight or something. If you need details,advice or help or anything at all for that matter message me... ) Thanks for Looking
  4. Hi guys, Here's my first shot of the PMDG 777. A flight in the AreoLogic colours. Departing the second busiest airport in the UK. East Midlands Cheers
  5. Jet 2 landing at Manchester operating a charter flight from Gran Caneria. Left Manchester about 8:30 in the morning. Arrived at Gran Caneria just before 1:00 and back into Manchester about 5:30. (When this picture was taken.) Was a very enjoyable days flying arriving back at a busy Manchester. This is thanks to IVAO: Urge you all to try out IVAO here is the link:http://www.ivao.co.uk/new/getstarted,pilot IVAO is basically an online network.You might think its stressful setting it up but you could be flying online in about 15 minutes its SO easy! John V let me put a little post
  6. Hi Guys, For those of you that don't check the screenshot topic on this forum Ive posted three pictures about Ivao with a brief explanation keeping it brief in respect for JV and the team although I did have his permission Check it out and give us a go! http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/63548-jet-2-at-arriving-back-into-manchester-from-the-canary-islands/ Cheers
  7. Hi all, I had an online flight on Ivao tonight. Here are a few snaps Thanks for looking, Kind Regards Josh
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