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Found 7 results

  1. I thought I'd share this video of some bush flying fun near W52 Goheen
  2. Greetings! Last week I visited a friend in Battle Ground, WA, for a birthday/graduation event. The weather was perfect, the party was great fun (nothing like blowing off $600 of "safe and insane" fireworks for fun!!!), and all was good, reflected in the fact I was bone-tired when I returned home. My host lives two addresses down from Goheen Airport (W52), and he took me over there to see the place, knowing my interest in flight simulations. Cool little airport - grass runways/taxiways, limited apron parking, but a pretty good number of GA hangers for aircraft storage. The highlight was meeting Missus Goheen herself (Kay). Kay is reported to be in her mid-80's but looked like she was 50-something with a great smile and dancing eyes (yes, she is cute), riding her bicycle around the airport. She and Gordon (Mister Goheen, who was mowing the 07/25 landing strip when we visited) had taken a night flight on Saturday and were circling our fireworks show but we failed to see or hear them. Surprisingly, she knew about Orbx scenery, but not by name. She mentioned that they "put in a bridge" over the creek where there was none, although there is a bridge to some property in back. On the flip side, the taxiway back to the hanger area has a MONSTER dip in it that is not shown in the Orbx rendition, to the point I think a Cub would have a hard time getting out of it unless it had a good head of steam getting into it! Oh, and the last hanger closest to the taxi way? It has a *really* nice lime green Plymouth GTX in it, and a couple of Cirrus S22 (I think). The Orbx rendition is pretty accurate (minus the dip), although in reality the aircraft parked in the middle of the field consist of a bare-metal C320, a neglected C310, a Bonanza, and a C-172 (maybe earlier). Apparently, all of them are Gordon's planes - I am sure he would love the Duke that is depicted in the Orbx renditionl All in all, I was delighted with the visit and promptly took advantage of the year-end sale to purchase W52 Goheen upon my return! Took a couple of flights (a tail-dragger is NOT a good aircraft for W52!!!), and had fun re-running the trip north along I5 to the Chehalis Indian Reservation to buy a boat-load of fireworks. Took 90 minutes in the car, about 35 minutes in a C337. Still, I love Washington - speed limit is 70 MPH. I know: Not much flight simulation information in this post per se, but as the title says, it was a very nice collision of reality and simulation.
  3. The next stage of my NA Tour took me from Goheen to Siletz Bay with a break at Stark's Twin Oaks. Stage 10: http://www.orbxsyste...r-the-cascades/ Goheen takeoff Columbia River near Portland Portland Near Stark's Twin Oaks Stark's Twin Oaks landing Stark's Twin Oaks impressions Stark's Twin Oaks takeoff Different landscapes of Oregon Siletz Bay Landing at Siletz Bay Parking at Siletz Bay Enjoy and thanks for looking.
  4. My NA tour continues with an early mourning flight from Swanson to Goheen. Stage 9: http://www.orbxsyste...r-flightseeing/ Just started the engine: Good Morning Swanson! Taxiing Takeoff Mt. Rainier Cascade Range near Mt. Rainier Mt. Adams Mt. Saint Helens Yale Lake Walter Musa approach Walter Musa touch and go Walter Sutton's approach Short break at Walter Sutton's with a homemade piece of cake from Mrs. Sutton Walter Sutton's farm Takeoff Arriving at Goheen after a short flight Taxiing Goheen I hope you enjoyed the next stage of the tour. Thanks for looking.
  5. W52 sits in beautiful rural Battle Ground, Washington. Surrounded by farms and floodplain it's mild seasons shine with the use of Russ White's wonderful NatureFlow combined with the power of ObjectFlow to provide animated and static trees and grasses year round. Here are some previews that showcase the beautiful nature in and around the airfield. Most shots are from fall.
  6. Here's some shots I made while going around W52 on the last days of summer NatureFlow at W52 Car Lot to the north of RWY 15 Aircraft Tie-downs Airfield Parking Quarry Maintenance Hangar and Boat RWY 15-33 facing North RWY 15-33 facing North at Dusk Aircraft Tie-downs at Dusk
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